Binnein Mor

The day I thought I might die: Part Two - A painful but wonderful kick up the arse!

Last week I posted the above photo of a brocken spectre and briefly mentioned how I almost came a cropper after seeing my first one.  I’ve since thought it might make a nice piece of writing if I elaborated on that day.

At the end of Part One I left myself injured in a rocky chute on the side of a hill, resigned to my fate.


I know it’s not very good from a storytelling point of view, but I’m afraid I don’t actually remember exactly how I got safely out of the rock chute.

I know that my outstretched arms were starting to tremble from the effort of maintaining my position.  Y'know, that kind of convulsion you get when you go rock climbing and your muscles just can’t give any more?  Yeah it was like that.  I just couldn’t hang on any longer.  I had to let go and release myself, which was obviously against my natural instinct of self-preservation as I knew gravity wasn’t going to be kind to me in this instance.

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Good Morning from Scotland 

Sgurr Eilde Mor by Sven
Via Flickr:
and its wee Coire an Lochain in front. I was walking up Beinnein Mor when passing this place. I remember it from two years ago, but then the weather was quite miserable. This time the weather was much more inviting and Bert and I decided to have a rest, watch the light change and listen to the wind.