3 years and 363 days ago, i got into my university even though i didn’t get the right grades. i was really disappointed and i didn’t check online if i had got in, so there was an awkward twenty minutes when i was congratulating everyone else at my admittedly pretentious and smart school while feeling terrible that I didn’t get my first choice.

fast forward to today, and i don’t even speak to the same people i congratulated. i smashed my dissertation, got a decent result, and now I’m about to start studying a masters at the same university. i helped raise £70,000 for charity, helped kick off a UK-wide network of university record labels, had a friend die for the first time and lived independently for the first time.

good luck to everyone for tomorrow

you all did fantastic regardless of how your a-level exams went


I went out with my dad and my camera today. We went to Highbury Park at the bottom of the high street where we live. if you go into the park and take a right following the path down you’l eventually get to where the path continues round and a right “off the beaten track” pathway. A little way up there is a small allotment (which is CRAZY enough) and a clearing with what, i would assume were old houses or something like that as there is a huge pile of bricks and theres still tiles on the floor. (footnote: I went there as a kid and some of the walls were still erected). Initially we went there ‘cause I wanted to show him a lookout spot which belonged to Joseph Chamberlain and the lookout is really pretty - you have to take the left turn to get to it. We went right as I’d never been that way before, here the pathway went straight ahead and a left turn into the woodlands bit. We first went straight ahead and I was playing with my camera, taking photos of the wall and nature and stuff. The pathway lead us back out of the park so we then went back and took that left turning. Now there’s the strange part. 
My dad stopped stock still as we a approached a clearing with the move tree in the centre, I trotted over and bent over to see what the plaque said as I stood up, my dad was stood next to me how face twisted into a face I don’t even recognise and he was crying, as I look at him I am overwhelmed with, the only way I can describe as a possession. My tongue had swollen up in my head, my ears were burning, I couldn’t breathe, and I was crying and screaming at the top of my lungs. I said to my dad “Dad help me, I can’t breathe!!” I reached out my hands and I was shaking uncontrollably. My body felt fine but my head felt like someone else was in there. My voice when I was speaking sounded (the only way I can describe it) as though I was deaf, my words were ‘thick’ and shapeless. I was begging for my dad to let us leave, pleading with him, screaming at him to get me out of there. It took me at least 10-20 minutes to shake the feeling. 

I don’t know what happened in that clearing, it was broad daylight, the sun was beaming through the gaps in the trees. A normal day. 

That is some serious @sixpenceee shit. 



Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit since yesterday aha, so I just wanted to add that I did apologise for disturbing them on their day off but they were completely fine with giving me a hug and listening to me ramble about how much I loved them and then taking a selfie with me. It means so much to me that they would take time out of their day to stop for me and I will treasure this day forever ❤️