Lostcauses Fic: A little indulgence

Dear @zedsdead1001 I know you really wanted tentacle porn for your birthday, but I hope you’ll accept sappy UST instead. 

With huge thanks to @shadowgale96 for letting me borrow their gorgeous headcanon

Survey Corps headquarters are preternaturally quiet, the majority of soldiers and squad leaders having gone home for the Midwinter holiday that has miraculously survived the coming of the titans, the fall of the wall, and the genocidal expedition to retake wall Maria. Despite this, despite everything, the age-old festival endures.  Those that still have families gather together to give thanks for seeing the turning of another year.  Those with children press small gifts of sweets and toys into eager sticky fingers. Those with no one commemorate their lost loved ones and raise a glass to their ghosts.

Levi sits alone in the mess hall, nursing a cup of tea and watching the snow falling thick and fast outside the window.  He has little recollection of Midwinter from his early childhood beyond a vague sense of warmth and the rare taste of sugar.  His earliest real memory is of Kenny taking him above ground to gather rich pickings from inebriated townsfolk who had over indulged in the holiday spirit.  He remembers a man standing swaying in an alleyway pissing a yellow arc into the snow.  Kenny knocked him down easily as Levi snatched the bag from his shoulder.  He remembers Kenny’s glee as he pulled out an expensive looking box from the bag, his anger when he opened it to reveal a painted wooden horse.  Kenny had thrown the toy to the ground, kicked the fallen man once, twice for good measure and sloped off to find a more profitable victim, Levi following obediently in his wake.  It was only later, much, much later that night, that Levi had crept through the shadows and made his way back to the alley where he was disappointed to find both the man and the horse gone, just a dirty ribbon lying trampled in the yellow snow.

A soft noise rouses the Captain from his thoughts. Levi startles and looks up to find the Commander gazing at him, expression unreadable. He’s out of uniform; standing in the doorway of the mess hall in his shirt sleeves, hair falling forward over his forehead.  

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Voici un dessin pour ton anniversaire de toi et Strange!Frisk ! J’ai voulu faire un dessin dans un style un peu simpliste du genre animal crossing, parce que je me suis dit que ça donnerait bien. J’avais tout de même envie de donner un côté un peu “à l’écart” du monde, alors au lieu d’écrire “patate” sur ton t-shirt, j’ai fait des lettres un peu dans le style Hylien. Voilà voilà, j’espère que tu es contente et que tu passes une belle journée, profite bien !

It’s @hichigot‘s birthday today! I count on you to go wish her a happy birthday! ^^ (oh and all the things above are only my wishes, indications of the drawing, strange!frisk, animal crossing style, t-shirt wrote in “a Hylian like style” and all of that)