Black Fashion Models

Here go some pictures of my wife Khadija Shari.

Because I’m done talking about racists today.

(IG: @khadijashari)

“Bae, I need a good swimsuit catalog photo for my portfolio.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, I'ma go grab a table real quick, make sure you get me one cheese and one pepperoni.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, they wasn’t ready for us!  You stay coming through with the assist!”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, you really killed it last night with that deep condition.  My hair is so on point right now.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, I know you don’t swim, but thanks for coming out to the pool with me today anyway.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, you know what I’m thinking right now?”

Me: I definitely gotchu.

“Bae, let’s hit this dance class and show em what’s up.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, make sure I don’t give the ‘gram too TOO much, but just enough.”

Me: I gotchu.

“Bae, I got this temporary septum for you. Do ya hair like mine so we can match tonight.”

Me: I gotchu.


Y’all!  This ain’t my wife!  I just follow her in Instagram!  I forget that the Internet is bigger than just my lil readership who knows me and my jokes.


Photography: “ISIS Maria”

‘Isis Maria’ is the first collaborative project by Brazilian fashion photographers Marcos Florentinoand Kelvin Yule, as the collective MAR+VIN

Created for the online platform FFW, the editorial series is a modern interpretation of the Egyptian goddess Isis and the icon of Maria, representative of motherly virtue. (via)


FACE FORWARD - Meet the Photographer Advocation for Black Beauty in the Fashion Industry: Glenford Nuñez

“You photograph what you see around and the things you care about,” Nuñez says. “My mom is a Black woman. My sister is a Black woman. These are the people I love, so I want them to be depicted in the best possible light.” He is on a mission to capture at least 100 aspiring Black models to affirm that our beauty — inside an out — is worthy of praise.

featured models: Ra’Chael Baker, Kennedy McDaniel, Sinmidele Badero,Tene’A Cummings, Ariana Gulford, Emoni Baraka, Tayquana Demery

text: Juliee Wilson - Essence July 2017