Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) undulating at a local zoo.  Moon jellies feed by moving slowly and catching unsuspecting prey in their wispy tentacles, which then contract in a corkscrew motion to bring the prey in to the body.  While moon jellies in zoos have been known to live for several years, those in the wild usually live only 6 months, often dying due to being exhausted from reproduction and thus contracting bacterial infections from warming waters.

Today’s field trip was cool. We went to a gated community under construction, but one that still had some of the native forest preserved. We saw little quebrachos, TINY FROGS, spiders that made their nets inside caraguatás (Bromecialae), a dog who looked like doge and followed us everywhere, and many other things.

On the way back we walked along a road to the bus stop, my crush made a crown of flowers for herself (and I helped searching for flowers) while we listened 60′s music. Then an awesome park ranger gave us a lift on the back of his pickup truck, and I could swear it looked like a hippie coming of age movie.

In all a good day.

A window into the mind of an academic writer
  • write three sentences. backspace two sentences. after a moment of consideration, backspace the remaining sentence.
  • oh shit where did that fact come from
  • how do i find the fine line between sounding scientific to laypeople and sounding like a twit to scientists
  • /spends an hour surfing tumblr
  • i have been speaking english all my life and still have no idea if this sentence makes sense
  • gods damn you microsoft, that is too a word
  • i think its done but is it too short oh god how long is this supposed to be how long are other papers on a similar subject
  • wait how are citations formatted for this journal. fuck.

I am legit dying of heat and also of laughter.

The first because our office doesn’t have air-conditioning, and it’s like 30C and muggy outside. The only person enjoying the heat in here is Carmello.

The second because apparently one of the radio-collared caribou has fucked off to Hawaii for the summer vacation. We’re wondering whether he had to check his antlers when he boarded the plane.