Silverflint au S4 Beginning Snippet

Let’s say that S4 started off with silverflint post-coital talk? I mean because we all know that ‘campfire’ scene in the S3 finale felt like the start of something.

Note: this is all in good fun, I love and enjoy all the characters in this show and it’s just a bit of a visual fanfic to soothe my silverflint heart.

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Incorrect Black Sails Quotes

J.D.: Have you guys been fake laughing at my jokes?

(Awkward silence)

Keith: Well, we’ve been kind of fake laughing.

J.D.: Keith, I hope you die a violent death and bugs eat your corpse.

- Scrubs

First I get absolute consent

I actually managed to finish something for an appreciation week! It’s not for any theme, and it‘s a bit rough, but I hope it fits anyway.

It’s inspired by @naufragiums hilarious textpost set and that’s where I took the text from. It’s one of my all time favourite gifs actually.

Max is one of my favourite characters to draw, unfortunately it doesn’t show much here because it’s mostly sketches, but I love drawing her cute nose, the  quirked corners of her mouth and her eyes of course.