good things about episode 61:

- everything???
- merle building a church and not abandoning the people when the hunger came
- barry and lup spending time together (even tho it was “off screen”)
- taako building a fucking replica of the light of creation out of GLOWING MUSHROOMS
- absolutely everything!!!
- magnus taking one for the team bc he didn’t want anyone to die and then consequently dying himself
- but really magnus died bc he ate some hard candy and took off his mask
- them saving the plane!
- robot plane
- griffin using travis’ world (and then destroying it)
- the twins going looting
- taako using a metal detector… for magic
- taako being totally down to burn the plane to the ground and lup standing up to him
- taako calling lup lulu
- the twins fighting (but not really) and taako seeing reason and standing by his sister in the end
- lups "hey taako? mhm mhhhm”
- lup giving a gun to the robots and saying “listen, light them the fuck up”
- saving a bunch of robots from certain(?) doom aka the hunger
- lup making everyone promise they won’t destroy any more worlds
- lup tearing up about returning to their home world- TURNS OUT IT’S BECAUSE OF THOSE 15 DOLLARS, GREG GRIMALDIS
- “you never see the justice league make that promise” 
- griffin: “and everybody else makes their way to the center and i think that’s the last thing we see: the seven of you - well the six of you-” 
travis: “WHO’S DRIVING???” 
griffin: “davenport’s like: ‘I’m putting my hand in too!’ and veers the ship left”
- everything


oh jeff 

you’re a treasure

When I first saw an edit of two Disney princesses together I shed a tear. I really don’t think you realise how much you’re affected by everyday heteronormativity in media until you’re shown exactly what has been missing from your life. I never realised how much it meant for me to see two female characters in a sweet & innocent way. So often same sex relationships are viewed as hyper-sexual and something to protect young people from, or they don’t have a happy ending. I’m so grateful for the community of artists on Tumblr that create these edits and in turn create this world that shows just how wrong they’ve got it. Love is beautiful in all of its forms.

OK heres some adhd lance headcanons since i just Cant Resist

if this makes it way around i just wanna say: shaladins dont touch this post


  • lance, staring at a wall of text: haha idk what in fresh hell this says
  • it takes him approximately 2 hours to do anything shiro asks him to bc of Executive Dysfunction
    • shiro: lance we need to form voltron
    • lance, 2 hrs later: ok sure
  • at any given moment he has upwards of 18 stim toys in his pockets. why else would  he need a jacket in space
  • his hyperfixation is cats
    • lance, over comms, while fighting a galra soldier: hey guys did you know that cats only meow to communicate with humans?
  • anytime someone mentions cats he Knows and he Appears so he can infodump
  • he gets distracted doing pretty much Anythign so he ends up putting his belongings in really weird places
    • found his shoes in the fridge once
  • pidge: lance why are you chewing on your napkin
  • lance, completely oblivious: what
  • if he sees anything on the ground that Shouldnt Be There (coins/bottlecaps/etc) he Has to pick it up and will put it in his mouth unless someone takes it from him
    • he gets sick a lot bc of this
  • Cannot hear people when they talk for more than like 5 minutes
    • shiro: (talking about some important thing)
    • lance: wow i bet he thinks i know what hes saying rn. Wild
  • always bouncing his leg to the point where pidge speculates he gets actual exercise. when ppl ask him to stop he just hesitates for like 10 seconds and then continues Bouncing
  • gets bored so much
    • lance: hunk im bored
    • hunk: go do something then
    • lance: i CANT hunk im TOO BORED
  • puts stickers in his mouth more than anything else
    • pidge, horrified: thats not what those are for lance
  • always chews gum bc it helps him think & bc its the only thing that effectively keeps him from putting random things in his mouth
    • always has a pack in his pocket
    • his favorite flavor is spearmint
    • there’s no gum in space so when he runs out he Suffers :(
  • he needs glasses pretty bad but he cant wear them bc seeing the frames in his periphery Ruins his focus
    • he also hates the feeling of contacts so he just walks around not really being able to see anything thats not right in front of him

if you wanna add on 2 this Blease do i love adhd lance thanks & goodnight

my mom was telling me about this lawyer she works with and she said he likes to make jokes at the most inappropriate times and once in the middle of open court for a super serious Big criminal trial he just tapped her on the shoulder and at full volume told her that a door isnt a door when its ajar and like. thats lance

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This blog is so calming to scroll through THANK YOU

The earth is beautiful. I think it helps in times like these. Small reminders. That despite our human problems, the earth continues to be amazing. It’s easy to forget. Sometimes I stalk my own archive too. In some ways with our busy modern lives we are so disconnected from nature, it’s unfortunate. This strange world of money and politics and jobs and mortgages that we’ve built around ourselves. Maybe we’d all be a little happier if that wasn’t so. Just to be alive, the chances of life, existence. And yet we can’t simply be. In some ways we overthink things, rush around creating problems.  It saddens me sometimes, the world humans have built. Concrete. Plastic. What we are doing to our planet. Billions of years and yet the little time we’ve been here we are killing it already. We are so far removed. So missing the point. To live, to love, to enjoy life and all the rich beauty the world has to offer. I don’t know…  I think about this a lot. I feel a longing to be in these places, to be experiencing them. The peacefulness of nature.. ♡


SHOULD I BUY THIS SHIRT FROM QWERTEE (it’s only 11€ plus shipping) OR NOT???? 

i love the design but i’m not that in love with the navy color:/ also i didn’t plan on this expense so even tho it’s not a lot of money for a shirt i have to think about it twice…