Bit more complex than that but yeah |D

Whee, Travel Training today \o/

It was gonna be tomorrow but something came up, so it’s today instead! Gonna be taking the bus to Macduff and then heading back home, so it’s a bit further out than last week.

Got a little under an hour to go before I head out to the bus stop. I can do this!

Not A Ghost (pt.2)

Pairing: Kylo Ren x You
Summary: Kylo Ren’s departure left you tormented by your desires. With his return, you were motivated to see beneath the mask.

Time failed to be of little importance to you following Kylo Ren’s departure from the base some odd months ago. Just as he had entered your life a specter, he left much the same way. There was a bitterness in your heart that you couldn’t fathom; a dull ache in your chest that made it hurt to think about. He left without a word, without a glance, and without being seen. You thought yourself petty to expect anything else from him. The notion crossed you mind that perhaps he viewed you with more contempt than anyone, and the memory of cold metal against your fingertips was nothing but a fragment from your desires.

In the end, he was still a ghost that you couldn’t reach and couldn’t touch. 

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