So I’m pretty sure you guys are in love with this panel

And so I went back a few issues to find The Hidden Bucky, and it turns out that Chris Samnee had been dropping us hints since the beginning. They were so subtle that we missed them. In connection with the flashback, here are three Hidden Bucky(s) from Issue #3:

And another from issue #8:

Forever: 4

Your head is spinning. How is this possible? Steve. Your Steve. He was Captain America?
“This is a trick.” You whisper softly, not daring to believe that he was actually sitting here. Before you quite know what you’re doing you’ve reached out to touch him, make sure he’s real. The second your hand touches the soft flesh of his cheek your doubt vanishes. His eyes close and his face tilts toward your hand and the move is so familiar, so natural that a small sob escapes your lips before you wrap your arms tightly around his neck.
“Libby.” He breathes, “How is this possible?”
“I was just going to ask you the same question.” You say, your hand caressing the back of his head. His hands creep around your waist, moving slowly so he doesn’t startle you. You close your eyes and bury your face in the crook of his neck.
“Whoa! What’s going on here?” Iron Man demands and you duck behind him. A small squeak of fear passing through your lips.
“It’s okay Doll it’s okay.” Steve soothes, never removing his hands from your waist. “Tony take off the helmet. She thinks we’re the villains.”
“What? Everyone knows that Hydra is the bad guys.” Iron Man, or Tony as Steve had called him, scoffs.
“Not if you’ve been held by Hydra for the last, oh seventy years or so.”
“Fifty-five.” You say softly into his chest.
“It’s been fifty-five years. They came to our house. Told me they’d found you but I think they figured out my secret.”
“What secret?”
“I don’t age. I’ve looked like this since 1947.” You tell them, the room groaning around you as bricks continue to shift.
“Cap we’ve gotta get out of here before we can’t.” Iron Man Tony says sounding slightly on edge.
“Doll?” Steve asks, “Are you coming with us?”
“I’m not loosing you again Steve Rogers.” You tell him sternly causing a grin to break out on his face.
“Alright doll. We can catch up on the jet, it’s a long ride.” He stands and takes your hand.
“It has to look like I don’t want to go. Like I’m fighting you or Hydra will know I know they lied.”
“How about if I carry you over my shoulder?”
“That should work. I’m going to go limp so it looks like I’m unconscious.” Steve nods and gently picks you up, you hang limply over his shoulder but can’t help the small giggle that slips out when he starts to run. It feels like you’re flopping all over the place. He’s faster than he’d ever been and before you know it he’s setting you down gently in a chair on a sleek jet. It looks much different than the Hydra ones but you’ve got a feeling that most of the world looks different than the one Hydra painted for you.
“Alright Sweetheart.” Steve says sitting down next to you, “Tell me everything.”



Sterling K. Brown has accidentally revealed in an interview that Phylicia Rashad will star in ‘Black Panther’. The actress is best known for starring in ‘The Cosby Show’. No word yet on which role she will be playing!