i thought george bush was the worst possible thing to happen to the US but at this point i’d welcome his sorry ass back with open arms. mccain + palin is a dream team compared to that ugly ass jack o lantern looking fuck and mike “i hate the gays” pence. i’d hoot and holler for ol’ uncle mitt and all his binders full of women if it meant trump wasn’t elected

Holmes stories in six words

Bad stepdad nailed bed, trained snake

Treasure lost. Wife gained. Holmes sad.

They hired her for her hair.

Holmes dying. Watson crying. Holmes lying.

Binder full of women. Acidic response.

Six Napoleons? Oh, there it is.

Framed the nanny with a rock.

There’s always a catch, Dr Trevelyan.

The king’s a dick. She’s smarter.

Marry a Lord. Already married? Whoops.

Copy out this encyclopedia, ginger nut.

Egad! Her fiancé’s her disguised stepdad!

Secret daughter welcomed into woke family.

Seriously, who spins a whole carpet?

That burglary was fishy. Oranges everywhere!

Australians are all escaped murderers, probably.

Murder plus lion equals karma, sadly.

Watson, go tromp around the moors.

Idiot stalker fails at addressing mail.

“David” was a reference, you heathen.

Dog didn’t bark; horse needed washing.

Don’t accuse your son on circumstance.

Waterfalls make the best body dumps.

Surprise! Not dead. Are you ok?

My eyes’re dim, I cannot flee.

Golden Boy was the cheat, obviously.

He’s not homeless, he begs recreationally!

Harpooning pigs brings sailors to justice.

She’s foreign, not a bloody vampire.

Apparently dying wives trump rugby matches.

Poison is not a toy, Holmes!

It’s English, just drawn in hieroglyphics.

Blackmailer meets nothing left to lose.

Tracking is all about the tracks.

It was never about the sundial.

Telling geese apart is really hard.

She was under the old lady.

He’s fine, it’s ichthyosis. Stand down.

Act your age, professor. You’re creepy.

A lovely swim interrupted. Jellyfish dunnit!

Fuller’s earth my arse, Nine Fingers.

Everyone wants to marry Miss Smith.

Maybe don’t take the iffy job.




Here are a few of the many shelves that hold books from the Lawrence D. and Betty Jeanne Longo Collection of Reproductive Biology, a collection of rare books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and reference works spanning the late 15th to the 20th century and related to women’s health, human reproduction, and the history of gynecology and obstetrics. Titles pictured here include Maladies de L'Utérus, Maladies dés Femmes, Hamilton on Female Complaints, Osborn’s Midwifery, Clinical Notes on Uterine Surgery, What a Young Girl Ought to Know, and Married and Single.

Find out more about the Longo Collection here and here.

Campaign-ending moves:
  • 2004: Candidate’s voice cracks in a funny way while celebrating his campaign’s momentum in primaries. Losing candidate in general kind of rich and stiff and out of touch.
  • 2008: Vice Presidential candidate says being able to see Russia from parts of Alaska means she has foreign policy experience.
  • 2012: Candidate is kind of rich and stiff and out of touch, clumsily refers to his collection of resumes submitted by women’s groups as “binders full of women.”
  • 2016: Nothing. Bragging about sexual assault? Calling for the assassination of your opponent? Claiming you’ll only accept the results of the election if you win? All totally fine apparently.

sometimes i like to fondly reminisce about how the worst thing mitt romney ever said about women was that he had binders full of them. it wasn’t that long ago… now i just scream silently as a burnt umber hobgoblin who brags about sexually assaulting women has taken his place. we were all so innocent before this

How did fucking Mitt Romney get destroyed with that “binders full of women” comment when it was relatively tame to everything Trump has said I mean….
Female characters existing and Doing Stuff became a modern feminist statement - #shepersisted
From Princess Leia to Ghostbusters, your favorite female characters have become feminist icons.
By Aja Romano

#ShePersisted: The feminist hashtag erupted across social media last week in reaction to a tense moment that occurred the night before on the Senate floor between Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). When Warren attempted to read a letter from the late Coretta Scott King arguing against the 1986 nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to a federal judgeship, McConnell ordered her to be silent, and Republicans voted to rebuke Warren for violating the Senate’s Rule 19, which holds that no senator can insult another senator during proceedings. In the face of outrage from Democrats, McConnell defended his decision on the Senate floor by stating, “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Like “nasty woman” and “binders full of women” before it, “she persisted” immediately became a feminist rallying cry and meme, a progressive rebuke to a white male Republican known for pushing regressive policies on women’s issues.

As the hashtag lit up Twitter and other platforms, though, an interesting trend became apparent: The feminist resistance to McConnell’s words was being led by fictional female characters, mainly from popular geek franchises.