“Why Ciel with a hula hoop though?”
Well that’s because sometimes people just don’t have the creativity to draw things I want, so I get tired of waiting for artist to do it and end up drawing it myself.
Now alright everybody LISTEN!!!

When Valentine’s Day finally comes, you need to walk up to that very special person and tell them exactly this:
“Baby, you’re just like a hula hoop: either you’re too weird for some people to try you out, or you’re just weird enough for me :3”
And I swear you will get laid right then and there. No matter where you are. Even if you’re in Starbucks- fuck Starbucks’ people man! You’re getting laid, and you know what? Those people won’t even complain cause you just pwned the shit out of them, and couples are gonna be like “Why didn’t YOU tell me the hula hoop???” And the other will be like “I’m sorry I just-” “Fuck you Michael!”
And they will aaaaaall start to break up, and you will laugh cause they’re breaking up. And you didn’t break up. You’re getting laid!
And that’s how you win Valentine’s, yes.
This was a message from your one and only senpai :3

I think Joker x Beast was the most tragic yet beautiful part of the circus arc. Beast harbored a pure love for Joker, but because they were both born in the wrong place and time, he felt that he couldn’t be the man she deserved. Likewise, this made her feel that Joker didn’t love her and that is just heartbreaking. These are good people pushed into clinging onto one another. They had a doomed but mutual and healthy relationship, much like Romeo and Juliet or Shylock and Antonio.

The other most tragic part was Dagger’s affection for Beast:

Dagger gave his life to save the woman he loved, but they ended up dying together anyway because of the cruelty of society. It was simply unfair that the people guarding the home they were invading so they could kill a stranger’s loved ones killed them first. And yet Beast only ever saw Dagger as a little brother. For her, Dagger was but a dagger in her side.

Defending Grell Sutcliff

Possible spoiler warning if you’re not up-to-date in the manga.

Honestly, Grell’s been a hot button topic in this fandom for give or take two years. So while I’m not at all surprised someone sent her in, I really hope the mod(s) will go unaffected from that submission.

Overrated: Grell is indeed one of the most popular, and easily recognisable characters in the series, being ranked the 4th most popular last year. So she’s bound to get a lot of attention in the fandom, whether positive or negative. This, however, happens to every fandom favourite character ever lmao.

Annoying: This trait or trope is always subjective, and depends on the individual fan.

Gay: Perhaps in the time period of the anime’s setting, her being a part of the lgbt community would indeed be controversial. However, Grell isn’t human (not anymore anyway) and reapers have been shown to not abide by the time period that humans are currently in (i.e: their scythes, Ron’s Cartier Pasha watch, Rudgar’s Adidas sneakers, etc. etc. ) It’s also debatable, but worth mentioning, there’s hints of Grell actually being bisexual with a favour toward men.

Killed Madame Red: This is probably the only truly justifiable reason to not like Grell in this list tbh.

gets in the way of SebaCiel: She can’t get in the way of a non-canon ship, now can she?

whiny: Once again, subjective.

her unhealthy obsession with Sebastian: Grell is this violent and amorous to all men that meet her standards, Sebastian isn’t special.

conceited: She’s confident and holds herself in high regard, and tbh who wouldn’t want to?