Something else that isn't sitting right

I keep seeing people say that the girl should’ve just listened when the cop told her to leave. If you watch the video, SHE WAS WALKING AWAY. In addition to that, she’s 14. How exactly could she “get the fuck out of here”? It said some of the kids lived in the neighborhood, but not all. 14, no license, no car. It was a pool party. It’s pretty likely she got dropped off.

I’ve been to events that my mother dropped me off at. She would ask when I would be done and I gave her a time. If I had to leave early, there was some waiting time before I could actually leave. This is because I had to call her (at a time she’s not expecting) and ask her to come pick me up.

But they want us to see her and the other children as adults. But they are not adults. They are CHILDREN. Taking away black childhood one incident at a time.

People saying ‘she should’ve just left’, are fucking morons. Regardless, he manhandled that GIRL and pulled a gun on BOYS. Both are totally unacceptable.