Aidan Knight and Villagers @ The Glee Club, Birmingham, 7th February 2016 (presented by Moseley Folk Festival)

A really chilled out way to end a super busy week. It looks like there are still tickets left for Sheffield, Oxford, Bath and London. (Villagers website)

More gig sketches here using the blog tag. My friend Chibi Shibby has been posting some great gig sketches online, we’re hoping to team up for a zine at some point! So many exciting projects recently!


Ghost live at the Institute, Birmingham - 15/12/15

Via Flickr: By Kernow_88

The British teenagers in hazy indie band Peace have totally nailed the feel of the last few weeks of summer with their latest tune “California Daze”. Isn’t it kind of infuriating when little kids are this good at songwriting? You can download a MP3 of the tune in exchange for your email here, and keep an eye out for their EP Delicious due to drop September 9th.


Song of the day:

Troumaca // The Grace

One of the latest bands to emerge from Birmingham is Troumaca. However, if you expect the sounds of Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws to emerge, you’ll find you’re very wrong.

‘The Grace’ is the lead single from their recently released album; 'The Grace’. It’s tropical vibes are backed up with one of my favourite videos from this year. 

Troumaca bring a whole new dimension to the music scene that has involved in Birmingham. Their music drifts from pop to electronic, I guess with an indie vibe. 

The lads currently don’t have a massive fan base however, I think with time they will come one of the bands you’ll love.

In case you missed it, you can listen to the premiere of ‘My Detainer’ via the following link (tune in at around 1:37:38) ahead of its official release on Soundcloud on the 20th of February.

Tickets are still on sale for our show at the Sunflower Lounge to coincide with that release and they are going for £5.

You can RSVP to it here:
The Tides Facebook Page !! CLICK HERE!!

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