so my package came today… Kame’s an an is literally the naughtiest thing I have ever purchased. >.<

erm, yes. this is my face. sorry. And my Nino-chubby, little hand. sorry.

more important than that: WHITE CAME. AND IT BROUGHT DEAD OR ALIVE WITH IT. (I’m not crying)

Time to dance like a fool…. then look at my magazine again.

Horoscope thing with my OCs
  • Aries:Fon-rei Wong
  • Taurus:Colette Harvey
  • Gemini:Kris Louchart
  • Cancer:Halle Stewart
  • Leo:Lawrence Eon
  • Virgo:Basil Blair
  • Libra:Tsukishiro Kanna
  • Scorpio:Leia Halsion
  • Sagittarius:COCO
  • Capricorn:Walter Noisette
  • Aquarius:Gilbert Kyle
  • Pisces:Coriander Blair