The Shower Principle

Rating: Just barely NSFW, for Grace’s internal monologue
Pairing: pre-Ryder x Liam
Summary: Seriously, though, who designed the crew quarters that way? (For @right-in-the-vhenan, who requested either #2 or #11 of the NSFW drabbles. I chose #11, because who doesn’t enjoy a little accidental voyeurism? This got a teensy bit longer, so it gets its own post.)

Where the hell is she?

Grace had checked the kitchen, the cargo bay, the bio lab twice; she’d even looked in the med bay, and there was still no sign of Cora. And it wasn’t that Grace was particularly nervous about attending Sloane’s party–well, she was, but that had more to do with it being, you know, a party–but she still really, really could have used a pep talk before trying to make friendly chit-chat with a bunch of Exiles, most of whom shot her mildly hateful looks wherever she went.

Accepting defeat, Grace headed back to her quarters to change. She reached out to open her door, then paused, glancing to the left. Cora was never in her bunk at this hour. Still, the crew quarters was one of the only places she hadn’t checked.

Grace opened the door.

Her mouth went dry.

It was weird, she’d thought, putting the showers this close to the door. Someone could walk in at any moment and see…

Well. Exactly what she was seeing.

Steam hung heavy in the air, but it did nothing to obscure her view of Liam. Water dripped from wet curls onto his broad shoulders, rolling in gleaming rivulets down his toned back to an ass that made Grace seriously reconsider her stance on whether there was, in fact, a God.

He glanced over his shoulder toward the open door.

He smiled, and Grace nearly fainted.

“Oh, hey Ryder,” he said casually, pulling his towel from its hook and securing it around his hips before turning to face her.

“Hey,” Grace echoed hoarsely. She swallowed. “I was, um. I-I was looking for–”

Fuck, what was her name, again?

“Cora! I was looking for Cora,” she said.

“She went to the market, I think,” Liam said, giving a small shrug that somehow managed to make every glistening muscle flex.

Put your penis in my mouth.

“Oh. Um. Okay,” Grace said, backing out of the room. “That’s–um–” she swore as her back collided with the doorjamb “–that’s… Yeah. …Okay, bye.”

“Seeya, Ryder.”

I Chose You... - 3 (James T. Kirk/Reader)

Part One  Part Two

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You stretched as you laid in bed letting your fingers touch the head board. A smile reached your face as you felt a warm hand brush across your stomach before pulling you closer, “Did I wake you?”

You looked over at the good captain who was keeping his eyes tightly closed, but his smile prevailed, “No, you didn’t. You’re still not sleeping well, are you?”

“Ships…are a different. I’ve studied the lighting systems and they produce vitamin D…but…it’s not the sun.” You turned on you side to look at him, “You systems could do with an upgrade, you know?”

That made his eyes open, “My ship is fine.”

You laughed at how defensive he was getting, “I’m just making a suggestion…you don’t have to do anything.”

He stared at you for a moment before smiling, “I guess…a little more sunlight would be nice.”

“I’ll send my research to Mr. Scott and Chekov. Perhaps we can work something out before the colony.” You told him putting a hand on his cheek. 

“I could get used of having you around.”  He told you before he kissed your palm.

“Families on star ships aren’t a good mix.” You told him.

“That’s right…you came with your father to build Yorktown.” He looked at you, “I thought you loved it?”

“I loved my father…but living in space as a child was not ideal.” He listened as you recalled life then, “It was always cold and cramped. Once the biosphere was established then it got better…but it was almost a year stuck on a ship watching my father and the other engineer teams build Yorktown and we came in late on the project. I wouldn’t wish family time in space on anyone.”

“Is that why you got into agricultural engineering? To improve life on ships.” He smiled, he felt like he could listen to you forever and never tire of it.

“Sort of. I also really like building things and figuring out systems.” You smiled at him, “It just so happened that agriculture works in systems of many kinds and machinery can be used to help advance these systems and vice versa.”

“You’re a total nerd.”  He told you before he kissed you lightly. He was really happy that you were here. It’d  been only a week, but it was nice waking up with someone every day.

You wrapped your arms around his neck kissing him deeper when you felt him draw you closer.  As things began to get more heated he was sure it was going to be a good morning. That was until…

“Bridge to the Captain.”

You pulled away biting you lips together as he let out a heavy sigh, “This is Kirk…”

“We’re coming up on an M-Class Planet that as not shown up on our scans before. You asked to be informed.”

“Thank you, Mr. Spock…I’ll report to the bridge soon.” He sighed as heard the comm click off, “So…”

You smiled touching his cheek one last time, “I have got to check on my work anyways.”

“Work…” He rolled his eyes a little, “You’re gardening.”

“It’s work.” You told him as you stood up, “I’m trying to transfer many of Earth’s vegetation to colonies so that they can grow natural carbon filters.”

“Uh huh…you like gardening.” He teased as he started putting on his own uniform, “You like playing in the dirt.”

You smirked glancing over at him, “Oh yes…I’m a very dirty girl.”

He stopped glancing over at you, “…You and I have plans later…just so you’re aware.”

“Oh? I’m I dining in the captain’s quarters?” You walked toward him slowly.

“I believe you are. My first officer informed me it would be rude if I didn’t dine with our guest.” He smirked, “But I was referring to after dinner…when my officers weren’t around any longer.”

“You mean I might be staying in the captain’s quarters tonight?” You smirked again, “And the captain won’t be sneaking out of my quarters?”

“You know I’m keeping us away from everyone…” He sighed a little.

“I know.” You told him nodding. His superstition was still lingering, “I’m glad that someone does know…even if it is just Dr. McCoy. I’ll be honest though, I’m surprised your first officer hasn’t found us out yet.”

“I know…I think he’s dealing with his own relationship right now.” Kirk told you pulling his shirt over his head, “He and Uhura hit a rough patch a while back. They’re working it out and I don’t think he wants to screw it up. It’s very human of him.”

“Well if  the need arises, you know I’m not against people knowing.” You told him before leaning up giving him a kiss, “Now…go explore.”

He backed up slowly toward the door feeling warmth spread through his chest, “If we go down to the planet, did you want to come?”

“Am I actually allowed to?” You tilted your head a little.

“Well no…but…be a squeaky wheel…maybe the captain will just appease it to stop if from squeaking.” He winked at you before walking out.

You shook your head waiting a moment for walking out yourself. You weren’t fond of the sneaking around you had to do, but you really liked him. You’d heard all the stories of the famous James T. Kirk, you found some of them had merit. On the other hand you found many he’d grown out of.

You really liked him. You liked that he listened to you. That he teased you for liking what you do, but not in a mean way. It was in a way that made you feel proud of what you did, because he was proud of your accomplishments. Only your father had made you feel that way.

This thought lingered with you all day as you worked checking on every speciman in the cargo bay. You sighed, “Algae cultures looking good, growth rate faster then expected considering the Enterprises D-Laps are not as sufficient as I’d hoped. Moving on to spermatophyte samples.”

You paused feeling a shift in the air. You turned slowly to see if anyone was there, “Hello?”

No one answer and no one could be visibly seen in the cargo bay. You stood there a moment longer before letting the breath you were holding. You’d been in there a lone for at least an hour and you still weren’t used to the ships noises. Not to mention you weren’t sleeping well. Yorktown might’ve been in space, but it was stationary at least.

You turned to open the next specimen tray when you a scraping noise behind you. Your heart jump to your throat as you turned again seeing nothing. You reached over to the small Star Fleet badge on your chest, “Dr. Y/N to security.”

Spock looked up confused from his post on the bridge, “Dr. L/N? Is something the matter?”

Kirk looked over to him from his chair as Spock patched him in, “Could you please…could you please do a bio reading on cargo bay 3?”

“Of course.” Spock glanced at Kirk as he did so, “Are you feeling uncomfortable doctor?”

“I’m hoping it’s just lack of sleep, Mr. Spock. Being alone in this big room with all the noises, I’m a little jittery.” You told him as you inched slowly toward the cargo bay doors.

Spock swallowed looking at Kirk again, “Please stand by as the scan completes.”

Kirk walked over to him looking down at the already completed scan seeing three bio readings in the room with her. His stomach dropped  as he ran toward the lift Spock close on his heels. This wasn’t happening. He wasn’t going to let this happen…

“Captain…” Spock handed him a phaser watching him switch it to lethal, “You expect heavy resistance, sir?”

Kirk looked at him fear and passion racing through his eyes, “There are three unknown life forms in our cargo bay with our esteemed guest…I don’t think it’s coincidence.”

Spock stared at him for a moment before simply nodding, “I understand, Captain.”

“Do you, Spock?” Kirk stared at the door.

“Yes, Captain.” Spock said as he switched his own phaser to lethal force, “I believe I do.”

There it was…the need arose and his first officer knew how important it was to him to get to you. He just hoped that they made it time.


Viejo San Juan - beautiful view from el Morro fortress, yummy mofongo, vibrant street colors
Culebra - snorkeling for first time! Best swimming in open waters experience, camera does not do any justice for this beach beauty
El Yunque - first time driving in such winding mountain and rainforest roads, la Mina falls!
Luquillo beach - coconut trees :) breathtaking sea horizon
Bio bay - first time kayaking and did not tip boat over! I call that a success. The bay was gorgeous, worth all the 20 mosquito bites I endured paddling through the mangroves

Puerto Rico Road Trip Day Three

Ben and I rose early in our precious hotel in Ponce and set out to explore the city. We walked across town to the Art Museum only to find out that it was closed that day. It was so sad! So, instead we headed to the Museum of Ponce History and had a tour around there. Unfortunately, I found myself once again learning about my country invading another and slaughtering its people. Many people were killed in Ponce by the invading Americans. Culture genocide was attempted but thankfully, the Puerto Ricans held out and have still preserved a lot of their original culture. For a lighter experience, we went to the city’s center square and had more coconut icecream from a shop that is supposed to be the best on the island. Unfortunately, I have not tried every icecream shop (still working on that one) but damn if it wasn’t amazing. 

Then we decided to head west towards the Guanica Desert Forest. Many people picture all of Puerto Rico as a wet, tropical island paradise, though on the southwest corner there is a desert area complete with catus and everything. We did a short hike and explored.

The area is known to be a haven for birds and we saw quite a few amazing little green ones with a red spot on their chest. They were so cute and followed us around! The photo is blurry but you get the idea and can see the little guy at the top of the photo.

We left the forest and headed west once again to San German, home of one of the oldest churches in the Western Hemisphere, Porta Coeli (pictured below). The town looks like something from the movies and is quiet and quaint. 

I loved the way these buildings looked in the square.

We asked the church's security guard to take our photo and got to chatting with him about the rest of our plans, which were nonexistent. He mentioned that we should drive to La Parguera, a fishing village about 30 minutes south. It is known for having one of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. 

We arrived as the sun was setting and started asking around for people who knew about going to the bay. We found a funny little company called “Johnny’s Boats” with a little Puerto Rican man running it. For $7, we loaded into a small boat in the dark and set off into open ocean. The air smelled like salt and the wind was warm. We entered mangrove coves and after a few turns the boat stopped and we were allowed to jump off into the black ocean water. Ben and I dove in and were instantly in awe. As we swam, every motion or bodies made caused the water to glow the most beautiful blue. Our motions looked like something from a dream and as we swam around and giggled we glowed like aliens in the water. The closer we looked at the water while sloshing our hands around, we could see tiny little glowing specks, like stars, all around our bodies. Little galaxies followed us around and lit up the water. 

It was breathtaking and yet another one of those moments where words cannot describe the magic of this planet we are so lucky to be floating around on.