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Black to the future: afrofuturism and tech power
I’d love to live in a world where the thug, the drag queen, the single mum, the octogenarian churchwarden and the black girl geek could overthrow the tech corporations.

“Afrofuturism is a literary and cultural genre in which the black experience is explored, often through speculative fiction. It is grounded in diversity, avoiding science fiction’s usual racial pitfalls. Although the term was first used by Mark Dery to “describe African-American culture’s appropriation of tech and sci-fi imagery”, afrofuturism is part of a wider black futurist picture which, in the words of academic Damion Scott, “represent[s] aesthetic counterparts to the struggle for equality”.”

If you look back over all the press this so-called Puppygate has gotten, you’ll see that Black female writers have really become the face of the diversity movement in speculative fiction. You can’t click a link about the Hugo Controversy without seeing a reference to Octavia Butler or a quote from N.K. Jemisin.

There are some bad reasons for that I’m sure, Black women are often seen as “more approachable” that Black men by journalists, particularly white female ones. But it is also because Black women writers in the genre have been some of the most vocal critics of the whitewashing of science fiction. We’ve always been here, always been fans. And it is about time we started getting some of the credit that goes with being a fan.
Jeremy Whitley Discusses Why You Should Care About Marvel's Secret Love
Misty Knight and Danny Rand's Secret Love

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anonymous asked:

I'm enjoying Island, and your work in general on Prophet, King City, Multiple Warheads and now 8house has been fantastic. Are you planning on reaching out to any black artists for Island, such as Ron Wimberly, Kyle Baker, Sanford Greene, Ron Ackins, Afua Rcihardson, Damion Scott, Michael Broussard, Fred Perry, or someone new? As a black kid/comic nerd, I sometimes feel ignored, particularly with non-mainstream publishers, ironically enough. Anyway, keep making awesome comics!

Thanks for the nice words. 

Ron Ackins and Johnnie Christmas are both working on stuff for Island.and I’ve been talking to Ho Che Anderson about doing something.


You know that feeling you get when you scroll down your Facebook timeline and feel like everyone is getting married and/or having a baby simultaneously? I’m fairly certain no one experiences that and thinks to themselves, “Gosh, what I’d really love is to duplicate this, only this time after spending hours of my life devoted to watching anime.” If we’re honest, however, it probably happens to us pretty often.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with ending a globally popular anime on a “happily ever after.” For some people, that happiness just happens to take the form of their favorite character(s) marrying the love of their life forever and ever and bearing beautiful, flawless children. Fine. More power to you and the fanfiction you wrote that’s now canon. But when 99% of the characters, especially ones that have historically shown little to no interest in such a lifestyle, are suddenly roped into this Disnified family portrait as if by magic? That’s when you have a problem.

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Thanks to Raymond Madamba Photography, I was able to get some photos from Dragoncon! I’m only putting 2 up so far for the fact that my awesome Shooping King Justin is currently working on all(including these 2) in his creative project~ Hope you enjoy them! 

Shouts out to my inbetweeners

You’re a black girl. You like indie music, you dress differently than your peers but you aren’t quite “Afro punk” enough.

You watch anime, read graphic novels but you aren’t quite “nerdy” enough.

You read Nylon mag, paper mag, etc and like what you see, but hate that you never see a brown face.

Your taste is eclectic, your style is eclectic, and you can’t be put in a category. 

If you’ve ever wondered where you belong or what you are, I have the answer.

You’re a LIONESS.


Ladies and Gentlemen…. These are usually my drunk adventures through Dragoncon(with shooping involved lol)

If you see me in a Doctor Who costume during this convention, you’ll know that I’m being an Extreme Turbonerd, or Amazingly Drunk…… OR BOTH!

It’s sad that I can’t wear the red jacket anymore(Because of Workouts in the gym ;__;)… GOTTA MAKE A NEW ONE~!

Thanks to my Buddy Justin L. for his shooping mastery