From National Geographic Photo Of The Day; September 5, 2015:

The Offering
Jacques-André Dupont, National Geographic Your Shot

A Northern Gannet (Morus bassana) brings home the building materials on Bonaventure Island in Quebec, Canada. Your Shot member Jacques-André Dupont spent three days on the island as part of a photography workshop. “It was quite exciting to witness so much behavior from those beautiful seabirds, mainly the interaction between males and females [during] mating season,” he writes. “The challenge for this particular photography, outside of the usual technical challenges, was to get the bird in the right position and avoid having other birds in the background, as there are always hundreds of birds flying around at the same time.”

Dupont’s shot was recently featured in the Daily Dozen.

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guess who got carried away at four in the morning? meeeeeeee!!!