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I kind of think that the relationship between Kaneki and Yoshimura sometimes gets overlooked. The manager became a mentor and father figure, albeit a very enigmatic one, to this poor kid who has been thrust into an unimaginable situation. And Kaneki, for once, had a caring adult figure that he could look up to and turn to for guidance, especially since Yoshimura knows what Kaneki is going through. I really hope Kaneki and Yoshimura will be reunited in a fitting way before the end of TG:re.

Definitely, without Yoshimura, Kaneki would have been dead long ago. He gave him hope on living in the ghoul world, and taught him many things. I think Yoshimura tried his best to be a father to Kaneki because he wan’t there for Eto. At Anteiku, Kaneki can’t really rely on anyone else? Touka, in a way is quite hot headed,and doesn’t have the patient, Yomo doesn’t talk much, Hinami is too young, Koma and Irimi aren’t always there.

//laughs, Yoshimura said the same words as his late wife said to him. 

I think it’s pretty important how Yoshimura always have the door open for Kaneki? He invited him in the shop, allow him to leave, tell him that he has a place and welcome to the ghoul world. 

I mean, Touka was a bit harsh on him here, (but you did call her a monster, so she’s very offended Kaneki) And Kaneki kinda took her words to the heart. 

That is until Yoshimura told him that it’s possible, the fact is that he belongs in both worlds … 

And he can continue living in both worlds. Yoshimura actually encourages Kaneki to hang out with his friend. 

Made him sugar cubes…

Yoshimura was amazingly kind, he did everything he could to help Kaneki slowly getting into the ghoul world.

He also got worried and disallow Kaneki to going after Mado with Touka here. 

But then when he found out that he did, Yoshimura was proud, and praised him. Oh.. and this last important bit

is the most important part of all. After everything Kaneki have done, and even accused Yoshimura of having a hidden agenda, Yoshimura just quietly told him his story, and basically scolded him a little, and yet still allows him to come back. He still accepts him back to Anteiku, and told him that it’s yet to late for him to change. (His words are opposite with Touka.. in which you know >w> //squints squints) 

Well, yes Yoshimura is really much of an important guidance to Kaneki. He helped Kaneki, guided him, allowed him to grow strong as he is. Without him, Kaneki would be just as lost as Eto, or dead, or just plain dead really. Basically, Yoshimura did the best he could on helping Kaneki grow! So please believe in Yoshimura-san!!!! (/.w.)/

A Vision On My Birthday, There Ya Go ♣ Tommy & Adam

Right after the wonderful birthdaylunch with Demi, Adam hugged her a last time, when he stepped out of her car at Tommy’s house and waved her goodbye. That had been hella fun and Adam felt pretty excited about the upcoming party and Demi’s baby. 
Adam honestly loved the connection, he and Demi shared with eachother. It felt like she was his long lost sister and he was glad to have her ‘back’.

He went back to the door and knocked on it, hoping that Tommy would hear it. 

Ella and Dexter visit|| Ella&Sean

Sean had been dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a maroon v-neck shirt since he woke up that morning. He sprayed on cologne and walked out the door, whistling a tune. He also lived on the top floor of the Lisaac Tower so he walked over to her dorm and knocked on the door, hoping it was her who answered it.