On an unrelated note, the latest food supplement was discontinued

We’re always talking about the harshness of 2016 and yeah tru u got it but tbh 2016 was the best year I’ve had in a long time– this is the most money I’ve ever been paid an hour, I got a new car, I flew the love of my life @meatfighter to Texas for a week long get-away, I graduated with a degree in Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology , my makeup blog gained a lot of traffic and I started my dreads!
So.. Thank god for 2016 being so good to me..

hey everyone!! 

so a lot has happened since i was last here… as some of you may know i applied to study veterinary medicine but unfortunately i received my fourth rejection last week. i had just about prepared myself for the fact that i wouldn’t be going to uni this year and i’d have to take a year out, when liverpool emailed me offering a place on an alternative course. so, long story short: i’m more than likely going to liverpool this september to study an integrated masters in biological sciences!! (most probably the genetics pathway)

i am completely over the moon but it’s such an unreal situation as all my friends have had months to get used to the fact that they’re going to uni and i’ve had about 2 days 😂  i couldn’t be happier though because i actually don’t think i’m as passionate about vetmed anymore anyway. studying biology and going into research seems a lot more appealing to me now 

i don’t suppose there’s any other bioscience or even liverpool uni people here??

Microsoft wants to store data in synthetic DNA to replace hard drives

Tech startup Twist Bioscience announced it is embarking on a new initiative to ultimately help Microsoft store digital data in synthetic DNA. Microsoft has purchased 10 million long oligonucleotides from Twist Bioscience with the ambition of encoding vast amounts of data in the synthetic DNA. Synthetic DNA data storage is superior to current storage methods in these two ways.

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A promising technique for making brain tumors glow so they’ll be easier for surgeons to remove is now being tested in cancer patients.

Eighteen months ago, Shots first told readers about tumor paint, an experimental substance derived from scorpion venom. Inject tumor paint into a patient’s vein, and it will actually cross the blood-brain barrier and find its way to a brain tumor. Shine near-infrared light on a tumor coated with tumor paint, and the tumor will glow.

Now, after successful tests on dogs, surgeons have used tumor paint on a about a half dozen patients with brain tumors.

Doctors Test Tumor Paint In People

Photo Courtesy of Blaze Bioscience

stalemate (AO3), 2399 words

Sometimes the Institute fucks up and sometimes the Institute Really Fucks Up. Designation E4-67 was supposed to be a Diamond City infiltration unit. That didn’t work out like they planned.
Sometimes I try to write stuff and I can’t so I get really mad and write something else and that’s this. Also Monroe’s my angry nonbinary synth child and the Courser in this fic is not X6 bc he’s perfect and nothing bad ever happens to him.

Designation E4-67 was a generation 3 synth. Designation E4-67 worked in the Bioscience division, assisting with food production and just generally doing whatever the hell it was told. Designation E4-67 was killed, bleached from the inside out, and replaced by a woman named Anne Lynne.

Anne Lynne remembers growing up somewhere—not the Commonwealth, but something like it. Anne Lynne’s father was a gambling drunk who damn near sold her off to a whorehouse in a game of poker, lost his house instead, and then meant to sell her off to some well-to-do piece of shit man farther south. Anne Lynne ran off. Anne Lynne was supposed to wake up, like she remembered having done every morning before, outside Boston and head to Diamond City. Apparently, Anne Lynne heard about the town from some traders and Diamond City’s just the sort of place Anne Lynne would go.

But Anne Lynne doesn’t just remember her drunk daddy or the shoddy little shack they lived in. Anne Lynne remembers Designation E4-67.

Trying to juggle everyone’s needs as always as I start to schedule out the next week and this weekend. It can be exhausting enough trying to balance work and play but when you have so many people’s wants and needs to take care of its ridiculous!

And people may assume that by this I mean that I want to do sensible things and the alters all want to play and be silly- not true! In fact, just as if you look at a random selection of people with similar responsibilities to me they’ll all prioritise differently, so do the system.

For example:
I have an essay draft and excerpt due to be peer reviewed on Wednesday so I’m keen to do as much work on that as possible

Sidney on the other hand thinks that I’ve done more than enough on this essay for now and knows the last bioscience I had was very difficult so she wants to focus on consolidating knowledge about that ready for the mini test on Monday. She says if I leave it too long the knowledge won’t be fresh and it will be harder to revise.

David, as always, is of the opinion that it doesn’t matter what we do today but first things first everything needs to be clean. He says it’ll be impossible to concentrate with the chores in my peripheral vision and also wants to have what I think would be an unnecessary shower.

Michael is furious I haven’t filled the car up with petrol but when is that not the case 🙄

This is all without going through what things people would enjoy to do to make them feel better or less stressed! Scheduling is a nightmare but if I don’t do it it’ll be a mess of half done jobs and no one happy