They call you Magpie, occasionally— Bloodhound more recently— and you like to collect things.

You’ve always been careful about it, of course— learning where, if they exist at all, the lost and founds are, how to stumble across the people around who have the uncanny ability to know everyone and everything that matters to them, the places locals always check for items gone adrift— and you’ve heard strange things about EU, even before you actually arrived. Nothing concrete, nothing substantial, but enough on the forums and ratemyprofessors and hidden in deep corners of the web that you take extra care this time before continuing your finding (and returning, which is, admittedly, more of an entertaining challenge).

So instead of picking up the curiosities or collecting the feathers and bits and baubles, you watch, as you always do, and you’re thorough, as you always are. It takes some months and some seeing things you perhaps shouldn’t have and some time spent imagining solutions you likely couldn’t spare, but when all is said and done you think you’re ready to begin.

When you take the feathers, you leave behind piles of birdseed (your cockatiel’s favorite, and millet too when the plumage is especially colorful). When you find bottle caps, you bring them to the fountain and throw them in the highest tier; for the koi in the pond and their gasping mouths, you bring stories (words, the important thing is the words) whispered in the dead of night and shut up in the pretty green bottles left for you on the sidewalk. You find marbles in your pockets, bright as bubbles catching the sun, and make earrings out of them using the delicate wire you’re given every time you leave interestingly-shaped driftwood in that hole beside the dumpster (the earrings you keep, and sometimes give away to classmates worried about getting caught (or getting Caught, depending) in the rain). You give poetry and songs (whatever’s in your head, be it Bon Jovi for a week, the lines of that play you’re struggling with, or the rhymes that occasionally overtake your thoughts) to the crows and the trees and they give you nothing, but nor do they take.

The squirrels you know better than to deal with. A senior warned you (indirectly, eyes straight ahead as you both walked along), and when you accidentally leave your doodle notebook under the tree, you are left shaking pine needles out of your hair for weeks (it does smell nice, to be fair).

You never take found things without giving in return, and never give without expecting to leave empty-handed. It is a kindness, all of it, and you treasure the thanks you get (you do not always get thanked, and you do not mind).

With the lost things, you tread more carefully. You peek at them from the corner of your eye and wait a day (sometimes two, sometimes three, depending on how hard it is to only cast a glance) in order to see if the item is claimed; eventually (reluctantly, sometimes, but you do know how to help lost things find their homes, and you don’t want to leave them), you pick them up.

If it’s made of anything shiny, you leave it by the crows, rattling off as many interwoven lines of poetry you can cobble together about guarding and glittering, returning and finding, dropping off folded tinfoil sculptures as well (the crows have never given you anything back, but nor has anything been taken, and so you figure it’s fair they keep whatever they feel they’re owed). Though you only intend for them to keep watch and draw attention (whenever something pretty is misplaced, everyone looks at them), you begin to leave them your little aluminum figures whenever you catch wind of anything (or anyone) disappearing as a good luck charm, fond of how they watch and listen and protect what’s them and theirs. It is meant to be an idiosyncrasy, but you start to notice that they gather around the places those lost things turn up. You don’t give thanks and you pick up no more of their feathers than usual. When something is returned you make sure those involved discover a sudden and temporary interest in reading classic poems aloud.

When it’s anything that seems personal (or urgent), you hunt It down; a sigil that looks like an abstract swirl or perhaps an eye or perhaps a hand. Usually someone’s wearing it, frequently it’s purple, and always it’s on the softest-looking piece of fabric around; you drop the item nearby, wrapped in pairs of the warmest socks you can get on short notice, and grin before moving along. After the third time, when you get pins and needles walking away, you also start folding paper flowers out of the lists you keep of what you pick up where (and, if applicable, what you left in return). You leave those stuffed inside the socks, and notice that in certain places nothing turns up anymore (you do not blame It for being more skilled than you).

When it’s just an ordinary lost thing, you bury it, and leave a circle of pebbles above; later, you place a crow’s feather in the middle as well. You check back in a week and usually it’s gone. If it’s still there in two, you put it in the school’s lost and found, and at that point, more often than not, you later end up discovering it in your room.

You begin to get a reputation.

You hope, perhaps (probably) vainly, that it will do you no harm, and that you will not become one of the lost things you are so fond of.

You do what you can to keep safe; you owe no one a thing, and there are quite a few that owe you (and owe you very much).

You like to collect things, but you don’t collect debts. You do much freely, and you find value in kindnesses, but you value yourself, of course, most of all.

You hope you will not become lost, one way or another. You try to remember that, before, your help was freely given and the debts you were owed forgiven more often than not. You hope your (what-started-out-as-)innocent hobby will do you no harm.

You begin to get a reputation.


anonymous asked:

Can we get more of Tales from the Past?? I really need to know if Claire will EVER actually meet Jamie.

Tales From the Past | Part I, Part II, Part III

Three long years of renovations done on the estate, followed by six long years off to war, and finally, it was finally home: Lallybroch. The fabled home of my dunbonnet and his faerie witch was now my own. I spun in a circle, giddy with excitement and bubbling nerves. I had a home, a place to relax, to live, to grow, and never worry if there will be somewhere for me at the end of the day.

The grounds were vast and gorgeous fields of flowing grass, wildflowers, and dense Scottish forest. The air clear from the smog of the city and decay of war. Each day was a new day to discover something from the past. I started familiarizing myself with my new home with daily walks into the woods. My journal close by to document any and every plant I came across.

Exploring the land gave me a sense of being home, and somehow closer to the Dun Bonnet tale that had fascinated me since I was teenager. It was his home and land, and with it came the most surreal experiences, especially the days I spent exploring his cave. The small cave about a fifteen minute hike from the house had given me chills. There was a small carving of initials in the stone deep into the cave, a jagged J, C & B. The letters tried to mimic the ornate style that was written in the mid-to-late 18th century.  I couldn’t help but finger the small letters, wondering what or who the letters represented.


My head whipped toward the entrance of the cave. The wind must have been playing tricks on my mind.

“Mo nighean donn,”

I head the wind whisper words again just as my finger caressed the “J” in the sequence of letters. My skin had pebbled with gooseflesh, as though something were directly behind me. Each time I entered the cave this sensation occurred.

As the fall and winter months turned into the first brisk breezes of spring, the locals began creeping out of the woodwork to welcome me to the area as the seasons passed. Most were apprehensive and standoffish. I caught some of their hushed words on the rare occasion I went to town.

“What’s a young Sassenach lass doing living in the old Fraser-Murray estate?”

“Poor lass lost her only family in the war, wonder why she decided to move to the Highlands?”

“Scandalous! A woman of her age alone in a place like that! Why if her family knew they’d be rolling over in their graves.”

Sometimes, though, the words were of kindness and pity not malice and apprehension. I learned to take the good with the bad, ignoring the jibes at my upbringing and single status. I ignored them until one day the talk of a witch and folklores of old drifted from an open door. My interest piqued, I tentatively walked into the small shop. The shop was cloaked in a sickeningly sweet smell of floral perfume and baked goods. Postcards hung from a string in the window, while the interior was filled with the most delicate bits and baubles made from glass and ceramics.

“Och! Hello m’dear! And what brings ye to Madame Elsie’s today?”

“I’m terribly sorry to interrupt, but I heard something about a white lady?”

The old woman, presumably Elsie’s eyebrows shot into the curls of her hairline.

“Aye, and that’s no something to be spouting off about. Though since ye heard us speaking of it, it wouldnae hurt to ask why ye’re interested in the matter?”

“Oh! I’m a folklorist, or well, I used to be…before the war. My uncle and I traveled the world documenting the folklores of different cultures.” I felt my cheeks heat, “I really am sorry for intruding, it’s a second nature for me to always be listening for a story.”

The old woman smiled, “Never fear dear, please have a seat and we’ll tell you what we know of the White Lady.”

I pulled up a plum colored plush armchair and my notebook before sitting down between the two women.

“Do you mind if I write this down?”

“Of course not dear! Write whatever you wish. This story is common knowledge and I’m surprised this is the first you’ve heard of it on this day.”

“Elsie…”  The second woman warned.

“Relax Miriam,” Elsie said with a wave of her hand. “You know that the Crooks, the Baird’s and the Murray’s all tell this tale today.”

Miriam scoffed and went back to her tea.

“So m’dear, the tale of the White Lady that’s going on aboot the town today is an interesting one. Today is the day that the White Lady is said to be seen on this day every year. It’s the day she meets her love for the first time.”

“Is the White Lady a ghost?”

“Och! Aye! She is indeed, from the ‘45 rebellion and all! Ye can hear her screams and cries for the love she lost and the life she knew from the faerie hill up yonder.”

“Faerie hill?”

“Child! Surely ye ken the Faerie hill, Craig na Dun?”

I shook my head slowly. “Could you tell me how to get there? I’d love to see it.”

The two women exchanged a glance then nodded as one. “Aye, go down the road aboot a mile or so and turn left. The Faerie Hill is five miles from the fork in the road. Ye’ll ken it from the stones that stand upon it. They seem to glow from the sun and their ancient dead power. If ye see the screaming White Lady, be wary child. She’ll no take kindly to intruders.”

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I’m the girl men fall in love with the idea of.
They catch glimpses of parts of me and think
 They know the rest hidden beneath the surface;

The golden girl with the flaming heart.
The playful exuberance too world weary by far.
 The nighttime temptress down on her knees.
The selfless caretaker too kind to believe.
The warrior-princess covered in scars
The simple girl who still wishes on stars.

They all choose a part of me to worship
Setting aside the rest of the puzzle pieces
Still looking for a heart to call home
Because it’s easier to put me in a box
Than to put me together until they find a whole picture.

In the end sparkling bits and baubles of me adorn their memories
Until I become the one who got away
Which is the reason I never could in the end stay.

I’d rather love the reality that is all of myself
Than be put on a pedestal so high up
There’re no odds of surviving the fall.

© Courtney Turley 2017

Setting Down Roots

It was a crazy idea really and in hindsight he wondered why he went along with it.  He could easily find an excuse or make one.  The nagging part of him knew however that even if he did it was just that.  He’d wandered for so long, looking and searching to no avail.  Finally he reached the point where either frustration or heart ache had made him stop.  He went out less and less, something that caused Vellguine to come check on him more often.  The elder dragoon was not used to the younger man being present so often around the city and yet Vellguine knew.  Paulecrain was aware he knew, in fact he was aware the older man had been in a similar situation if the looks he’d been given were any indication.  No pity or sympathy, no something more.  A deeper understanding that could only come from knowing that pain intimately.  So he allowed it, to an extent and Vellguine did not press more than he thought the other would allow.  An offer for a shared lunch here, information on a good hunt there.  Small bits that would benefit and help him without making him a Fury damned charity case.  That was something Paulecrain swore he never would be.  He hadn’t been one as a child and he wouldn’t be one now.

‘Why don’t you settle down close to the city.’  

‘If you’re staying around more often then it will be easier to find you.’

‘If you aren’t moving around then should anyone come looking for you they will be able to find you.’

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I just realized that I never made a solely college/high school AU for Percabeth. Since I’ve been in college for a little over two years, I thought that my experience might make things a little more accurate! All of these events have happened to me or my best friends personally. Hopefully, this isn’t too similar to Jasper’s “Fated” a couple months back. (Also, the trope isn’t childhood friends to best friends to lover, which is honestly my favourite trope, so I’ll be doing more college AUs in the future to compensate. Watch out!)

Other insp [x] [x] [x]


The Five Times Percy and Annabeth Almost Met

i. freshman year, 15 years old

Annabeth was tired of all this crap.

She was tired of having to run off to the bathroom before each class to make sure no curl was out of place. Tired of having to plaster a smile onto her face– tired of attempting polite small talk with the strangers around her. She hated having to introduce herself to a roomful of people who were probably going to control her social life in the next four years she was staying in New York.

Gods, she was exhausted.

Nevertheless, she tucked her blonde hair behind her ear, applied a sheen of lip balm to her chapped lips and exhaled. Just one more class and this day would be over. Annabeth clicked her boots and popped her lips, ready to conquer AP Greek History with a smile on her face.

“I’m Annabeth Chase,” she said brightly. “I’m from San Francisco.”

“My, my,” said a burly girl at the back. She had a bandana around her head–Annabeth wasn’t aware those were in fashion again. “That’s a mouthful. Annabelle, is it? Or was it Anneline? Either way, I don’t have time for that fancy schmancy, princess.”

The back of the class erupted into bouts of laughter.

Hm. Must be the obnoxious bullies, then. What they were doing in an AP class, she’d never know.

Annabeth was used to it—her dad was to blame for the obnoxious name and the wild tufts of untameable princess curls. Shrugging it off, she smiled pleasantly at the girl and stared at her straight in the eyes.

“It’s Annabeth, actually. And I thought we were in AP Greek History?” Her smile turned lethal before facing the teacher. “Professor, I’d like to volunteer personally as this girl’s tutor. I have a feeling that as she is unable to pronounce my name, she will have difficulties pronouncing or even spelling Hecatonchires or even Cychreides, which we both know are hardly the most difficult terms in the books. I’d very much like it for her to remain in the class.“

The professor’s lip twitched under his beard, and the glimmer in his eye suggested that Annabeth’s snark wasn’t worthy of detention. “I agree, Ms. Chase,” he commented, handing her the required reading. His ID was labelled with a CHIRON, and there was a hint of pride when he sent her off. “You may sit down.”

As Annabeth turned around, a skinny boy in a hoodie stood up in a hurry with a blush staining his cheeks. Grabbing his books, he ran a hand through his hair and bit his lip. “Damn. I knew this wasn’t Biology.” The class laughed as he clumsily made his way out the door. “Gotta go.” Before his extremely messy mop of black hair disappeared through the door, she swore she caught a glimpse of his unbelievably green eyes.

Her stomach dropped.

Trying to ignore the strange flutter of her heart, she looked around for an empty seat and found one beside a very pretty girl with feathers in her hair. Annabeth wondered why guys weren’t flocking around her and walked to it instead. Before she could make it, a girl with dark spiky hair and freckles offered her a high-five. Ah, this must be the reason.

“That was savage,” the girl whispered in awe as Annabeth sat down.

Her pretty seatmate glared at the spiky girl and turned to Annabeth with a smile. “What she meant was—that was amazing, Annabeth. It’s great to meet you. I’m Piper and this one here is Thalia.“

Professor Chiron cleared his throat in front of the classroom. “Okay, everyone. Before we get started, how about a round of names?”

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Amaranthine -- Yifan

Part 01 / Part 02

Inspiration has been hard to come by lately.

You’re tired of using the same old materials, the same old techniques.  In your opinion, every single piece that you’ve made in the past few weeks has been… boring.  Typical.  It’s not up to par to your usual work and it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that you’re in a creative rut.

“How difficult is it to make jewelry?”

You roll your eyes even though the person on the other line can’t see you.  She can probably still sense it.

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     You better believe Robin is a packrat. Maybe you wouldn’t know, because having a library makes sense. Because her bits and baubles and maps and plans come and go. She actually finds uses for the things she hoards, or gives them away. But anytime she sees something interesting or useful - in the satchel it goes. Granted, aside from books, it’s mostly small things, or fabrics and garments to wrap them up in… 

     But yes!!! She finds essence in many things, whether present to be unlocked, or having the capacity to hold enchantment. Or, of course, more direct and practical use. Or perhaps something of a puzzle to solve. Visiting many places exposes her to many different things! She has trouble leaving little curiosities behind.


for @carryonsecretsanta‘s advent calendar. a little bit of christmas fluff!  i hope this was worthy of it - i’m getting into the christmas spirit whoops i’m not sorry at all 

“Coming through,” Simon calls, poking his head inside their living room. Penelope’s sitting comfortably on their couch, steaming mug of tea in hand, a mound of tissues surrounding her, a slightly pitiful sight in an oversized Christmas sweater. (Penny will, at the very least, punch him in the face if he says that out loud, but he does feel sorry for her. She gets ridiculously excited about Christmas throughout the entire month of December, but now she can’t walk ten steps without getting a splitting headache.)

The Christmas tree he’s carrying gives him an abrupt poke in the eye, and he yells a bit louder than he’d have liked to.


“I am stuck in the hallway with a most of a very heavy tree and a tree stand. Move it, Snow.”

Simon huffs and starts walking backwards into the house again, muttering, “Impatient.”

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small brain: yuli is ~200 years old, so he’s hung around to see technology develop and advance, maybe he’s got a collection of bits and baubles throughout time as mementos

big giant glowing Zen brain: yuli was napping all those years, so he doesn’t know shit. if you asked him right now where he was in the 1900’s he couldn’t give you a straight answer

Shoutout Post for the "Overlooked" Fannibal Creators

Gif-Makers: Your work is so spectacular and important, you let us re-live little snippets of our favorite moments by bringing images to life.

Edit-Makers: Your command of image editing software lets us see some of our favorite shots in a different light and your artistry is absolutely stunning.

Playlist-Makers and Musicians: You add another dimension to our experience via the gift of music, telling a story through lyrics and sound that we might not otherwise be able to dream up.

Meta/Researchers: Your devotion to facts, the subtle references you are able to decipher, help us go deeper into the show so we might fully enjoy and understand our experience.

RP’s/Cosplayers: You breathe life into our favorite characters, so we might interact with them and see new stories come alive.

Crafters: The things you make, from earrings to dolls to every bit and bauble in between, are not only beautiful, but well-thought-out and wonderfully made as well!

Chefs:  Your recreations of iconic Hannibal dishes are so cool to look at and definitely appetite-inspiring.

Video-Makers:  Whether you’re making fanvids or music videos, your editing skills are always on-point.

Photographers:  Setting up a photoshoot is never easy, whether it be with figurines or people or even a still life, but you always manage to get the perfect shot.

In these long and introspective winter months, I am slowly coming to the realization that the way to avoid artistic burnout, at least for me, is to remain as flexible as possible, and try out every idea that gives me even a brief spark of inspiration - even the bad ones.

Basically what I’m saying is, I might have a lot of weird bits and baubles to show you all fairly soon. Some others may like, and they’ll stick around - some may wind up being “just for me” type things. Either way, thank you all in advance for sticking around!

viviennescircle  asked:

Hey, I'm just wondering if you have any older fic recs for Captain Swan, preferably taking place on the Jolly Roger on the way to or from Neverland? Or just in general, older than season 3B or more obscure than, say, The Lost Boys? Thanks!

Hi there!

The CS fandom is full of amazingly talented writers, so we’re very fortunate that there are oh so many fics out there to chose from. 

First, it’s hard to find fics that are specifically on the Jolly Roger going to or coming from Neverland without the majority of the fic being on the island.

Though that is more due to the fact that I personally tend to read multi-chapter fics over one-shots. However, I know there are many one shots out there that cover this.

So anyone who knows/remembers any of this (because my memory is crap), please add to this post so this lovely person can find them. Thank You!

As for multi chaptered fics, well from what I’ve found, the majority of fics that I’ve read set on the Jolly Roger tend to be Enchanted Forest Emma AUs. 

But since you also asked for general fics older than 3b, I’m going to just give you a list of the many ones that I’ve read on fanfic (because I sadly/hardly reblog ones on tumblr and it can be hard to find them when I can’t remember them) (though if anyone knows where to find the ones on tumblr, please feel free to chime in) (also add AO3 ones too if you’d like).

Hopefully I covered the spectrum and you find some that you like. 

(Also, there are some darker fics in here so I listed the trigger warnings that the author’s listed, so please do read my brief descriptions carefully)

Jolly Roger Fics/AUs:

Beyond the Horizon by Alexandra Lyman: This is a Princess Emma AU where Emma volunteers herself as hostage to Captain Jones and they fall in love. Violence, but not Dark!Hook. Rated M. WiP

I See Sparks by Xelbie: An interseting Lieutenant Duckling AU where Emma and Killian are betrothed. Takes place exclusively on the ship so far. Rated T. WiP

Only for One Night by michellemtsu: Princess Emma runs away with Captain Hook to escape an arranged marriage. Rated M. WiP 

Those Lonely Nights At Sea by charliethedreamer: I count this as a Jolly Roger AU because ships are the setting mostly. Captain Swan and Captain Jones have an interesting realtionship to say the least. Rated T. WiP 

Twelve Months At Sea by xFearlesssmilex: Emma is held prisoner by Captain Hook after her village is attacked. Dark!Hook. Possible triggers: Violence, explicit language, mentions/references to rape, sex, prostitution. Rated M. WiP

Walking on Water by Ms Starlight: Princess Emma is on a diplomatic mission for her parents during war times when she is abducted by Captain Killian Jones. Rated M. WiP

White Light on a Black Sea by TaarnaT: Princess Emma is captured by Captain Hook. Dark!Hook warning. Possible triggers: violence, profanity, sex (including prostitution/dub-con/non-con. Partially based on tv show Black Sails. Rated M. WiP

Neverland Fics/AUs:

A Man Of Honor, a Woman of Courage, and a Timeless Love by ChainOfPaperclips: This is a very good AU where Killian sacrifices his memories of Emma in Neverland and he and Emma struggle with what they are to each other when they return to Storybrooke. Rated T. WiP

Dreams and Nightmares by forevershipper: Milah’s ghost with the help of Cora tries to take over Emma’s body in Neverland. Rated T. WiP

Hollow Beginnings by EmeraldRomance: This fic is from Emma’s POV and it starts in Dark Hollow and diverges from there. Hook gets severely injured in Neverland and Emma uses magic to save him, but it works a little too well. Rated M. WiP

The Fortune of Killian Jones by TheThirdStar: Neverland AU, where Hook saves them from Pan, but it has dire consequences for him and Emma goes into Hook’s head in order to save him. Rated T. WiP

Throwing the Cat Amongst the Pigeons by auzziwitch: Post-Neverland. Emma deals with her feelings for Hook. It’s been a while since I read it so I don’t remember it very well, but I know I liked it. Rated M. WiP

Under the Horizon by YouAndMeComeWhatever: In Neverland Emma ends up 300 years in the past when Hook has just lost Milah. Rated T. Complete.

Season 2 AUs:

A Thwarted Hook by samhaincat: Set in Season 2 after “Manhattan” where Emma helps Hook after he stabs Gold and takes care of him. Rated K. Complete

Shared Bodies by CSIBeauty: I would say this is set in Season 2, I think, but it is very AU. Greek Gods kind of possess the residents of Storybrooke. Rated T. WiP: I think. It’s been a while since I read it, but it’s not listed as Complete. 

Walk That Fragile Line by Carlet: Cora orders Hook to make Emma fall in love with him. Rated T. Complete

Season 3b AUs (putting these in here because they technically precede 3b and therefore don’t portray what we saw in 3b):

Down the Winding Road by FreyReh: I really like this one because it’s set in Oz. Hook sacrifices himself and Emma goes after him. Has many Oz characters that never appeared in Once, and the villain isn’t who you’d expect. Rated T. WiP

Ends of the Earth by OnceUponABookworm: Hook leaves Storybrooke but Emma seeks him out. Ends up taking place in the Enchanted Forest. I count this as a 3b AU because it’s post Neverland but it doesn’t have Pan’s curse, nor does it have the wicked witch, but Pan is still a part of it. Rated T. Complete

Fractured Moonlight by lovingcaptainswan: This is a highly angsty fic but I adore it. Hook gets left behind after Pan’s curse and it takes place in our world where Emma and Hook have difficulty dealing with personal tragedy. So if you really love angst….thinking about it: Possible Trigger: Death of a child (not shown but heavily a plot point). Rated M. WiP.

Holiday Dysfunction, Honest Intention, Love, & Other Things by ARCreader: This is set post-Neverland, but no Wicked Witch. It’s just a bunch of really great holiday-centered fics with the Charming-Swan-Jones-Mills-Gold-Cassidy family. Rated T. WiP: Though it’s been a while since an update. :(

I Almost Do by ihearttvsnark: A Pan’s curse AU which I really like. Everyone is cursed once again in Storybrooke, save for Emma and Regina. CS and OQ. Rated M. WiP

General Post-Storybrooke AUs (As in everyone goes back to the Enchanted Forest):

Home Is Where the Heart Is by Winter-Rae: After the Charmings kingdom is restored, Hook convinces Regina to take his heart and it pretty much snowballs from there. Takes a lot of interesting twists and turns and brings in other fictional universes such as Narnia and LotR. Rated M.

Other AUs:

All The Voices In My Head by QuiteTheTrueLove: A really good fic where Killian and Emma are partners in the FBI that are searching for a serial killer. Possible triggers: Violence, character deaths, graphic scenes. Rated M. WiP.

Challenge Accepted by YouSaid: I’m not big on crossovers, but this one is really good. Emma and Killian are Head Girl and Boy at Hogwarts. Lots of Smut, but as the author progressed, the plot really got me hooked. Rated M. WiP

Hamlet and the Pirates by eight 0f hearts: This is a really great CS high school AU where Killian and Emma are partners on an English project. Rated T. Complete

I’ll Ask For The Sea by stalrua: It’s both in the Enchanted Forest and Neverland, but majorly in EF. Emma ran away from the royal life and grew up in Tortuga. Hook comes into her life and she ends up having to face her past. Rated M. Complete. 

Man-Hunt by Ayyyylmao: Emma is an infamous bounty hunter in the Enchanted Forest. Hook is her newest client. However, destiny has bigger plans. Slow-burn CS. Rated T. WiP

O Mistress Mine by psychoswan: A dark Hook AU, where Killian is a ruthless king who’s land Emma enters. She becomes his mistress. Possible Triggers: Dark!Hook, rough sex, violence, language, and other things that may trigger. Rated M. WiP

Provocateur by swaggercaptain: Again a crossover that I love. Emma and Killian work for the BAU. Takes plot points from Criminal Minds, but in itself is really well done. Highly recommend. Possible triggers: Violent themes. Rated M. WiP

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play by bemusedbicycle: Oh don’t even get me started on this fic. I adore it. It’s a baseball AU, where Killian plays for the Pittsburg Pirates and Emma works in PR. Rated T. WiP

Rotten Heart by NeverlandAwaitsUs: Princess Emma is betrothed to Prince Killian, who has dark secrets. Rated M. WiP

Sit, Stay, Feel by ScapeArtist: Oh I love this AU. Emma’s a dog trainer and Killian is a client of hers. They bond over their mutual love for Killian’s dog Gale. It’s just too good for words. Rated T. Complete

Until I Met You by ChainOfPaperclips: College student Emma Nolan is in Professor Killian Jones’ poetry class. So far, nothing really has happened between them, so I guess it’s slow-burn? Rated T. WiP

And just for fun: Drabbles:

A Dozen Assorted by Scheherezade06: This fic is a series of drabbles all about CS. Rated T. 

A Modern Day Courtship by Melissa Black13: A series of drabbles concerning CS navigating dating. Rated T. 

Bits and Baubles by perpetual-estrangement: Lots of various CS one shots. Rated M. 

CS Drabble by ThePirateSwan: CS drabbles that are really good and are, well I’m fairly certain, they’re all in the show’s universe. Rated M. 

#BestYearEver: Update Your Space

5 unique ways to make your place feel like home

So you moved into your “new” apartment months ago but it still doesn’t look lived in. Don’t worry, many of us prolong the task of organizing or decorating until we’ve almost forgotten about it, but once you just do it, you’ll be so happy you did. After all, it is your home - you owe it to yourself to make it a place where you want to hang out. We’re sharing our best tips to inspire your interior update, along with some of our go-to home goods that won’t break the bank. Scroll down to get started!

A minimalist vanity

Living room decor

Show your personality. Unique pieces distinguish a nice space from a great one. Look for cool decor items that you can place on tables or bookshelves to give your home a more personal feel, like mirrors (which will create the illusion of a bigger space), quirky bookends or interesting vases.

Copper Easel Mirror

Puppy Bookends

Vintage Toyo Ikebana Geometric Vase

Frame and hang scarves. If you’re at a loss for how to liven up your walls and don’t want to spend too much money, consider framing a series of silk squares. It’s an easy, artsy way to show your style without worrying about what kind of art will look good. Plus, you can mix and match colors and prints for a fun gallery wall!

Love is in the air silk square

RODA Square scarves

Square Printed Scarf

Display your nice things. Having your vanity essentials like jewelry and makeup laid out in front of you not only makes getting ready so much easier, it also makes it more fun. Look for small dishes and jewelry stands that fit in with the feel and look of your room.

Radial Jewelry Stand

Bits & Baubles Trinket Dish

Tiered Vestige Cosmetics Holder

Spruce up your coffee table. Making the common area space a cozy place to be is important, especially if you have people over often. Fill your coffee table with a variety of art books, candles and other accessories that will transform your space.

Kate Moss

Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candle

Vintage Marble Container Set

Don’t forget the bathroom. It’s easy to gloss over bathroom decor, but when you take the time to consider the details, people will notice. A nice soap dish, hand lotion and decorative storage containers go a long way.

Apothecary Soap Dish

Diptyque Velvet Hand Lotion

Scented Glycerin Soap

Christmas on the Ridge

@di-elle  asked: Fluffy prompt! two words: “Christmas Presents” can be canon divergence from the show - and set at Leoch around ep 9/10, or set in Lallybroch. or during DIA/season2 or at the Ridge so that Brianna and Roger and the kids are there too. whatever you prefer :D

Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Jem sat staring up at the fresh evergreen in his grandparents great room, his Grannie had tied bits of string, baubles, and berries around the tree attempting to make it resemble that of the twentieth century Christmas traditions. He missed the twinkling lights and silver tinsel that had been draped on the tree back at Lallybroch in the 1980s, but he would rather be here. Mandy was dancing about the room singing Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs—it’s a good thing she inherited our Da’s talent— he thought to himself.
    He had heard stories from his Mam and Da, how his Da had the perfect singing voice before the accident when he was a wee bairn. Jem’s own musical talent was not one to brag about, his Grannie liked to joke that he was a mini-me of his Grandda, red-headed and tone deaf.
    “What are ye thinking about, Jemmy?”
    “I wish we had the twinkling colored lights from home on this tree.”
    His father squatted down to his level, “Aye, I miss electric lights too, but yer Grannie did a bonnie job on this tree.” Jem nodded his head, missing more than just the electric lights of the future; cars, running water, hot water, television… Although he missed that life, he never truly felt like he belonged. He had missed the clean air of the mountains and the adventures his Uncle Ian and cousin Germaine had taken him on. Being back in the past, Jem felt comfortable.
    “Da?” Jem asked looking up at his father.
    “What is it, mo chridhe?”
    “How do we stop Mandy from singing Jingle Bells again?” His father barked out a laugh, “Son, when I can figure out how to stop yer sister from doing something she sets her mind to, I’ll let ye know.”
    Mandy had transitioned from traditional jingle bells lyrics to the ones Jem recognized his classmates had sang before, “Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg!”
    Roger shook his head in disbelief but the ever constant smile never faded.
    “What’s going on in here?” Jem heard his Grannie laugh as she walked over to Mandy, Adso close at her heels.
    “Grannie! ADSO!” Mandy ceased singing to pick up the old grey cat and hug him to her. A faint mewl came from his as she bounced around the room starting up another chorus of Batman smells, cat dangling from her arms.
    Jem saw his Grannie smile then started following after Mandy in hopes of freeing the struggling feline. “Mandy, sweetheart, let’s let Adso go.”
    “But why Grannie? He loves me! Besides we are singing Christmas carols, Adso is my helper!”
    “Alright, how about Adso be your helper from the floor? He looks like you are squishing him.”
    Mandy looked down at the cat whose front paws were sticking straight up in the air, fur ruffled around his neck like a scarf, eyes bugging with a silent meow in his open mouth. Sighing Mandy readjusted her grip on the reluctant helper and scolded, “Ok, Adso, I’m going to put you down, but ye canna leave! Ye are my helper and ye are to stay with me.”
    The moment Adso hit the floor he was out of the room in a grey streak, a yell and a clatter of pottery came from the doorway where their Grandda was emerging.
    “Ifrinn! Cat dúr!”
    “Ooooo Grandda! Ye said a bad word!”
    “Sorry, a leannan.” Mandy’s arms crossed over her chest and she leveled a look that was completely her Grannie’s at her Grandda. “Ye no say it again.”
    Laughing out an agreement to Mandy, Jamie walked over and kissed Claire on the temple.
    “Where is Bree, mo nighean donn? Wasna this whole thing her idea?” He said waving at the presents and tree crowding the room.
    “This wasn’t only her idea, I had a hand in it as well. She is upstairs getting something.”
    Seeing the look on his face she laughed, “Oh don’t give me that look, I know you may not understand it but you do love the smell of the pine in the house.”
    “Aye, but I still dinna understand why it needs to be in the house.”
    Jem piped in, “It’s tradition Grandda! We have to have a Christmas tree on Christmas.”
    “Ach, is that so? Well this is my first Christmas with one, and I’m sure the Christmases I’ve had o’er the years happened.” A twinkle in his eye showed he was only joking but Jem took it seriously. “Oh but Grandda, ye havena had a real Christmas then.”
    “Ye’ve never had a Christmas tree, Grandda?” Mandy’s eyes were wide and her little mouth dropped open in shock. “Ye have to have a Christmas tree! Da tell him!”
    Roger laughed at the enthusiasm of his children. “Aye, ye need a Christmas tree on Christmas and—“
    “Presents!” Brianna finished walking into the room, arms full of brown paper wrapped packages.
    “Weel, why dinna you show me a real Christmas then, mo chridhe?”
    Jem smiled and plucked the packages out of his mother’s arms looking for one that said “Grandda” or “Jamie,” finding what he looked for he quickly bounded over to his Grandda. “Here. Open this.”
    “Aye, I can do that. That’s all I have to do to have a real Christmas? Open this package?”
    Laughing Jem handed him the gift, “No, ye open it, then ye hand someone else a gift and we all open presents together! A real Christmas, opening gifts and spending time together by the Christmas tree. Although this one isn’t as pretty as our twinkling lights one back at Lallybroch in the future.”
    His Grandda smiled, kissed his forehead and ruffled up his hair. “Aye, well I’ll have a real Christmas with ye here.”

Ear Candy

Dress up your look with a chic earring or two

When we think of jewelry trends, statement necklaces, stacked bracelets and knuckle rings are usually the first things that come to mind. Earrings are often easily overlooked, but sometimes a killer pair is the only accessory you need to step up your look. Get a head start on one of fall’s biggest trends and rock one earring, a style seen on the runways at Céline and Louis Vuitton, or stick to a classic pair.

Whether you like to keep it simple or make a statement, we’ve got the perfect bits and baubles for any occasion. Shop our selection of the best ear candy below, from dangly tassels to pretty studs, and be sure to tell us…

What’s your go-to earring style?

1) Sequin Nugget Stud Earrings

2) Michael Kors Whisper Medium Hoop Earrings

3) Ca & Lou Debutante Lobo Linear Earrings

4) House of Harlow Sunburst Button Stud Earrings

5) Panacea Ribbed Diamond Shape Dangle Earrings

6) Oscar de la Renta Long Beaded Tassel Earrings

7) Dina Mackney Turquoise Drop Earrings

8) Dogeared Golden Wishbone Stud Earrings

9) Elizabeth & James Vogel White Topaz Pave Studs

10) Berry Drop Earrings