Bird man

Nesting (Omega!Sam) (open)

What had set the Falcon off, no one really knew.  All they knew was that after the last mission Sam had stayed up all night baking, and the kitchen of the Avenger’s Base was covered in a wide array of bake goods.  From cakes, cupcakes and muffins to at least a dozen types of cookies. 

After the all night baking binge, it seemed all the extra blankets and pillows in the base had gone missing, even the pillows off the couches.  In his room, Sam had built a nest, quite a deep one at that.  His bed covered in an array of linens arranged in a way to form walls along with the multitude of pillows.  There in the center was Sam, the bird man himself, sweat pants and no shirt, rolling around in a light sleep, not being able to find a suitable position to sleep in.


‘Birdman’: Minimalist Posters

I saw Birdman on Saturday for the first time and since then I’ve thought about not much else. The stunning film directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu perfectly captures dark humour and when mixed with an intense plot and faultless cinematography it has come to be one of my favourite films so far. To celebrate it’s wins at the Golden Globes (and with hopefully more to come) I’ve created a few posters that highlight some of my favourite characters, scenes and techniques. If you haven’t seen this amazing film yet, then I highly recommend you do!