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so juvenile-adult dragons need to have calcium powder, D3, and vitamins? what is D3? do all of these things need to be applied to every meal or just like, every other day? also which specific brands of these supplements would you recommend? thanks for all the help you're doing a great job with all your work on this blog!


Okay, very swift and brief biology lesson. 

Calcium, we all know what calcium is good for, right? And it’s important to reptiles.

However! Calcium cannot just be absorbed by itself. Reptiles need Vitamin D3 to absorb the calcium.

How does a reptile get D3? That’s where UVB comes in. Using UVB, reptiles are able to create their own D3.

“Wait, so, then why do we need to give them D3 in the first place?!” A very good question. The answer is, as they get older they don’t need as much D3. We give babies D3 because they are still growing and can use all the help they can get.

Check out this visual guide. For babies, we are giving them D3 every other day. For juvies, 3 times a week. And for adults, just once a week.

As for where to buy the stuff, I recommend getting either Rep-Cal’s calcium D3-free, calcium with D3, and multivitamin. These are powders that can be dusted on bugs. Or buy liquids from (link to their combo deal.) If you buy from I would get the calcium w/o D3 and the vitamin w/ D3, since you’re always going to be giving multivatins and D3 on the same days anyway.

-Mod Seth


The Muma family, split into the genus Muma Cantio and Muma Elementus, or commonly known as Misdreavus and Mismagius respectively, are spectral Ghost-type Pokémon [1] classified in Amorphous [2]. Both species are elusive in nature, often preferring biomes with dismal light sources yet with a flourishing ecosystem: caves, forests, abandoned buildings, and cities are 90% more likely to be the preferred environment over open landscape such as that of a lake or meadow [3]. The Muma family is one of the curious research cases of Pokémon biology, stemming from their unique traits in surviving off Dopamine and Norepinephrine [4] by their bodily conversation of translating such hormones into energy. Similarly, studies have shown little disparity for growth rate in Muma that feed off other sources of nutrients such as Kasib Berries [5], which have a high tendency to grow in similar regions by virtue of biome.

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I remember my biology teasing us while watching the child birth video like "LOOK LOOK HERE COMES THE BABY" "LOOK ITS COMING OUT". He then proceeded to replay that part over and over while the class is screaming and yelling at him to stop

Okay that’s screwed up like that isn’t even funny in any sense of the word that’s some shit my dad would do

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22 & 28 !!

22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks?

NAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  (Sharks are incredible creatures and I love reading about the ocean and marine biology, but I actually hate being in deep water and hate having creatures in their with me. Especially predator animals. I know it’s not 100% rational, but I feel like there’s enough reason behind it to understand the apprehension.)

28. What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Oh man. I honestly can’t say I know specifically. I’ve been so entrenched in serious topics recently that an investment humor has been sidelined a bit. asleepywitch nonetheless always manages to make me smile, though. (Love you, cupcake!)


Never forget - Safe, Sane and Consensual.

In a small island in the Caribbeans stands Lovewell’s Academy of Discipline, an institution founded by Maria Lovewell after it was known Dominants and Submissives stood as a different subtype of human.

In LAD, of age students are taught everything they need to know about their roles in the world they have been trust into. In the Academy they have a safe environment away from those that do not understand who they are, that look down upon them as if they were contagious.

They are taught how to embrace themselves and prosper knowing just who they are. They are shown how to fall into the roles biology gave them, how to correctly treat each other.

Remember - Submission isn’t taken, it is given.

Plot || Rules || Navigation || Apply || Characters

Lovewell’s Academy of Discipline is a mature orginal Roleplaying game that welcomes everyone over eighteen to come and discover the world of BDSM in a different way - as if Submissives and Dominants were a type of human of their own.

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Biology is rote memorization how can you not hate it?

Every Scientific field is much more deeper than initially taught in school. We only understand it if we learn for ourselves and not because we have to. Biology is that way, sure you have to memorise a lot to pass an exam in highschool, but watching that amoebian bacteria twerk under the microscope is priceless.

Plus there is no hate or love, theyre human concepts whom we refer meaning to and define our personal experiences as pleasant and according to our views or unpleasant and against what we choose to believe in. Either way we learn nothing. In order to be free we have to drop our views. Only then we can truly understand.

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I love your science posts. I love science but I hate math (long story about a Precalculus teacher) and they don't give me a headache like some of your other posts do 😂

Thank you. And i can relate, i used to hate biology because of the bitch that used to teach me in highschool. She was the worst person ever. And i missed out on so much cool biology knowledge. I don’t hate biology now though, it’s funny how people can affect if we like a subject or not. I bet you’ll overcome your dislike of mathematics one day. Cheers.

  1. excusemebutiquit said: If I remember right from biology you’re supposed to close one eye when using a microscope. (I didnt know if you needed a microscope as a specific example)
  2. excusemebutiquit said: I don’t have a microscope on me right now, so I can’t give you an answer to that, but I tested it out a different way and for me the two images overlap. And I can sort of focus on one or the other but it’s trippy.

I was just using the microscope as an example, but thank you! Like I’m writing a fic right now and I’ve got a character trying to split her attention between looming danger and her little brother. I didn’t know if she could keep one eye on her surroundings and kind of ignore it while she looked at her brother and just kind of switch back and forth

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Honestly, that guy that's trying to debate with you and any other person that's got that opinion are the folks that try to make people say that they're 'biologically' whatever gender they want them to be. I'm glad that you're not allowing him to put you in that position. I'm glad that you've done your research. I wish other people would, then everyone would be as intelligible as you. 🙌 >>> Meanwhile: Do you have posts on hair chalk? Any tags?

Aw thank you. 

Yeah I just love when people try to use the biology argument because like…that’s not how things work and I genuinely have never had issues being seen and accepted as a woman for better or for mostly worse. lol. 

Also yes I do!

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"So Kira, how are things going with the pack?" Ken asks, trying not to look too expectant. He mostly is curious about how Kira is getting along with Scott, but he doesn't want to be too blunt. Noshiko looks at him with a raised brow, and he shrugs back at her with a 'what else am I supposed to say?' look.

“—Fine?” Kira answered in a drawn out slow response, one as if testing the waters. Her father must have been fishing for something, right? Information, ANYTHING to use against her to implement some embarrassing announcement with the class. Wouldn’t be the first time that her father had done something like that. “As much as it can be, I guess. You know, the usual. Trying not to–” She didn’t finish that sentence, instead she quickly mended it with something else to fit the missing fragment of her sentence. “Trying not to fail my Ap biology class. The teachers a real hard ass.”

YC Backs Cofactor Genomics To Pursue RNA Testing, Which Could Offer Better Diagnoses Than DNA

As part of Y Combinator’s push into computational biology and bioinformatics, the early-stage firm is backing a team that used to work on the Human Genome Project and is now experimenting with RNA testing through a startup called Cofactor Genomics. They argue RNA, which is the intermediate step between a person’s DNA and the proteins their bodies make, is a much more accurate… Read More

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I'm terribly sorry, but what is your icon? what are its feelings

That’s Ned the Nugget.  He is the protag in the children’s book about the digestive system I had to make for AP Biology.  As for his feelings, I don’t know, probably apprehensive??? He does become a giant pile of poop in the end…

African and Eurasian golden jackals are distinct species [biology abstract][natgeo]

I for one am thrilled and will be obsessed with this animal for at least the next week.


The EYELASH MITE or the DEMODEX FOLLICULITIS is a parasite found in the follicles of our faces, mainly, in the nose, cheeks and most especially the eyelash area. Eyelash mites are usually harmless, and most people live their day to day lives without being bothered by the fact that a worm-like parasite is currently feeding off his or her oils. Anyone can have it although babies are born with absolutely no parasites on them, Healthy Body Daily has found that older people are more prone to having eyelash mites because their immune system is weaker allowing an easy entry for bacteria and according to recent estimates over eighty percent of Americans have parasites.These parasites usually are positioned face down into the hair follicle, and they feed off waste material and build up from our faces.

These little critters will not do anybody any harm. Some scientists have even concluded that there is somewhat of a symbiotic relationship between eyelash mites and human beings. They claim that eyelash mites remove dirt and oil from our follicles and in turn we let them live on our faces.

Even when the number of eyelash mites is found to be too high, but the patient is not suffering from any side effect, doctors tend to leave it alone. However, in cases where the number of demodex are too high (this phenomenon is called demodicosis), and it is coupled with your eyelash area becoming irritated, infected and inflamed, it is important to have a doctor check this out immediately. Also, it was found that although usually more than one eyelash mite is found in a single follicle, too many of them would cause the eyelashes to fall out.