I’ll Never Play Mass Effect 2 Again

It crashed the second I put Miranda and Jacob into position near the warehouse door in Freedom’s Progress. Every. Fucking. Time. Last time I could play was June of 2016.

I uninstalled and reinstalled.

I’ve repaired.

I’ve uninstalled various DLCs to see if one was somehow to blame (nope).

I installed it ON AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COMPUTER. Still crashes.

I thought maybe somehow my Origin account was fucked. So some one one got me a copy on Steam.

Nope, crashes on Steam too.

I’ve put in tickets to EA, they almost IMMEDIATELY close the tickets and never get back to me.

This is one of my favorite games in the world and I miss it and I’m fucking livid.



So thanks, EA or Bioware or whatever, for ruining this for me and probably again for never ever bothering to fix it. Thanks a lot.

ok this might be super cracky and weird but as someone who enjoys both history and mass effect i noticed something:
the council races are basically the great powers in the world throughout modern history

the asari are great britain because they are the oldest and pretty traditional and they used to be the biggest power around but have now lost most of their influence

humans are the usa because they are the most recent to join space/world politics. also they have a shitty leader i might add

salarians might represent germany since they innovate more than they actually produce. also they are good at genocide.

quarians are china with their one-child-policy, who have a long history and tradition but were forced to restructure their economy and living-situation

Krogans could be russia/udssr since they live in a difficult environment that makes parts of their planet/country hard to use for production of goods or living. they are also one of the biggest military-powers