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Hey guys! You know the grind never stops. Anyways, I am back, this time with another project that features me and 2 of my good friends Jazmine and Camille!

Pretty Brown & Nerdy (Youtube)

Pretty Brown & Nerdy (FB)

We always felt like there was not a good representation of black nerds on youtube, mostly FEMALE nerds, and well, I am friends with the nerdiest girls I know (along with myself of course), so we figured, why not start a youtube channel? We want to appeal to ALL audiences that love the same things we do. We plan to talk about Anime, cosplay, scifi, comics, gaming, cartoons, etc. And hopefully have our own series of flash animations/web comics! We have a lot of plans, and we hope you guys will support us by “liking” our FB as well as subscribing to our youtube channel!

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NINJA TURTLES 2 Movie Trailer Review : Black Nerd reaction (and breakdown) to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Out of the Shadows first official trailer (via


Black Nerd Comedy: RANTS! HUNGER GAMES RACIST? No Blacks Allowed!

Are you guys ready for a good laugh?

Everybody, please meet Andre (@BlackNerd on Twitter) the creator and host of “Black Nerd Comedy” on YouTube.

Fearing that The Hunger Games was yet another “Twilight” or “Harry Potter”, he chose to avoid reading the book or watching the movie.  HOWEVER, upon doing some research, he came to learn of the DRAMA concerning our dear friend, Rue.

Watch and enjoy as he shares his insights.


Another great response to that idiotic piece of tripe from Nash Grier and company, this time taking the Full-On Sarcasm route. Love it.


You can now easily make GIFs out of my YouTube videos! Just look for the “GIF” link next to the Share buttons on my videos. Share with me what you make and I’ll repost my faves! Be creative… and please be nice :) In the meantime, here’s Hipster Sonic for ya!

Video Source: 10 Sonic Games That Changed Sonic History


Turtle power!


Black Nerd’s spoiler review for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I love this review about as much as I loved the movie. He’s 100% right about everything.
He’s so goddamn cute and excited.

*whispers*….. He ships it….. 😂👍