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Thank you for tagging me Jamie ^__^♥ @allionne

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1) Nickname: don’t have one ^^

2) Sign: Taurus

3) Height: 165cm

4) Time: 09:08 pm

5) Last thing you googled: this quote: “Cannibalism was standard practice among our ancestors. The missing link is only missing because we ate him.” Was trying to find the episode xD

6) Favorite music artists: Too many to count xD But LDR is my religion ♥

7) Song stuck in your head: Sia - Bird Set Free

8) Last movie watched: Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

9) Last TV show watched: Hannibal (of course)

10) Wearing: Pyjamas xD

11) Blog created: It’s been almost 5 years. I got this tumblr for Tiger & Bunny (where is my second season huh whereeeeeee T__T)

12) Stuff posted: Here you go ^__^

13) Other blogs: I just have this one

14) Regular asks: Not really

15) Why did you choose your URL: My url is from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 characters’ names Mirai + Yuuki = mirayuuki ^__^ (miraiyuuki was already taken, sadly) (this anime killed me T__T everyone should watch it imo. even if you don’t like anime.)

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someone: the makeup/beauty industry is a site of extreme anxiety and financial ill to women and girls both in terms of expenses and in terms of employment. if a woman does not conform in some way to compulsory femininity she may even be less likely to find companionship in her life, which can cause depression and other mental health issues. it is clearly more than simply a hobby or an art form in our neck of the woods.

me: yah

someone: i blame [dumb social media site] and The Culture™ and vapid people obsessed with instant gratification for this

me: (i summon the entire cast of sesame street with a mere telepathic utterance and the set is phased in by hundreds of producers working in tandem while birds are chirping) What we bout to learn today is a word called Patriarchy. Big Bird gon head n let all the girls know wusgood…


‘’The Meal’’

A photoseries I did for an assignment for artschool. The theme for this assignment was ‘’Meal’’ and I chose to make a series about eating roadkill since my whole project was about dead animals that year. I didn’t really eat the bird because it tasted kinda meh.. (didn’t properly prepare it, it was all just for show)

I wanted to show a different way of eating meat and it was interesting to see people’s reactions. People can be such hypocrites when it comes to meat..

Sprouts 03// BLESSING

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”  
 ―    Epicurus

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