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the way tumblr talks about mental illness really bugs me tbh 

The wife @emofaith tagged me to describe myself in three fictional characters 

Lance Mcclain

Chandler Bing


(lmao this was so hard bcs i relate to so many characters) anyway tagging @hotchickswithsuperpowers @willozsummers @solaleo @willowtare @grumpy-space-mullet


Yesterday I got a new kitty. She’s 4 months old, 4.19 pounds, and has one eye. It was surgically removed, and she was placed in the shelter with no reason as for why. 

Her price has been lowered from the kitten price ($100-$200 USD) to around $55 USD because she was “unwanted,” so they put a sale on her. Today’s her first day being here and she already loves everyone and has stolen their hearts.

She’s rowdy and reckless, often times biting me when she wants to play. When she settles down, all she wants is some good food and a nice, looooong cuddle.

Her name is Saiya, and she’s my new family member.

On Friday, Sept 5th, over 70 people joined me in the East Quad to stand in solidarity with the protests that have taken place in #Ferguson and to bring awareness to the profiling that unfairly target black and brown bodies. I want to thank all of you again for coming out and I want to encourage everyone to share this picture through as many different mediums as you can! Liking or hearting the photo isn’t enough! If someone likes it on Facebook, ask them to share too! If someone hearts it on Tumblr, hashtag the photo so even MORE people can see it! Put it on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and include the hashtag #LUCwithFerguson when you do. It’s our job to fight back when injustices take place, and I encourage all of you who believe in social justice to help this picture go viral! 

I’m sorry, how have I read JK’s Sirius and James prequel so many times and never noticed this?? are you telling me that the Order had t-shirts? this is canon?? they were a secret organization created to fight the most powerful dark wizard of all time and they hAD T-SHIRTS? this?? is?? canon????
and if this was the case then there was no way that it wasn’t James and Sirius’ idea. and you better believe that Peter and Lily have some that they wear around the house. and they forced one on Remus and he refuses to wear it at meetings but he takes it on overnight missions with him to remind him of the boys. and James accidentally gets Lily one that’s about four sizes too big but she wears it anyway because “whatever, it’s maternity”.
tbh they probably gave one to Dumbledore too so just stop for a minute and imagine Albus Dumbledore wearing a rock band looking t-shirt to an Order of the Phoenix meeting and just nodding at James and Sirius and their matching shirts like “potter. black. lovely choice of wardrobe today”


The USWNT + youtube comments

(otherwise known as reasons I love this fandom part 1/?)