You paint your lips dark red 
and tell dirty jokes that make 
men gasp. They are just off work,
killing time before they go home 
to their stepford wives and you 
trail a finger down their chest.
When they ask your name
you don’t speak- shhh-
there is a secret on your tongue
you’ll do anything to keep
and you know they won’t ask again,
you know how to hide behind boldness.
—  lip-locked || O.L.
He’s coming to get us: 3 ( Dark!Spiderman - Tom Holland )

Request : No, just me being evil hahaha!

Summary : You, Tony and Peter are in Tony’s laboratory, doing some experiments on a sticky virus when all of a suden, the virus enters Peter’s body, growing on him. After that, Peter turns into a darker version of Spiderman, making a lot of trouble in the tower and in the city. You and the rest of the Avengers have to stop him before he turns the city into a living hell.

A/N : you’re Hawkgirl btw but your wings appear only when you’re not wearing a specific necklace.

Also, I’m making this into a (???) part so yeah this is Part 3/(?) SORRY FOR MISTAKES I know it’s super short but I tried my best since my time is occupied now by school…

After two hours, your wings were still soaking wet, giving you problems even at walking as the wings were too heavy and they only dragged you down. If you had the necklace it wouldn’t have been this hard but you lost it in Tony’s laboratory, so now, you have to stay like this untill they dry. You runned your hand through your hair and sighed, looking around the place. Thor, Tony and Steve managed somehow to change some of the electric wires and now, the living room, kitchen and halls were full of light.

You saw Peter’s backpack on one of the chairs and felt a shiver down your spine. You were still looking after him but he was nowhere to be found. After he entered again the air duct it seems like he just dissapeared. You sighed again and turned around as you heard footsteps behind you.

“Lady (Y/N), Tony told me he needs you and Natasha to go down in his laboratory to take the rest of that virus.” Thor spoke as he came closer to you. He put his hammer next to Peter’s backpack and watched you.

“Why?” You asked, not understanding why he would want to be near that thing again. After the black thing was on you, you were now more scared of it than before. And besides, Natasha is not even here. He left with Clint downtown to look after Peter, maybe he makes trouble in the city now.

“I don’t really know.” He answered before passing you, going to the fridge. You looked at him as he opened it and raised an eyebrow.

“Why don’t you go get it yourself?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest. He didn’t even moved to look at you.

“He doesn’t let me in his laboratory, therefore, I’m not going.” He answered, before closing the fridge. “Besides, I have to help him change the electric wires.” He winked at you while lifting his hammer and then he just left, leaving you alone and confused. You blinked a few times, then turned around and looked at the elevator’s doors at the end of the hall.

You began to walk towards it and began to feel more and more scared, but maybe you were just paranoic and nothing’s there. After all, maybe you’ll find your necklace down there, so why not? You got in and pressed the button as the doors closed in front of you. The elevator started to descend and you stayed calm for a little time. When the doors opened again, you found yourself in the dark laboratory. The power was still out here, so the only source of light in the huge room was the little nightlight on the table where Peter and Tony did their experiment. You felt anxious to get out when you saw that much dark. Something about it scared you, knowing that Peter can be there, waiting for you.

You gulped and stepped out of the elevator, starting to practically run over the table. You wanted to get out of here as fast as possible, so after you were in front of the table, you looked around it, but the drops were nowhere. You felt a knot forming in your stomach as you were now staying in front of an empty table. Suddenly, a small noise came from somewhere behind you and you jumped scared, turning around. You couldn’t see anything but could sense something was wrong.

“P-Peter?” You asked stuttering in fear. The noise stopped as you spoke and for a few seconds, the only sound heard was your heartbeat.

“I know you’re there!” You spoke again, more determined, but still nothing happened. Then, a strange sound as something rolling against the floor was heard and you furrowed your eyebrows, listening closely.

Down on the floor, stopped right at your feets, Peter’s Spider-watch. It was flickering like crazy a red color and was ripped apart from the rest of his web shooter as it was now just the little thing in the shape of a circle. You looked closely at it and saw a little blood was coming from it, dropping on the floor. You felt your heart skipping a beat and looked at it in terror. In front of you, something hissed in an angry manner and you turned around as quickly as possible, starting to run towards the elevator.

You entered it and pressed one of the buttons, wanting to leave as fast as possible from here. You watched as the doors closed and sighed in relief. After a few seconds, the doors opened and you literally jumped, wanting to get out, find someone and feel safe. But you stopped dead in your tracks as you saw you were still on the same level. You gulped and looked around, seeing nothing than darkness. You got back in again and with shaking hands, pressed again the button, hiding yourself in the elevator, so that you won’t have to look around the laboratory.

The doors closed again for a few seconds before opening. You stepped aside, looking around, only finding yourself again in the laboratory. By this time, you were terrified and started to freak out, not knowing what is happening. And then, you saw it.

A shadowy figure, standing beside the table. You could see it in the nightlight that was on the table as it started to flicker. You got back in, starting to cry as you literally smashed that button.

“Come on, please.. Please..” you begged, still pushing it. The doors closed for only a second, before opening. Your tears streamed down your face as you scanned in fear the place.

The shadow left. Now is your only chance. You began to run towards the other door of the laboratory, not looking around you. You passed the table where the shadow was and you could feel the freedom in front of you. You stopped near the door, pressed the button and the door opened with a metalic sound. You runned down the hall, not looking back and sighing in relief. You felt your phone vibrating in your pocket and you stopped, taking it in your hand. Tony was calling you and you furrowed your eyebrows before answering.


“Where are you?!” He literally screamed into your ear and you groaned. More noises were coming from the other line and you began to feel scared. He’s not in the tower.

“Right were you left me, I just came out of your laboratory, you won’t believe this-” You started again but some screams stopped you and you gulped before hearing Tony’s voice again.

“Get out of there, that’s not Peter.” Tony said in a desperate manner and you felt your heart skipping some beats as terror washed again over you. If that wasn’t Peter, then who is it?

“What? What do you mean?” You asked, starting to run to the exit of the tower.

“Peter is Downtown, we take care of him. I saw what happened in the laboratory on one of the cameras and trust me, that’s not him. It’s the virus, (Y/N) get out of there! ” He shouted before the line went dead and you widened your eyes as a voice from around you spoke.

“I’m coming after you.”

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Anonymous said: 34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” Natasha and female reader please

Hi first requester!! I hope this is what you were looking for, and I hope you enjoy it! Requests are open as well. (I just thought I would say that this is my first full on girl x girl oneshot, and it makes my gay heart SO happy because girls are everything to me)

Pairing: Natasha x reader (Featuring Bucky of course)

Warnings: (Almost) smut, FLUFF BOMB, lil angst, kind of Dom!Natasha, roughness (but at the same time it’s really sweet and gentle?), slight mentions of past abuse + torture, public smut, I think that’s all

Words: 1191

(why is there like, NO gifs of my baby?? there needs to be more)

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You didn’t know how you got so lucky. Your whole life was a series of ups and downs, you lost your parents at a young age and you were sworn into HYDRA at the age of 14. You escaped and you were recruited to work for the avengers, and they took you in as their own. You never really understood what love was until you met the auburn haired goddess Natasha Romanoff, and like a train your feelings hit you hard and deep. You were confused, you thought something was wrong with you because you’d never had feelings for a girl before, it wasn’t very normal. But after beating around the bush for a year and a half Nat finally came out and explained her feelings for you, and you were more than happy to reciprocate the emotions she shared for you.

Being in a relationship with her for two years also had its share of ups and downs, just because even though she did love you, she did close herself off from you more than you’d like to mention, just because she still doesn’t completely trust herself with you. She’s stubborn, but that’s what makes her.

She’s very possessive though, so god forbid a guy (or girl) does so much as sneaks a glance at you, or they’re dead meat. More often than not when you’re out and about, if she sees someone checking you out she will just grab you and kiss you right there on the spot. You’re hers and only hers.

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Shut Up, Kiss Me
Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader
Word Count: 1,305

Description: One too many drinks result in giggling nonsense and lots of kissing.

The party started hours ago.

You experience the usual phases you go through at Tony’s parties: a little overwhelmed, excited to socialize, bored, ready for another drink, suddenly had too much to drink, where the hell is my girlfriend, and lastly- wow, I really should have stopped drinking forty minutes ago.

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I Remember Everything (Steve Rogers x Reader 1/?)

Summary: You are a SHIELD agent, or better yet, a former SHIELD agent. Three years ago you were sent on a mission to infiltrate a HYDRA base and retrieve any and all Intel you could find; sadly, you became compromised and were pronounced dead. That is until one day you show up at the Avengers HQ, try reinstate yourself into regular life, fall in love with a super soldier all the while living each and everyday in fear and turmoil due to what HYDRA had done to you. What’ll happen when things get dicey and you end up reliving your fears and facing them head on?

Warnings: Eventual angst, smut, mental illness, blood and torture.

A/N: Ayyyy another part to the story. Hope you enjoy.

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The Only Logical Solution

Chapter One

Bucky’s pining after a girl. Darcy wishes the guy she’s gone on would notice her.
Somehow, there’s one logical solution.

“Well if you ever have an itch that needs a scratching,” Darcy said quietly, not looking at the man next to her as she spoke. “It’s not like my dance card is claimed.”

Bucky laughed.

“I’ll keep it in mind, kid. ‘Nother beer?”

A Kiss Under the Stars

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Pairing: Natasha x Reader

Request: “ Could you do a oneshot where the reader takes Natasha to her happy place which just so happens to be an old abandoned amusement park and all sorts of nature have taken over the old rides and stands making it beautiful”

Warnings: None

A/N: Holyyyyy crap I wish I could draw, this scene with Natasha kissing her significant other in an abandoned amusement park is just such a good image!! I loved this request omg

You ran up the stairs to Natasha’s room in Stark Tower, too excited to take the elevator. Your girlfriend had been feeling down for days, and you didn’t know how to cheer her up until you got an idea from Tony just a day earlier.

“Natasha!” You knocked on her door, bouncing of the balls of your feet as you waited for her to answer. When she did, you could barely contain yourself.

“Can you come with me?” You asked, holding out your hand.

“To where?” Natasha furrowed her brows, suspicion lighting up her eyes.

“You’ll see,” you said. “Please? I promise it’s okay.”

“Okay,” Natasha sighed, taking your hand. You led her down to Tony’s garage, taking one of the older cars he had. Natasha tried to get out of you where you were going, but you wouldn’t tell her. You pulled into a gravel parking lot, Natasha’s eyes widening when she recognized where you were.

You got out of the car, walking right beside Natasha into the old, long-closed amusement park.  The rusting, broken down rides were covered in creeping vines and sprouting flowers of all colors. The sun was just setting in the distance over the rides, the sky a beautiful blend of pink and orange. A soft breeze stirred your hair as you turned to see Natasha standing with her mouth open.

“How did you know about this place?” She asked quietly.

“Tony said you loved it here,” you said, walking up to her. “You seemed a little put out lately, I wanted to take you somewhere you felt calm.”

Natasha smiled softly, brushing a lock of her red hair out of her face. You loved the way she let herself relax around you, trusting you completely and wholly. She was beautiful in the light of the setting sun, her green eyes bright.

“Thank you,” she whispered. You stepped close, slipping your hands in hers. You sat down slowly on a patch of grass, leaning in close to Natasha as the night got colder, stars beginning to wink among the indigo sky. The two of you cuddled in each other’s arms, completely relaxed for the first time in months. 

You leaned forward, giving Natasha a soft, sweet kiss. You rested your forehead against hers, her breath ghosting across your lips.

“I love you,” you whispered, Natasha giving you a tight hug.

“I love you, too.”