Black Lace Dress - AbbyCatsUK

Here are all the decent photos from when I last wore my black lace dress. Most I’ve already posted, however, there are a couple more too. I do love this dress, shows off plenty of my legs which I love, about the only part of me I really do. Heels are lovely too, although they are towering and pinch a little at the toe but hey, no pain no gain ha!

Disappointed that I could not take many good long shots, I feel that I can either get good selfies or good long shots but never both in the same session. I’ve obviously still got a lot to learn when it comes to balancing out my make-up. Learning how to take better photos too might help!

Still over all I was happy with my make-up, especially my eyeshadow, it was a subtle light brown/natural look. All good but plenty of room for improvement :)