I used to make Leliana Divine mostly for the mages’ sake at first. But once I got deeper into Thedas lore/history I now do it for the sake of a lot more. Religion will proselytize in the end of the day, but at least Leliana - stabby or softened, is one who turns this Orlesian land grab and genocide machine into something dedicated more to charity and equality, and, maybe above all, without an army of its own.

Я у мамы немношк Хавка с:
Газпром прям, наконец-то!
Осталось сделать открывашку, которая посох, и надеяться, что возьмут!

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I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)


I made a bargain with Imshael the “Choice Spirit” because I
wanted to see what would happen– I assumed the dialog
trees would force me to fight him, so I was surprised when I
asked for power and he just…disappeared.
Then I go to find Michel, and when I got this screen, I literally

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Bioware:  “ Unlike other cities, where the people are the life-blood and the character, Val Royeaux is her own person, and her people little more than decorations. There is always music in Val Royeaux, streaming from the many windows — quiet refrains and triumphant choruses. And always, floating above that all, the Chant, coming from the Grand Cathedral. ”

The actual game: “Heres a shopping mall with 3 stores, 50 locked doors, and 1 restaurant you cant even eat at.”