July 8, 2016 - Painted Redstart (Myioborus pictus)

Found from the southwestern United States through parts of Mexico and Central America, these warblers are not closely related to the American Redstart, despite their common name. Like other species that share the name “redstart,” they flash their wing and tail feathers while foraging for insects to startle prey out of hiding. Along with insects, they also eat tree sap, sugar water, peanut butter, and suet from feeders. Their nests are constructed on the ground, rock walls, or slopes, from coarse grasses and pine needles.


Took Ti and Keuka in the shower with me today–Ti got SUPER into it, was puffed up and wing-spreading and bath dancing the whole time, which was not TOO surprising, because she DOES try to take baths in her water dish sometimes. But she hasn’t in the shower before. Keuka mostly sat there looking wet & miserable…until I turned OFF the shower. At which point Ti sat there looking wet & miserable and Keuka immediately started bath dancing. Because you know. That makes sense.

Remember those cool scratch off art boards, with the rainbow colors underneath the dark top coat? I made a digital version of that.

When I was in grade school, I remember reading about a Native American story about Rainbow Crow. It talked about how the Crow was rainbow colored until it stole fire from the gods (I think to save the humans in a harsh winter?), and how its feathers got turned black by the smoke as it flew back with the fire. Something about that story sticks with me all these years later. 


These beautiful Egyptian goslings were brought in to us some time ago after being found abandoned by their parents. We have raised them for a while, and today the time came for them to move to a larger outdoor pen. They seem to be enjoying themselves, and hopefully it won’t be long until they are released again!
Please note that we have a special license that allows us to release small numbers of Egyptian geese every year!


Perhaps you have noticed that I tend to post bird pictures in alphabetical order by species (budgies, cockatiel, conure).  Today I am breaking that pattern because Facebook brought to my attention that it was three years ago this weekend that we brought home this brightly-colored potato.  Spencer is a inexhaustible source of both delight and tiny bird-bite injuries and I am thankful every day to have him as a birdfriend. <3