H2OVanoss- 7  Minuets 

A slight nsfw inspired by watch-and-learn-kid and her amazingly beautiful 7 Minuets fic. 


H2OVanoss- "You know, we don’t have to actually do anything in here. It’s just a game.“"I know. But you know they’ll know we didn’t.“Evan shrugged and pulled the doors to with a small click. "Then we can just kiss. No big deal."Jonathan took a deep breath and cracked his knuckles, "Do you really want to? I mean, I’ve never even kissed a guy.” “I haven’t kiss a guy either. Not a legit kiss, anyway.” Evan rocked on his feet in the roomy closet.“Okay.” Jonathan laughed nervously. “I don’t know what to do."Evan smiled in the dark and moved a little closer. "Just be still.”

w/ shitty background and transparent 

I’m back! with some slight nsfw art and mhmm I’m sick so -0-! //Leaves this here and walks away to do more art//

For depornable ! Hope you like it. I hope it looks good? I am sick as ye know so I don’t know if it’s okay. Also and sorry Sam if this isn’t how you imagined your fic, I tried but not on the background tbh I didn’t know what to do on it. I tried. 

Just Friends

Type: One Shot 

Pairing: Calum Hood/Reader

Rating: Rated R - frickety frack

Word Count: 1,834

Summary: You and Calum have been best friends for years. Nothing more, nothing less. Until, one day, Calum lets his attraction for you completely slip.

A/N – Calum is just one of those boys you’d like to cuddle, share obscene amounts of junk food with, chat about your problems to and then proceed to screw him senseless. That’s my opinion, any way.

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