This is Michelle Faraone, a new face (in this case – legs) for the Bizarre Los Angeles book project. Michelle is terrific and I hope to work with her again.

One of the ghost stories associated with the Aztec is the rare sighting of a female apparition wearing a nightgown roaming the halls and lobby. So, we decided to have a little fun with the nightgown-clad ghost story. 

Photographer: Craig Owens;
Hair/makeup: Johanna Serrano;
Wardrobe: the Valentino’s Costumes;
Copyright: Sad Hill LLC.

As for the shoot, nothing paranormal happened, but the females did see at least one odd thing: the motion sensor in the women’s restroom (that activates the lights) was tripped when no one was in there. It only happened once in the two days we shot at the Aztec, and when I was told about it, I just smiled. None of the models knew that the restroom itself is one of the hotel’s allegedly haunted locations. Not saying that it was a ghost that triggered the sensor, mind you, but the models were a little surprised to see the light in the next room suddenly turn on by itself. 

“The easy life is not the best life, after all. It lasts so brief a time, and very often you wake up to realize that too much time has gone by - that you have grown too lazy, or unequal to the sterner test - that it is too late! And so, before it is too late, while I still feel the urge, I am going to try dramatic work.”– tragic star Marie Prevost

Source: Gladys Hall (1922)
Photo: 1925