Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) undulating at a local zoo.  Moon jellies feed by moving slowly and catching unsuspecting prey in their wispy tentacles, which then contract in a corkscrew motion to bring the prey in to the body.  While moon jellies in zoos have been known to live for several years, those in the wild usually live only 6 months, often dying due to being exhausted from reproduction and thus contracting bacterial infections from warming waters.

Steve Backshall's Wild World Tour.

Steve Backshall’s Wild World Tour.

Biologist, Adventurer, TV Presenter and all-round Good Egg, Steve Backshall will be conducting a lecture tour of the UK this October. 

I have had the pleasure of seeing Steve speak twice and his shows are always fascinating, delivered with charm and humour.  Here are the dates for these must-see shows:

15th Oct Inverness, Empire Theatre – 01463 234234
16th Oct Blackburn, King Georges Concert Hall…

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