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I have no idea what a white asexual woman could relate to in Moonlight, but that's kind of up to her. There's a lot of ways, some really tough ways, Moonlight is relatable for a lot of people because it's such a deep story. Even if she did post on Tumblr about it, that doesn't really give us the right to know.

I honestly don’t think no matter what has happened to her that she can relate or in other words have a connection to story about Black gay/bisexual men living in poverty and gang culture. Their identities shape the experience in a way that no one can fully relate to unless they share those identities and the people who can partially relate to it have to share some of those identities. 

I’m not demanding she tell us how she relates to these characters but I’m just saying the identities and realities of life are just so vast I doubt there’s actually anything valid about the connection she has.

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A funny (but too true) look at the difference between coming out as gay versus coming out as bisexual.