DRESS: Dezzal
NECKLACE: Forever21

No typography picture this time! I just felt it didn’t sit right. And I know, I know. Serious lack of all things pin-up-y. But it’s just been way too hot! This dress like the past few is super flowy, and comfy. Again for this company I’d definitely go up a size. I had to put on some serious heels and even then it was too long on me, but so is the life of a petite gal! I’m hoping that when I can eventually put out a dress collection I can make maxi dresses for ladies that aren’t, well, 5′8″. Because I absolutely adore them. 

I’m going to be in NYC Monday because i received a really cool opportunity to get make-over at an exclusive salon! I’m going to try and vlog it for you guys.

Also, yesterday I recorded my 1st written piano piece for my EP! I currently write & perform under the name Aelita with my band Debris Of Titan as a keyboardist. Expect me to be posting a lot about all that in the future! It’s a repliminary announcement but we’re in the process of putting out some really awesome music stuff in the next few months including videos, vlogs, photoshoots and our new site is going up. Not much is out with me at the moment as i’ve been behind the scenes mostly, but follow us on social media for now: FB/Spotfiy/IG/SC


Be yourself, literally. I am a hardhead but i still get my shit done no matter how long it has taken. Its not how much people like you but how firm you are in your ways. Its not how long you take but how dedicated you are. Confidence is often mistaken for pride, so roll with the punches and come out the other end with the scrapes. I cant list out all the steps i have climbed but i can tell you i made my own finish lines.

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