{{ general hc. mer biology (1/?)

a mer generally likes to be around a significant source of water (lake, ocean, even a small freshwater pool as long as its deep enough to submerge). being away from it for more than 3 days begins to cause pain in their feet/legs and depleted magic (the severity varies depending on the individual and tolerance level)

After the strain on the body starts to become too much (again, the amount of time varies depending on the individuals strength and frequency being on land) a mer still on land will begin to shift back. Gills, scales, and tail will start forcing appearances – it’s a pretty scary problem if one finds themselves too far away from a natural water source, which is why so many prefer to stay in the water and away from humans, though quite a few do live on the coast or near water sources in secluded areas or on islands. }}

terf “positivity” blogs b like “friendly reminder that its OKAY to be transphobic uvu vulvas!!! embrace your vagininae! because MALES dont have them uwu transphobe is an Slur ™ and so is terf and those tr*nnies cant stop us from SMÆSHING the patriarchy!!!! its also ok to know NOTHING about science bc i only took one biology course required for my WOMYNS studies class and everyone knows LABIAS are POWERFUL and for WOMYN ONLY so lets bleed on everything our enemies lov uwu drink water”

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i'm a 17 year old who's going to graduate hs soon and i have no idea what i want to do anymore. i live in the silicon valley where everyone aspires to be computer engineers or biology and chem majors and i know i'm incapable of that stuff. i feel so lost amidst everyone who seems to know what they're doing, even if they don't, and i can't help but feel out of place. i don't know what to major in, where to go, and what to do with my life eek!

If you can take a year off! get out of your environment, its pressuring to you and you can’t really figure out anything under pressure. Focus on yourself not what others are doing ya know? you shouldn’t be looking at what others want to do to figure out what you want to do, its in there somewhere… just gotta dig for it xx.

Last week in biology, my class learned about genetic engineering (something I love and wanted to pursue professionally until 5th grade) and we were assigned a project where we made a poster taking one gene from something and put it in something else, then the result. I decided it would be really cool to take the bioluminescence gene from jellyfish and put it in a flower (specifically a calla lily bc I can draw those) and now all I want to do in life is lay in a field in the middle of the night surrounded by glowing flowers

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What is your fav thing to learn about?

Biology, I read the entire AP biology book my freshman year of high school, 2 years before I took the class.

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Banana Kiwi

  • banana: favorite horror movies?
    i dunno if beetlejuice counts as a horror movie but it sure scared me as a kid.. i liked the invitation, and the fourth kind!
  • kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?
    i really like biology, and etymology was always really cool! also herbs and their natural uses and stuff.

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Quill McHale, or Carrion if you already got her.

Full Name: Quill Mchale
Gender and Sexuality: female, demisexual
Pronouns: She/Her
Ethnicity/Species: Human, caucasian, American
Birthplace and Birthdate: Los Angeles, on May 23, 1939
Guilty Pleasures: watching her ghost friend Rose play tricks on the living
Phobias: pretty intense fear of the dark.
What They Would Be Famous For: probably she could have been a famous medium or something if things had gone differently for her. She avoids notoriety at all costs though, tbh.
What They Would Get Arrested For:  assualting another doctor for being a shit to patients, probably lol.
OC You Ship Them With: Abraham Calhoune, which is probably terrible because he’s technically her patient, but I Don’t Care
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Nurse Porter might try it, i don’t really know though.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Nonfiction, especially biology
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Sex at stupid/illogical times
Talents and/or Powers: she’s very eloquent and persuasive.
Why Someone Might Love Them: because she’s generally honest, forthright, and cares deeply about people even if she outwardly seems surly and cold.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Because she does Such a Good Job of seeming surly and cold that it’s very hard to tell what a good person she is.
How They Change: She opens up a lot with Abe and in telling his story is able to get a lot of her own hurts looked at.
Why You Love Them: She’s complicated and nuanced and tragic and wonderful to slip into and write for.

A change in environment, in this case of cultural environment, can change abilities by many orders of magnitude. Moreover, the differences between individuals are abolished by cultural and mechanical inventions. Differences that can be ascribed to genetic differences and that appear in one environment may disappear completely in another. Although there may be biologically based average differences in physique and strength between a random group of men and random group of women (and these are less than usually supposed), these differences rapidly become irrelevant and disappear from practical view in a world of electrically driven joists, power steering, and electronic controls.
—  Richard C. Lewontin, Biology as Ideology
I need new blogs to follow!

Yoooo I haven’t really been on this blog in months and I seriously need new content! So if you post any of the following:

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Mocha, herbal tea?

  • Mocha : Dream Job? 

i want to be a therapist but thats more of a realist style job, a dream job id like is to travel the sea or travel in general but those arent really dream jobs. i guess an official dream job would be learning about the ocean while traveling or something based in marine biology 

  • Herbal Tea : You’re at a candle shop, what scented candle do you buy?

anything spice or sage related, also a candle that smells like rain or the ocean are my go tos. but you know i love flower scented candles but i dont like the fruity or candy style ones 

thank you buuuuud!!! 

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skyspireclan replied to your post “The healing discussion has me thinking, if dead imps naturally graft…”

ok but even if they COULD would they? For fear of increasing the chances of emperor shit happening if they died?

Maybe it depends on the individual.  I have a couple (douchebags) who would take the body parts because they could care less about endangering others.

Or maybe its some kind of emergency, like the battle is still raging and out of desperation they decide to just let that magic meat knit itself together so they can keep on fighting.  

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79 & 82?

thankss lily :)

79) What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?

I think it was deciding to switch into AP biology last year (originally I wasn’t even going to take the course but it ended up being one of my best marks?? and it made me realize that I really like bio (aw now I wish I was going into a biomedical field)

82) What is your favorite word?

ooh it’s either amaranthine or euphoria; they both sound really pretty and I really like the meanings too

ask game!

I don’t regret the five years I spent on my associate’s and my first bachelor’s degree. When I was younger I was a dreamer who was sheltered about the realities of life and optimistic about everything. I was really intellectual and craved knowledge about all that fascinated me. I was into literature, foreign languages, history, political science, etc. I’m thankful for what I learned because it was a little bit of everything, really. My life was simple and pretty easy. I enjoyed living that way. My only true regret is that I couldn’t take EVERYTHING I wanted. But I have my whole life to take what I want, I guess.

When I’m much older and done with studying practical subjects I’d like to take classes in stuff like art history, linguistics,  film analysis, and evolutionary biology (I took human evolution but couldn’t take anything else due to my major/minor).

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Babes, here is a bit of advice that was given to me. If you can't decide on your ideal career path, do something that will support whatever dreams you'll have later on. So your can decide on med school but you can go for something a lil less stressful. The only decision you'll have to make now is to get started, and that's the most important thing. Not sure if the requirements for med school in Brazil are the same for the U.S., if they are then you'll have lots of options if you skip pre med.

theres this thing about medschool in brazil… i found it: “Medical schools here have a tough admitance test, 2 phases, 2 or 3 days each phase, consists of :
Phase 1 - General knowledge about high schools subjects
Phase 2 - Specific knowledge on Biology, Physics, Chemistry and PORTUGUESE
brazil is the hardest country to get into med school. it does not take consideration on your profile, but only if u pass the admitance test.
on some schools we held a ratio about 80:1 it means 80 future students fighting for one place” and for that we take tutoring classes but im kinda of traumatized you know? i cant think about tutoring classes w/o feeling nauseated and panicking… im so confused bc my dream always was to become a doctor but im so tired idk what to do… and like i have stopped studying… i have stopped everything and i think part of my frustration has to do w the fact the im so perfectionist, i had my whole life planned but it didnt go the way i wanted to so anxiety and depression came to my life and im feeling like a loser now… thank you, love! i think that i have to start something, just like you said, to give me motivation… maybe if i feel useful i’ll get motivated… right??