Getting a dog with Natasha would include...

• I think it’d be pretty spontaneous
• She probably brings them home after a mission with big eyes no one can say no to
• She’s secretly been wanting a puppy forever and knew you loves them
• “Look who I found.”
• You know instantly that sweet little baby was meant to be yours
• The cutest name/nicknames
• So many toys from Clint
• The Barton children love them
• He probably tries to smuggle the puppy inside his jacket at least three times
• Lots of pajamas/accesories
• She carries them around like her own baby
• Always says she loves them more than all the Avengers combined
• She introduces them to Fury as “the next best agent”
• She dresses them up as an agent every Halloween
• When she sees you holding them she comes up behind you and hugs the two of you
• Lots of cuddling
• Secretly loving when they bite Tony when they know he’s being sassy
• Commands in Russian
• Baby talk
• She makes sure when Clint babysits he gives them back
• The most adorable bubble baths where you two chase them around when they jump out of the tub
• Also I feel like she’d give them a lot of stuffed animals
• Especially ones that squeak
• You’ll catch her playing with their ears a lot
• At night they sleep between you two
• And of course bringing a toy to bed with them
• If they cry because they lost their favorite toy she’ll find it first
• She spoils them with treats
• And celebrates the tiniest things like them sitting when she says to or just being really really adorable
• Lots of pictures
• Like when you’re away she will send a selfie of them with the caption “We miss you! We love you!”
• Nat protects you and the baby furball with her life

We Danced

Bucky x Reader
Word Count:
A/N: I drew inspiration from the song, We Danced by Brad Paisley
Request from: borderline-person (1st one ever, BTW. Hope I did ok!)
Request: Bucky x Reader - They are in love. Reader dies (kia), bucky is devastated and heartbroken but she comes to him in his sleep, they are in their secret place like a meadow and she look alright and beautiful, she tells him that he’ll be fine and he have to let her go for now and they will be together again someday and ask him for one last dance cos they always dance, it’s her way of saying goodbye to him so he could go on with his life

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The sound of gunshots echoed throughout the corridors. With every explosion that rocked the earth she found herself stumbling more than running. The team had been sent on a mission to investigate what was supposed to an empty Hydra base. What they hadn’t expected was for the base to be fully armed and littered with Hydra grunts ready to take them down upon entering it. Now, she found herself running for her life. Taking down as many of them as she could along the way. Though, the more she ran the heavier her breathing became.

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Scales- pt. 4

(A/N):awww, I love this one

Request: (Scales Anon) Whoa! Scales Part 3 is awesome! The fight scene is well written in my opinion. Keep up the good work. ♥♥♥ Could you write one more part of Scales where the reader and Nat finally get married and at the wedding reception, they have their first dance together?

Warnings: fluff

Read part: 1, 2, 3 (I Finally found part 1 :D)

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    You couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as you walked down the aisle, attempting not to look at anyone other than your beautiful soon to be wife, staring at you from the pew, wearing her beautiful flowing gown that made her look like an actual goddess. Not to mention the bright smile she wore and the way her eyes watered as she looked at you. It made you feel…special, loved, wanted? 

  Nat had always made you feel all of those things, even when you were that shy Avenger who had grown attached to her way to quickly. For years people had made you feel like you didn’t matter, that you were a freak, that no one could love you, and then in walked Natasha who downright proved every single one of them wrong and now here you were, so many years later, getting married to her. 

   “You look beautiful,” She whispered as you reached her side, her eyes watering as she took you in. 

   “So do you,” And she did, with her eyes shining and her smile glowing, and just Nat, Nat staring at you as the two of you were about to be wed. 

    “Can you two be quiet for one minute,” Clint grumbled beside you although the trademark smirk on his face betrayed his words. 

   “I can’t believe you’re letting him marry us,” you sniffle softly, the weight of everything come down upon you. 

   “Well,” Nat smiles, taking your hands in hers. “It was either him or Tony, rather Clint than Tony’s drunk commentary right?” You smile, sniffling as you attempt to keep the tears in. 

   “Right,” And with that final comment, Clint gets started, beginning the ceremony. 

    “I can’t believe you let Clint pick our song,” You smile at your wife, chuckling softly as she smiles back. 

   “I think it’ll be fine,” She states, gripping your hand a bit tighter. Ever since the beginning of your vows the two of you had refused to let each other’s hands go, it felt wrong to and you didn’t mind the feeling of her hand in yours at all. 

    “If it’s any song about birds I think I may stop and leave,” 

   “I’ll leave with you, we could ditch and go get coffee or something,” Nat smiles at you chuckling a bit at her own comment. 

   “I swear If I hadn’t just married you you’d have married coffee,” Nat shrugs her shoulders, taking a gentle sip of her wine. 

   “Perhaps,” She smirks. Before you have time to gasp and make some comment about her not loving you you’re interrupted by the sound of some microphone buzzing to life. 

   “Calling the newlyweds to the dance floor,” Clint smiles at the two of you, gesturing for the two of you to come up. “I think it’s about time for your dance,” You smile at Nat, gripping her hand a bit tighter before the two of you rise to your feet, wiggling past all the chairs to make it to the dance floor. Clint gives the two of you a warm smile as you stand in the middle of the floor, gently wrapping your arms around each other to dance. Your arms were resting lazily about her waist as her arms were slung about your neck, barely clasped behind you. Despite the laziness of the arms, the two of you press together, your bodies as close as humanly possible. 

   “Please don’t let it be stupid, please don’t let it be stupid-” And you’re pleasantly taken off guard when a rather soft song starts up, filling the room with its sweet, soft melody. 

   “It’s Russian,” Nat whispers to you as the two of you slowly begin to sway back and forth, back and forth. “I’ve had this song planned out since I was a kid,” She smiles a bit, her lips curving upwards perfectly. God, you don’t think you’d ever seen anything more beautiful than this woman, she was a literal work of art. You lean forward, resting your forehead against hers, your noses almost touching. You take this moment to lean forward, gently pressing you lips to hers, barely there, but perfect for this moment. 

   “It’s beautiful,” You murmur against her lips, having forgotten everyone else but the two of you. “Just like you,”  

The Mission

Hey guys! so this a new short story. I will post the first part today. I hope you’ll like it. Pairing Peter Parker x reader. Let me know what you think ;)

Short description: 

Y/N and Peter aren’t that different form each other. Peter has two lives, so does Y/N. However, they both keep it secret and try to live their mundane life as normal as possible. But will they be able to keep their professional life and their private life apart form one another?

After losing everything that mattered in my life, I had no purpose anymore. Until I met Master Khar, who picked me up and trained me to become one of the great masters that were able to control dimensions and time. Eventually, I became his best student and his most important partner, all by the age of 19. My main objective until now was to help master Khar to defeat Doctor Strange, who worked with the Avengers, who were therefore indirect enemies of ours. However, my life wasn’t all about being one of the masters, I also had a private life. Hard to believe, but you need some sort of balance. Making use of the dark power was dangerous and only if you had a certain balance you were able to not become insane like Khar and the others… So I’m actually an architecture student at NYU.

Y/N POV present

It seemed to be a normal day like every other. I woke up and was on my way to college, when I got a call from Khar. „Y/N, where are you? You are needed.“ were the first words that sounded through my phone.

„Geez, somebody is grumpy today. I was about to grab a coffee and go to school, but I guess I’m about to change my plans, am I right?“

„Come to the temple, now. There is a new mission“, those were khar’s only words a second later he hung up. I was in the middle of the street, so I first had to get out of here to open a portal, I decided to open the portal in an empty classroom since I was halfway there. I was rushing through the hallway when somebody crushed into me.

„I’m so sorry, I’m a bit in a rush“ I apologized sincerely.

His backpack was half open and a few of his books fell out and a mysterious object that was glowing. „No, I am terribly sorry..“ he said while packing his stuff, you tried to help him. „You don’t have to help me nor apologize“ he answered nervously and took his weird object with him. He hadn’t seen you until then that’s when he started rambling. I didn’t listen, even though I wanted to, but he was kind of cute and his flushed cheeks distracted me.

„I need to go, sorry“ the only words that left my lips and I abandoned the handsome stranger in the hallway. As soon as I entered the next classroom I opened the portal.

„What took you so long.“

„I’m here now, what’s the emergency“

„Our infinity stone was stolen“

„What?! How!?“

„The avengers. Well let’s say some of the avengers and master strange were able to break your spell, located the stone and came for it.“

I clenched my fist. Nobody was strong enough to break my spells.

„tell me what to do“

Peter’s POV

„Spiderling you found your way home“, Mr. Stark’s first words as soon as I entered the apartment. „ I’m truly sorry, Mr.Stark, I got held up after the fight“ I answered. After my encounter with the mysterious girl today, I couldn’t find a way to shut my thoughts and stop thinking about her. I don’t think that I ever saw her around NYU. I wonder if I’ll ever see her again, she seemed pretty stressed herself.

„Well, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. Where should I put the infinity stone?“ I took it out of the backpack.

„First of all, did somebody follow you or see that you had the stone with you?“

„No, nobody saw the stone.“

„Very good Parker.“ Mr. Stark took the stone and put it into a high tech case.

„Mr. Stark who were those people that we fought today. One of them mentioned a few things about Doctor Strange. It seemed like they knew each other… Am I even allowed to ask?“

„Listen Kiddo, it’s complicated… Strange used to be one of them, but he went his own way and joined us. The Cult masters of whatever, are divided. there are the ones that are like Strange, the ones who only use “the right“ source of power and the ones who use also the dark power, which is a pretty nasty thing to do. Anyway, don’t think too much about it. You did a great job today.“

„So am I right to assume that this wasn’t the last time we’ll see those people…“

„nope, I think we’ll even see them pretty soon. They need our little gem“

Mr.Stark walked out of the office, I followed soon and made my way to the living room to do my homework. Time passed fast, but I didn’t seem to be productive. My mind kept drifting to the mystery girl that I had met today. She was really attractive… Sometimes I do ask myself how my private life will develop. It’s hard to live a double life. Especially, if you are a superhero. I don’t think that I’ll ever have a so called love life. Who wanted to deal with all of this shit. Honestly, this was pure madness.

„overthinking again, Parker?“ Cap entered the room

„yeah, kinda.“

„School? or today’s mission?“


Cap sat next to me. That’s when we heard an explosion and felt the ground shaking. „What the hell..!“

„Go put you suit on, Parker. We have some guests“

We ran out of the building. Chaos erupted in the city. People screaming and fleeing from the buildings. My spider senses were tingling. Our enemy had to be near. „They are close, I can feel the..“, I informed the others. That’s when the weird shit got started. Buildings turning upside down and really messed up things happening with our surroundings. all of a sudden hooded people appeared from every corner and their leader coming down the main street right in front of us.

“Okay, is this the Tibetan version of Matrix?” I asked.

“Sort of” Stark replied.

I didn’t know if they were actually shaping our reality or if they were doing some kind of psychic voodoo like the Scarlet Witch does. Anyway the weird monks were coming closer, they were all wearing some sort of yellowish hoods. To be honest they did look pretty bad ass.

Mr. Stark started shooting at them but they were able to stop every single one of them. So high-tech didn’t impress them much. Therefore, there was only one thing left to do. One on one fighting.

Stark, Cap and I were doing the best we could, but there were too many. We were trapped. Even if I fought three, four or five at the same time, we wouldn’t stand a chance.

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by LiquidCaliban

Bucky hangs out with Natasha in Wakanda after she’s rescued from Secretary Ross’ clutches that I’m certain she fell into after Civil War because no one has let me know otherwise. Then Steve shows up for Romanogering because that’s how I roll.

Words: 2384, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

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