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3/30 days uni-prep studies
8.9.17 | 11:48 PM
I’m posting later and later oops but thd studies continue and I’m picking up the pace! Might start chem revision in a day or two, trying for 4th time to do the important thing! I’ll be spending the rest of my night playing farm games, and watching olan rogers and communitychannel ♡

Black Witch Moth! The species I was looking forward to painting the most. Hoping to see one in real life some day. Available as prints and on t-shirts and more


I did not know that either. That is one HUGE sea turtle.

Lifespan quoted is incorrect. They can live about as long as humans, as a best guess. As for the size, they can weigh up to a ton and be about 6 feet long.

Universities are very familiar with bright, qualified school-leavers who arrive and then go into shock on finding that biology or physics isn’t quite what they’ve been taught so far. ‘Yes, but you needed to understand that,’ they are told, 'so that now we can tell you why it isn’t exactly true.’ Discworld teachers know this, and use it to demonstrate why universities are truly storehouses of knowledge: students arrive from school confident that they know very nearly everything, and they leave years later certain that they know practically nothing. Where did the knowledge go in the meantime? Into the university, of course, where it is carefully dried and stored.
—  Terry Pratchett - The Science Of Discworld