The Power of Orgone - Transmutation of Chemical Warfare

The photos above are from every direction around Chembow HQ at 5:20pm.  Even as I post this at 5:30, much of these purifying clouds are evaporating.  A heavy attack from the south is altering California’s jet stream in a south to north motion statewide, as opposed to the normal west to east motion.  The movement of the wind, and therefore the aerosols which are mixed with rain clouds from the chembombing of Mexico’s monsoons, is slightly southeast to northwest, making things even more bizarre yet. 

In Los Angeles, you can see the gathering and removal of the chemtrail toxins in these photos, resulting in summertime vacuus clouds of pure water vapor, which evaporate quickly as the sky is purified. This heavy injection of aerosols into the atmosphere and accompanying HAARP attacks may be in order to try and prevent rain.  If this is the case, then more testament to orgone energy’s power to transmute negative energy and clean the air can be seen in the precipitation map for this evening in California.  Again, the geoengineering backfires in the face of the much more powerful orgone energy, free for everyone to access, and already deployed over much of the Golden State.

Blake Griffin Has Bizarre Uber Experience

The Los Angeles Clippers’ All-Star says his driver offered him a bite of his sandwich.
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This is Michelle Faraone, a new face (in this case – legs) for the Bizarre Los Angeles book project. Michelle is terrific and I hope to work with her again.

One of the ghost stories associated with the Aztec is the rare sighting of a female apparition wearing a nightgown roaming the halls and lobby. So, we decided to have a little fun with the nightgown-clad ghost story. 

Photographer: Craig Owens;
Hair/makeup: Johanna Serrano;
Wardrobe: the Valentino’s Costumes;
Copyright: Sad Hill LLC.

As for the shoot, nothing paranormal happened, but the females did see at least one odd thing: the motion sensor in the women’s restroom (that activates the lights) was tripped when no one was in there. It only happened once in the two days we shot at the Aztec, and when I was told about it, I just smiled. None of the models knew that the restroom itself is one of the hotel’s allegedly haunted locations. Not saying that it was a ghost that triggered the sensor, mind you, but the models were a little surprised to see the light in the next room suddenly turn on by itself. 

“The popular idea of a vamp is a long, slinky woman with black bandolined hair, a bare back and many jewels. And the screen formula for corralling a man is a look into his eyes, a shrug and a slow heave. Whether people believe such things exist, I do not know, but I do know they like to see them.” – Madeline Hurlock, former Sennett Bathing Beauty, who excelled as a comic vamp. Her quote came from a 1924 interview.

Here she is in front of the Ambassador Hotel, taken in the mid to late 1920s. It’s one of my all-time favorite photos.