Sexualities Masterpost

Homosexual: attraction to the same gender (this is known as gay or lesbian)
Heterosexual: attraction to the opposite gender (this is known as straight)
Bisexual: attracted to two genders, most often boys and girls.
Pansexual: attracted to all & any genders.
Omnisexual: equal attraction towards all genders (this is different from pansexual because with pan, you can have preferences but with this you’re attracted to all equally)
Skoliosexual/Ceterosexual: attraction towards nonbinary individuals
Polysexual: attraction towards more than two genders, but not all
Demisexual: can only be attracted to someone after they’ve made an emotional bond with them
Asexual: no sexual attraction
Gray-asexual: seldom feeling sexual attraction. people who are gray-ace will likely feel sexually attracted to less than 5 people in their lifetime
Cupiosexuals: (part of the asexual spectrum) someone who doesn’t feel sexual attraction towards anyone, but still wants sexual relations
Lithsexual/Akiosexual: (part of the asexual spectrum) people who feel attracted to others, but don’t wish for the attraction to be reciprocated or to act on their attraction
Recipsexual: (part of the asexual spectrum) experiencing sexual attraction only after realizing someone is sexually attracted to you
Androsexual: attraction towards masculine individuals (mostly used by nonbinary or genderqueer individuals, as they don’t really have “opposite genders” so they can’t say “homosexual” and such)
Gynesexual: attraction towards feminine individuals (mostly used by nonbinary or genderqueer individuals, as they don’t really have “opposite genders” so they can’t say “homosexual” and such)
Romantic orientations: similar to sexual orientations, but romantic. So you could say you’re a panromantic lesbian and mean that you are interested in romance with people of any gender, but only sexual relations with other women.
(Feel free to add any I may have missed!)

In Memoriam: Black, Multiracial, Bisexual Icon - The Reverend Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé (Dec 19th 1952 - Feb 9th 2016)

News From a BiNet USA co-founder Lani Ka'ahumanu: “One of our dearest most brilliant, fierce, outspoken, loving, gentle, and fun/ny queer bisexual beings The Reverend Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé has passed.”

We honor Dr. Farajajé on our first ever #BlackBisexualHistoryMonth shareable image. Download full size

A towering talent, an intellectual genius and a kind hearted teacher beloved by many, Dr. Farajajé’s writing on the decolonization of queer theory took off where Audre Lorde left off. Like Lorde and her dear friend the Black bisexual poet June Jordan, Dr. Farajajé transitioned too soon from this life to the next.

We extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Farajajé’s partner Katherin and his son Issa, as well as his adopted son Kuji Mah Ajani during this difficult time.

During his life, Dr. Farajajé was an inspiration to many different communities, with many of our elders we mourn a great loss in the passing of a founding father of the bisexual movement. [Read More]



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