Black Dad Love


Shiro: Lance… I Uh… I appreciate the con-confession… But I don’t know about this

Lance: …!

Shiro: But… I’m willing to try this out if you’re willing to take it slow and understand me..? 

Lance: Y-Yes!!

Shiro: Lets give it a Shance! ;)

Shance Week Day1: Pinning/Confession

I know I’m late on shance week but I had to finish this! I love this so much so I hope you like it too!! 


Art © @lilcinnamonrollmamaVoltron Legendary Defenders © DreamWorks and NetflixShirogane “Shiro” Takashi © DreamWorks and NetflixLance McClain © DreamWorks and Netflix
Voltron Character's phone wallpapers
  • Shiro: Keith and his cat
  • Keith: Shiro laying on his Physics book
  • Pidge: Her and Matt at the Garrison
  • Hunk: He and his Mom
  • Lance: His family
  • Allura: Her and her father
  • Coran: He, Allura and Alfor
  • Zarkon: Kittens
  • Lotor: Himself
  • Haggar: Zarkon
  • Plaxum: She and Lance near the Shore.

(◕‿◕✿) Shance Fluff Week Day 4: First / Last

“They share their Secrets for the First Time…”

(I let you imagine what they can whisper to each other… Hehe~ (。・艸-。)-☆)


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