Black Coat Bear Week


The Bear Hall Of Fame!

Here is The Bear Hall of Fame! The Bear Hall of Fame is the top 10 bear posts that I have originally posted myself (not my own art) in the past year. I believe I will do this every year during Black Coat Bear Week. I listed the bears from #10 - #1. If you click on the image you will see the number of notes it has, and the name of the image and artist. :}

Bear cubs are born toothless, blind, and bald. The cubs of brown bears, usually born in litters of one to three, will typically stay with the mother for two full seasons. They feed on their mother’s milk through the duration of their relationship with their mother, although as the cubs continue to grow, nursing becomes less frequent and cubs learn to begin hunting with the mother.

Bear Week 2013 is upon us! This is our fourth annual Bear Week celebration: the celebration of bears and bear culture.

This week, Black Coats all over the globe are celebrating by having bear meals, putting on bear suits, and generally learning about and appreciating the bear as an animal.

This Bear Week should be the most content-packed week we’ve had yet, because I have a surprise for some of you. The GAM3 prototype game is known as “The Bear”, and is intended to give some insight into the life and trials of the average bear. Do you build your form, solving life’s challenges forcefully? Do you seek the guide of the spirits and raise your Honor? Or perhaps all you need is a good head on your shoulders with Cleverness. The Bear will be released some time in the middle of Bear Week, and will be released publicly and mostly silently as this is only a prototype considered to be in alpha state.

I hope we can all put forth some effort into making this the best Bear Week we’ve had yet!

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