Midnight crack theories!

So I know a lot of people think the online reference number (526766) in the birth announcement is a hex color code (and it probably is - hence crack theory) but I was thinking what if it was a cipher/code and with the comment about Sherlock always being on his phone I checked it with a phone keypad and the only meaningful combo I got was “Lamson” -

George Henry Lamson was an American doctor/murderer in Victorian England who killed with poisoned (aconite) cake.

There was also a major American murder trial where that (David) Lamson was accused of murdering his wife - only notable because a consultant on the case EO Heinrich was known as “The Sherlock Holmes of Berkeley” and was a “consulting criminologist.”

Putting this out there today December 13th, 2016 in case anything comes of it.

Bonus post with a bit more info on the American Lamson case here:


Hey everyone! Exciting news! I’ve been working on improving my Wayfinders and I’ve made a few changes, mainly:

  • They are now a little bigger, closer to actual size while still working as a pendant. They now measure approximately 3.5″ (or 9cm) all around, as opposed to the old size of 2.75″ (or 7cm) all around. (You can see a size comparison in the last picture!)
  • A bigger size means a thicker wire too! So they’re a little more sturdy and less bendable than the smaller size!
  • I’ve developed a way to make the individual wire pieces that is a) faster, b) a little easier on my hands, and c) leaves me with nearly identical pieces every time. In other words: Much more uniform (shape and size) Wayfinders!!!
  • The Vanitas Wayfinder now features GEARS in the center instead of the mark of mastery symbol that the BBS Trio Wayfinders have, making it a much more fitting design for his character.

I’ve updated the Etsy shop listings too, so they’re ready to order! Be sure to get orders in early for Christmas, I tend to get swamped in December.

Single Wayfinder Listing: [link]

Set of 3 Wayfinders: [link]

… … … … … … … … …

“What is that Wayfinder in the last picture, that looks suspiciously like a Zexion Wayfinder,” you may ask???

Well, a long time ago, I had the idea to make an Organization XIII Wayfinder Set. Sadly, I only made Zexion’s, Vexen’s, and Lexaeus’s and no one else.

BUT!!! I do plan on finishing them and selling them eventually! They will all be in the old size, since I already have 3 of them done, but if there’s a demand for more, I will upgrade to the new size because the new size is honestly improved.

I’ll keep you posted!

// Sarai // Starlight Synthesis // <- New shop name!!!


Archduke Christoph and his wife, Adélaïde welcomed their first child Archduchess Katarina Marie-Christine Fabiola on December 22, 2014. The baby was baptized on the 27th in Geneva. The baby’s godparent are her aunt (Christoph’s oldest sister, Marie Christine) and uncle (Adélaïde’s brother, Galdric Drapé-Frisch)

Source: Place Royale


Though Charlie Chaplin always acknowledged his birthday as April 16, 1889, there was no birth certificate ever located (not unusual at that time), Charlie Chaplin in a 1915 interview claimed he had been born in Fontainebleau, France perhaps to hide the shame he felt at that time of his poor Victorian London roots and it took many many years for that to be put to rest.

Another thing to add to the confusion is a birth announcement that was in a Music Hall trade magazine called Magnet on May 11th of 1889, indicating he had been born on April 15th 1889.

Irregardless  of the mystery, he was born and left a significant & lasting impact on the world

source: Chaplin - His Life & Art by David Robinson 1985