Parakeet vs. Toy Lookalike (via dpf)

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Conceptual Watercolor Drawings by Julia Dotson

 on Tumblr

Every now and then, you stumble upon a piece of art that takes your breath away. I recently had that happen to me with one of the pieces you see below, coming from Charleston, South Carolina, based artist Julia Dotson. Julia creates wonderful, bleak watercolors and enhances them with red thread by either drawing or sewing them on by hand. Her latest illustrations are the first part of a series of four called ‘Thread: A Documentation of Oppression’. In the series, Julia explores the oppression of women in modern society.

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“Fight or Flight” (July 2015, charcoal on paper)

It was super fun and freeing drawing these birds! I must say I enjoyed drawing them the most out of all my animals from my show “Creatures from Dust” at Queen Elizabeth Theatre! I forgot how much I love gestural drawings!

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Inspired by speaksforthebreeze cladograms for Diapsida and Mammalia, I decided to do my own with Chordata - especially since some of their clade names were out of date (as well as clade placement, since the genetic analysis of Testudines (turtles) placed them as more closely related to archosaurs than to lepidosaurs ^_^)

I used Ornithodira instead of Avemetatarsalia and Lepidosauria instead of Lepidosauromorpha simply to make the words fit neatly - even though I would have preferred to have Lepidosauromorpha to better match Archosauromorpha. Still, nothing about this is incorrect; I simply don’t use every single clade name (and to have done so would have been… impossible). 

Names in all caps are groups that dinosaurs/birds are a part of. The image is obviously compressed for tumblr; I’ve uploaded it on Deviantart as well and you can find it here: 

I used Wikipedia as reference for most of it; the paper that found testudines to be part of Archosauromorpha used both fossil and genetic evidence; you can find it here. (Citation: Lee, M. S. Y. 2013. Turtle origins: Insights from phylogenetic retrofitting and molecular scaffolds. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26 (12): 2729 - 2738).  

Let me know what you think and if I should do another (probably for Dinosauria)! 


Just chicks on a chicken swing.