HUZZAH! It is National Library Week, bookworms and library cats!! 

And that means it is the perfect time of year to show some love to your local (and not local) Libraries, both in person and online. So, just as we took time to make a special post on Follow a Library Day last year, we’ve created ANOTHER master post to honor all the libraries we know so far on tumblr so that you can #followalibrary!! 

Check out their tumblrs below and show them some love, bookworms!
(Alphabetical by url)

@alachualibrary (The Alachua County Library District)

@alt-library (By Sacramento Public Library)

@aplibrary (Abilene Public Library)

@austinpubliclibrary (Austin Public Library)

@badgerslrc (The Klamath Community College’s Learning Research Center)

@bflteens (Baker Free Library’s Tumblr For Teens)

@bibliosanvalentino (Biblioteca San Valentino [San Valentino Library])

@biodivlibrary (Biodiversity Heritage Library)

@bodleianlibs (Bodleian Libraries)

@boonelibrary (Boone County Public Library)

@brkteenlib (Brookline Public Library Teen Services Department)

@californiastatelibrary (California State Library)

@cheshirelibrary (Cheshire Public Library)

@cityoflondonlibraries (City of London Libraries)

@cmclibraryteen (Cape May County Library’s Teen Services)

@cobblibrary (Cobb County Public Library System)

@cpl-archives (Cleveland Public Library Archives)

@cplsteens (Clearwater Public Library Teens)

@darienlibrary (Darien Library)

@dcpubliclibrary (DC Public Library)

@decaturpubliclibrary (Decatur Public Library)

@delawarelibrary (Delaware County District Library)

@detroitlib (Detroit Public Library Music, Arts & Literature Department)

@douglaslibraryteens (Douglas Library For Teens)

@dplteens (Danville Public Library Teens)

@escondidolibrary (Escondido Public Library)

@fontanalib (Fontana Regional Library)

@fppld-teens (Franklin Park Library Teens)

@friscolibrary (Frisco Public Library)

@gastonlibrary (Gaston County Public Library)

@glendaleteenlibrary (Glendale Public Library Teens)

@hpldreads (Havana Public Library District)

@hpl-teens (Homewood Public Library For Teens)

@kingsbridgelibraryteens (Kingsbridge Library Teens Advisory Group)

@lanelibteens (Lane Memorial Library Teen Services)

@lawrencepubliclibrary (Lawrence Public Library)

@marioncolibraries (Marion County Public Library System)

@mrcplteens (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library Teen Zone)

@myrichlandlibrary (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library)

@necclibrary (Northern Essex Community College Libraries)

@novipubliclibrary (Novi Public Library)

@nplteens (Nashua Public Library Teens)

@orangecountylibrarysystem (Orange County Library System)

@othmeralia  (Othmer Library of Chemical History)

@petit-branch-library (Petit Branch Library)

@pflibteens (Pflugerville Public Library Teenspace)

@plainfieldlibrary (Plainfield Public Library District)

@royhartlibrary (RoyHart Community Library)

@safetyharborpubliclibrary (Safety Harbor Library Teen Zone)

@santamonicalibr (Santa Monica Public Library)

@schlowlibrary (Schlow Centre Region Library)

@smithsonianlibraries (Museum Library System)

@smlibrary (Sheppard Memorial Library)

@southeastlibrary (Southeast Branch Library)

@tampabaylibraryconsortium-blog (Tampa Bay Library Consortium)

@teenbookerie (Erie County Public Library For Teens)

@teencenterspl (The Smith Public Library Teen Center)

@teensfvrl (Fraser Valley Regional Library)

@teen-stuff-at-the-library (White Oak Library District)

@therealpasadenapubliclibrary (Pasadena Public Library)

@ucflibrary (University of Central Florida Library)

@uwmspeccoll (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries Special Collections)

@vculibraries (Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries)

@waynecountyteenzone (Wayne County Public Library’s Teen Space)

@wellingtoncitylibraries (Wellington City Libraries)

@widenerlibrary (Harvard’s Widener Library)

Whew! There’s a LOT of you. :) But we now this list is just getting started! Feel free to keep the library love going by adding any libraries we missed/don’t know of yet! (And if you’re not following US already, well, what better time to start than this week? ;) Eh? Eh?) And, of course, never hesitate to visit your Library in person. We love seeing you! :) 

Happy National Library Week, library cats!


Flora Londinensis, or, Plates and descriptions of such plants as grow wild in the environs of London

with their places of growth, and times of flowering, their several names according to Linnæus and other authors : with a particular description of each plant in Latin and English : to which are added, their several uses in medicine, agriculture, rural œconomy and other arts /
By Curtis, William, 1746-1799
Darton, William, 1755-1819
Edwards, Sydenham, 1768-1819
Kilburn, William, 1745-1818
Sansom, Francis, acti-e 17
Sowerby, James, 1757-1822
White, Benjamin, acti-e 17
White, Benjamin, 1879-
Publication info London :Printed for and sold by the author … and B. White,1777.
Contributor: Smithsonian Libraries
Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library
18th century , Botanical illustration , Botany , Early works to 1800 , England , Engravings , Herbals , London


-Week ending October 7, 2017

If you want to reblog any of the images, please use the links. That maintains the history and the archiving which I work to provide.

The celebrated artist on Tumblr, @julialillard has given herself the challenge to use only two elements in an ongoing series of her surreal collages. This week she gave a lady in a fluffy skirt the already surreal head of a condor, which she seems to have found on Nemfrog. Lucky bird! 

An anaconda that I found in a charmingly illustrated book called Exploring nature with your child was the third most popular new post this week. The image of dots connected by lines represents all of its reblogs so far. The orange dot shows the original post on Nemfrog. The green line that goes up and to the left shows the trail that reached the influential @mudwerks, whose reblog created a cluster of its own. I found this app in Tumblr Labs and when I remember to use it, it tells me all about a post’s virality and who’s got clout. 

The crow on the branch doesn’t just face to the left, it faces towards the future. The future of Nemfrog. The most popular new post this week, I want you to notice the clarity of the image.

Up until recently I posted mostly screenshots. It’s a fast method (although with all the linking, archiving and filing needed to keep things flowing here, not to mention the research I do, posting takes time) but sometimes I ended up publishing images that only passed inspection on a small screen. Sometimes I’d have to give up on an image I wanted to post because it lost too much resolution as a screenshot. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided to download whole books from the Internet Archive and the Biodiversity Heritage Library to take advantage of the access to much larger files. It does add steps and it has meant adjusting to a different sort of flow. I’m more likely to publish more images from the same book this way, if not at the same time, then within a day or two. That’s a change. One of many.

But it means you’ll see cleaner images on the blog. I’m also able to use images that are smaller on the page. This crow, for example. 

Again this week Tumblr went gaga for Things that snakes do not do. Most of the attention came Friday, when the reblogging exploded. Milk snakes do not milk cows. Tell everyone.

And now, something new. The weekly stats. These are current as of 9:54pm PDT, October 7, 2017. And to the 368 new followers, welcome. It’s gonna be fun.


Naturgeschichte der Schildköten ENGLISH Natural history of tortoises

By Schöpf, Johann David, 1752-1800
Keller, Johann Christoph, 1737-1796 , ill.
Nussbiegel, Johann, 1750-ca 1 , engraver.
Volckart, Johann Friedrich, 1750-1812 , engraver.
Wunder, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1742-1828 , ill.
Publication info
Erlangen :Bey Johann Jakob Palm,1792[-1801]
Holding Institution:
Smithsonian Libraries
Biodiversity Heritage Library


n45_w1150 by Biodiversity Heritage Library
Via Flickr:

Travel around the world: undertaken by order of the king … run on corvettes SM Urania and physicist, during the years 1817, 1818, 1819 and 1820

By Freycinet, Louis Claude de Desaulses, 1779-1842
Quoy, Jean René Constant, 1790-1869
Publication info Paris: Chez Pillet Aine, 1824 -1844?.
Contributor: Smithsonian Libraries
Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library
BHL Collections:
Art of Science

Some Mondays feel like you have to force them into submission. 

Abhandlungen der Königlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften in Berlin (1848), which is in the @biodivlibrary. The title is from the Royal Academy of Science in Berlin (later Prussia)

This image is of Heracles wrestling Achelous. Achelous was a river god for the largest river in Greece, so this image is somewhat appropriate for this dreary, rainy day here in Washington, DC.