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Full name: Naih’tan Moui.

Gender and Sexualty: He’s a full out male, though he was a female for a short time, and he’s bisexual.

Pronouns: He/Him.

Ethnicity/Species: Keeper of the Moon/Miqo’te!

Birthplace and Birthday: Gridania and no idea. (Mostly because I haven’t figured that out yet. o.o Don’t judge me!)

Guilty Pleasures: Play piano, sing and dance. He doesn’t stop himself from telling people that he likes it, but he.. isn’t too happy about finding pleasure in that.
Besides that, he’s rather fond of getting pets. Especially at the ear and in his hair. Oh yes, he likes that.. But if a friend or someone else does it, he’ll just scream that it’s a rather.. “sexual place” for him to get a pet. <.<

Phobias: Losing another person he loves in the romantic way. Losing his little brother. Meeting his big brother and dad. Losing in a competition or in any other way. He needs to prove his strength due to his past. Also, he’s deathly scared to meet anyone from the pirate ship, he served on, or anyone who’s associated with them.

What They Would Be Famous For: Having been an Officer on a pirate ship. That’s probably it,otherwise he keeps his head lowered when it regards being famous and the law.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: Well, he haven’t been to prison, but he could go to prison for being a pirate and tortured people, even though he was forced to torture innocent people, and for having killed a person. Even though it was in self-defense and that person was not innocent.

OC(s) You Ship Them With: Oh,I ship a lot, just not with so many from tumblr
@haukkemistress probably, though. Not so much anymore as I have did. :P
Otherwise with people from my old FC’s, but.. he’s in a relationship, darlings, I’m so sorry.<3 (I’m not really sorry, though.)

Favorite Book Genre: He doesn’t read, but if he did, it’d be fantasy or just something that catches his interest. Anything, really.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Again, he doesn’t really read. But, probably romantic books. For him they always end in the same boring way. The guy gets the girl, or the other way around, it doesn’t really matter what obstacles they meet. It just isn’t realistic to him.

Talents and/or Powers:
- Singing/dancing/playing piano.
- Martial combat, wielding daggerts.
- His way to manipulate himself out of bad situations.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Well, he has someone who loves him. He doesn’t understand why, but he doesn’t question it. In my, as in the creator of Naih’tan, opinion someone would love him, because he’s so loyal. He respects the one he loves, and he’ll do his best to make that person happy. He knows that he doesn’t have much in life, and what he does have in life, he keeps that close to heart. The person would most likely be able to feel loved, feel protected, when being with him. And he’s hot. So absolutely handsome and dashing, meeeeeow.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s an idiot. He can be a real pain in the arse, and I mean that. He’s trying to get better at that, but sometimes he’s just so annoying. Also, because he’s so tainted with guilt, and even though he hides it, he is still in pain because of it. It can also get tiring of how worried he is, how afraid he is, of losing someone. I don’t know if that’s a reason to hate him, but yea, he can be annoying and rude. He also misunderstand a lot…Which.. totally doesn’t come from me. *Cough.*

How They Changed: In the start, Naih’tan didn’t do anything but flirt. He flirted to get people annoyed, so that they wouldn’t want to question him, ask him where he came from, and such, since he was so tainted with guilt. 
Now he doesn’t really flirt, but he teases a lot, especially Miqo’te girls. But also that he’s trying to stop with. He’s just grown up, and trying to turn to the better.

Why You Love Them: I may love him too much, actually. When he’s sad, and misunderstood, I could start crying. People haven’t really gotten the chance to understand him completely, and since I’m his creator, I understand him. So when they think he’s being stupid, I think he’s trying to talk with them, to get better. 
I love him because, despite of all he’s gone through, all his break-ups, all the betrayal, he’s still smiling. He smiles, laughs, and loves. He moves on, he finds pleasure in small things. He managed to find new people to love, new people who love him. I adore him for that. 

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  • Mom:What do you want for your birthday?
  • Me:band merch
  • Concert tickets
  • Vic Fuentes to hug me
  • Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun
  • Kellin Quinn to just you know live with me
  • mcr to get back together
  • school be canceled forever

If I ever have kids, on their eleventh birthday I’m going to put a Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail and take them to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter where we will get them their wand, drink butterbeer, and wander around Diagon Alley together. I’m going to share with them the magical world that spell bound me as a child, and even now as an adult.