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i feel like benny is straight but also isn't? like he acts bi but he says he is straight? idk it's dumb but

It’s not dumb at all! I headcanon that he is bisexual and has had past experiences with guys when he was younger, but doesn’t really feel comfortable with it and hasn’t come to terms with his sexuality. I feel like it’d take him a long time to call himself bisexual, especially considering he is in a relationship with a woman.


Bisexuality (@bisexual dating)

Yes, I’m a bi woman, this is someting about bi women. Are u bisexual? Do u want to meet bisexual friends?  Ethics is needed to maintain life, but this specification should not sacrifice our self will. If you are a bisexual people, don’t be afraid, brave to date, brave to love, if you want to, can also choose to come out. Until today, however, most bisexual has failed to do so, to admit that you are bisexual still is a difficult thing. Bisexual group should unite, especially those bisexual single, now there’s a lot of bisexual dating sites, if you are a single bisexual, can spend more time looking for the right bisexual couples. Bisexual, meanwhile, also should be more efforts, let the others in the society to be able to understand the bisexual, for bisexual people for more rights.


In case you missed it last night, American Horror Story: Hotel’s Will Drake opened up to his son about his bisexuality and did it in the best way possible. 

Bustle: Will Drake Is Bisexual On ‘AHS: Hotel’ & His Description Of The Word Is Beautifully Unapologetic

“Will really nailed the description of bisexuality. He didn’t sugar coat it for his young son, and he didn’t make it into something that it’s not. The show handled the confession to his son with a lot of respect and represented the bisexual community really well in a pretty pivotal scene. When he began his confession he immediately disregarded the stereotypes that some people hold about bisexuality by saying, “I’m going to be blunt. Your father is bisexual. People think that word is dirty, but it’s not. It means I like men and women equally.” When his son questioned whether people assume he just likes men, Will replied that “Yeah, something like that, and if you’re lucky, once in your life you’ll find someone who really understands you.”
Prince broke all the rules about what black American men should be
The musical genius captivated both men and women with his high heels, tight butt and playful sexuality – and he refused to be anyone’s slave
By Steven W Thrasher

“He’s so sexy,” he said, “that you want to stand near him, because you’re hoping a little of what makes him so attractive will splash onto you, and then it will work for you.” Black, white, gay, straight, male, female – it seemed everyone I knew either wanted to sleep with Prince or wanted to be him, or both…

Prince was so ahead of me in my own understanding of what it means to be black in this country, to have a sexuality and gender expression at odds with the white men who try to tell everyone else how to behave – and to embrace what is amorphous, not easily categorized, beautiful, and yet unknown.

[Image: Photo of Scottish actor and bisexual right’s campaigner Alan Cumming, in a business suit taken against a city-scape. Superimposed in black is the following quote from an April 2014 interview with the USA’s National Public Radio in which he discusses the importance of always clearly identifying oneself as bisexual as a way to combat a binary view of sexuality: 

“I still would define myself as bisexual partly because that’s how I feel but also because I think it’s important to — I think sexuality in this country especially is seen as a very black and white thing, and I think we should encourage the gray.”]


More and more bisexual friends in our life

Now, more and more bisexual friends appear in our life, both bisexual men and bisexual women, and bisexual single, bisexual couples. In this world, there are heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual, such as a number of groups, they essentially no difference, just sexual orientation is not the same. (@bisexual kiss)

Check out my new kicks. :-)

The colors might not show up correctly on all monitors, but these are some Converse All Stars in the bi-colors: Pink, Blue, and Purple. They were custom ordered–you might say “bispoke”–for me by my fantastic wife (Fierce Ally ™) and given to me as one of the best surprise Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten. I’ve had to resist the urge to wear them everywhere, with everything. (They’re not suitable for the weather this time of year in Boston, nor for every outfit or occasion.) But I’m wearing them as much as I can.

Including to the SuperCuts the other day, where the stylist noticed them and in the middle of the full store, said to me, “Oh, those are awesome. What do the colors mean?”

I had a split second to decide if I was going to “out” myself to an entire store full of strangers.

I went for it. “Oh, they’re the bisexual colors. I’m bisexual, and my wife got me these as a Christmas present.”

The stylist said, “That’s fantastic. They’re great.” The dude in the chair across from me swiveled around saying, “You have bisexual sneakers? I have to see them….” and seemed totally chill as well as admiring of them. A few other people within earshot just chuckled. Only one, who had been looking at them and listening, was noticeably silent and suddenly found her magazine very interesting.

My heart was racing. These little moments, unexpected, when we need to claim our identities in public, in front of strangers, still throw me more than anything else. But I figured if I was going to wear these shoes, well….I’d better be willing to walk the walk. And I was happy to do it looking so cool.


I’m not a former lesbian, I’m a bisexual woman. 

Bisexual women discuss their long-term relationships with men.

The nurse comes in to do my examination and tells me in a sly voice “I guess we can cross the BISEXUAL off your chart, can’t we?”

I admittedly feel insecure about dating men and not being “queer enough” to hang.

#Bisexual Women#

Several close friends of mine were like, “oh yeah, you are a dyke, just come out,” and others were like “maybe you are not really GAY.”

My mother-in-law keeps insisting to my husband that he shouldn’t be involved with me because I will inevitably cheat on him. 

This whole piece of my identity, and relationships that mattered to me, are being treated liked ghosts. Not even ghosts. More like something that never existed.
Number of Americans Who Identify as Bisexual on the Rise
It seems fitting that as we close out a year in which sexual fluidity was one of the most discussed topics, a new study finds that the number of adult Americans who identify as bisexual is on the rise.

“That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control, which assessed sexual attitudes of more than 9,000 U.S. residents aged 18-44. The survey found that between 2011 and 2013, an increasing number of respondents reported same-sex sexual contact and bisexual self-identification.

As in other recent surveys, the CDC report found U.S. women outpaced men in reporting bisexuality. Two percent of men polled labeled themselves bisexual, up from 1.2 percent in the 2006-2010 survey. Women, at 5.5 percent, up from 3.9 percent in the previous poll, were nearly three times as likely to identify as bisexual than men.

Fittingly, the report notes an increase in the number of American women who report same-sex sexual contact. This was true of 14.2 percent of women polled in 2006-2010—a figure that rose to 17.4 in the most recent survey. Just 6.2 percent of men say they’ve had sexual contact with other men.

CNN notes that researchers identified some race-linked disparities among survey respondents. Hispanic and Latina women, at 11.2 percent, were least likely to have had sexual contact with other women. Conversely, 19.6 percent of white women and 19.4 percent of black women reported having had same-sex sexual contact.”

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