memory |ˈmem(ə)rē| (noun)

1 a person’s power to remember things • the power of the mind to remember things •  the capacity of a substance to return to a previous state or condition after having been altered or deformed. See also shape memory .

2 something remembered from the past; a recollection • the remembering or recollection of a dead person, esp. one who was popular or respected • the length of time over which people continue to remember a person or event

3 the part of a computer in which data or program instructions can be stored for retrieval. • capacity for storing information in this way

 PHRASES from memory without reading or referring to notes • in memory of intended to remind people of, esp. to honor a dead person.take a trip (or walk) down memory lane deliberately recall pleasant or sentimental memories.

•ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French memorie, from Latin memoria, from memor ‘mindful, remembering.’

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