“I think Sam’s heaven would be the Men of Letters library” (Jared Padalecki)

Ever since I’ve heard Jared saying this at JusInBello last year, I wanted to somehow illustrate it (even if this is a thousadandfirst time when I draw Sam with a book;)). And sorry it’s only a quick sketch - I have this sketchy mood lately and not much time on my hands:(

Oh, and it’s another birthday today of course too:D

*is wondering why the hell her current two fav characters had to have birthday one day after another:P* And tell me that celebrating fictional characters’ birthdays isn’t weird at all;)

Plus I need a new scanner *dies because of all the lost detail and horrible quality*

Fans' birthday party for Baekhyun By Blooming May

Blooming May created an Exhibition and a Theatre event for Baekhyun stans in celebration for Baekhyun’s upcoming Birthday. [photo cr:  kiki912_]

Exhibition Fanacc

Fan’s said there are still lot of people lining up outside and she said there are 2000 estimated fans inside the theatre (cr: @白光猪猪)

@TheStarLight_05 said the hall is filled. Fans were queuing

Photos of the exhibition & the line for separate screening hall  they rented the whole arts centre with seats and all [cr: wildhoney_b]

Fans leaving post-it birthing day messages on the board

Some Brief Pic of the Exhibition. Photo taken by  wildhoney_b

[photo cr:  kiki912_]

[photo cr: exo_twohyun]

Theatre Fanacc

OP said the entire theatre is full! (cr: JokerVaek)

Fans raised their banner that their holding in event to celebrate Baekhyun’s birthday today

And here are some photo taken at the theatre.

[photo cr: exo_twohyun]

And last but not least, Baek Stan’s at the theatre


Ta-daa! I did this for prunyi‘s birthday party, he’s such a Monster Hunter fan, specifically Brachydios.

Truth is, I wanted to do a full Brachy figure (thus I bought only grey, blue and green fondant, and orange for the lava part), but at the end it was 1am in the morning, I was exhausted and I had to do the full figure for next day at 9am. I-couldn’t. So he has to wait for another day.

Just to add data, this is an orange thin layer cake with orange and white choco buttercream filling, and fondant to make the lava and the brachy. That’s why I hadn’t black or light blue fondant to make this brachy’s details… I bought it for the figure. *sigh* I’ll make it, I promise.