Sprouse Twins Birthday 2016

I am working on a little ‘birthday present’ for Dylan and Cole so if you want to be part of it, please send me a video with your bday wishes for the boys. I’m about to create a second tumblr blog where I’ll upload all the stuff you guys send me.

If you don’t want to make a video you can also just send me your birthday message for Dylan and Cole including you name, age and country. If you want to share a picture/edit/whatever you want to share then you are welcome to do so!

Send it to the following email adress ➡ sprouseblog@gmx.at or submit it here on tumblr.

The more submissions we get, the better the present will turn out, so please send in a short video/message/picture/…. !

Thank you guys! 😊



Incubaes and milkshakes

Requested by: someone on the Escastream (Idr who said it, I’m sorry!)

James and Black Tap Oreo Birthday Milkshake

Matthew and Cookies and Cream Milkshake

(I went for the jacket with this one.)


So guys I just turned 21 two days ago.

Also here’s the lovely guy in my life who wheeled me around all day and whispered boy in my ear every time my family called me she.

He also does my hair for me
I’m so lucky to have someone who supports every bit of my transition and illnesses.

Ahhh!!! Happy slightly belated birthday, bud!!!!! You are both just the handsomest people!!! And it makes me so happy you have such a great person in your life who supports you like that. You deserve it and every other great thing. I hope you had such a great time celebrating yet another year where you make this world a better place. 💙