Billy Burke

Zoo’s whumps’ list

(referred to Mitch Morgan character, portrayed by Billy Burke)

Season 1

.01/4: none.

.05: under gunpoint, punched.

.06: kidnapped, sad.

.07: slapped by a bear without consequences (!), cut on his cheek.

.08/9: none.

.10: none.

.11: hit in the stomach with a rifle’s butt.

.12: involved into a plane crash.

.13: drunk and sad, got involved into a bar fight and punched, many bruises on his face.

Season 2

.01: car attacked by a rhino, sore and limping, bruises on his face (from previous episode), upset.

.02: upset, old bruise on his cheekbone, hit at the shoulder and bloody cut.

.03: upset, hit by shockwave and fallen to the ground.

.04: trapped into a collapsed tunnel with an alligator, face all dirty.

.05: drinks a venom but it’s innocuous.

.06: captured and blindfolded, attacked by spiders and bitten, injected himself with antivenom, captured, under gunpoint.

.07: none.

.08: attacked, hit twice, bloody cut on his eyebrown, captured and tied up, fought and punched several times at his torso, fingers almost frozen (plus Davies’ whumps).

.09: still bruise on his forehead and eyebrown.

.10: none.

.11: entrapped into an elevator.

.12: under gunpoint, hit and fallen to the ground, manhandled and captured.

.13: locked up, upset and worried, sacrificed himself and attacked by hybrid wolves, fate unknown.

Season 3

.01: into a tank, previous scars all over his body, almost drown and CPR, confused and unable to speak.

.02: still confused and recovering, limping and needed help to walk, slammed against the wall and fallen to the ground, laying on a table (plus Mansdale’s whump).

.03: some dysphasia and dizziness, tied up to a chair with IV and brain surgery on the field, memories of previous surgery, artificial device into his brain, little seizure and passed out (plus Mansdale’s whump).

.04: none.

.05: worried.

.06: fought, under gunpoint, angry, collapsed and passed out, unconscious on bed, memory of the past: shown aftermath of the hybrid attack in s02e13.

.07: shoot in the neck with a tranquilizer dart and fallen to the ground, fallen to the ground again, worried and moved.

.08: hit with a summoning rod twice, temporary blind, headache, intense head pain, slammed around the plane during falling, fought and fallen outside a flying airplane.

.09: bloody head, hurt and confused, bruises on his face, hit and knocked out, under gunpoint.

.10: knife at his throat and bloody cut, rough fight, face slammed twice and passed out, fought again and on the ground, intense head pain because of the BioDrive, shot and collapsed.

.11: bleeding and unconscious, speedy healed with tank’s solution and bruises all over his face, still sore and medicated, past scars, upset, trapped inside the plane by toxic spores surrounding them.

.12: bruises on his face and cut at his throat from previous episode, sad, a little sore, rough plane landing.

.13: bruises on his face and cut at his throat from previous episodes, manhandled, under gunpoint.

Zoo’s whumps’ list

(referred to Jackson Oz character, portrayed by James Wolk)

Season 1

.01: hangover, hunted by a lion pack, fallen from a cliff, arrested.

.02: none (plus Abraham’s whumps).

.03: plane crush, exposed to radiations.

.04/5: none.

.06: fought and fallen from stairwell, punched and bloody bruises.

.07/8: none.

.09: under gunpoint.

.10: none (plus Ray’s whumps).

.11: shot, bleeding and sweating.

.12: shot in the previous episode, bleeding and sweating, unconscious on a stretch and oxygen, into surgery, unconscious on a stretch with IV and dressed wound into post anesthetic care unit, sore and sweating, almost attacked by a leopard, involved into a plane crash.

.13: shown some aftermath of the crash with many bruises all over his face and arm into a sling, hunted by animals, attacked by a dog and fallen onto a glass table, bruise on his face and bitten arm, disinfecting bite wound.

Season 2

.01: car attacked by a rhino, sore, bruises on his face, jumped off a running car, bloody wound on his forehead and many scratches, recent bite wound on his arm and bruises on his back, IV attached, mutation started.

.02: still bruises on his face, hunted by an elephant.

.03: upset, hit by shockwave and fallen to the ground.

.04: none.

.05: upset and sad, crying black tears, old bite scar on his forearm.

.06: captured and blindfolded, hit on his neck and fallen to the ground, fought and punched an enemy repeatedly, bruises on his knuckles and ice for them.

.07: on a stretch injected with a hypnotic sedative to recover the memories, sweaty and upset.

.08: coughing black, attacked, fought, hit on his neck and fallen to the ground, bruises on his face, captured and tied up, fought.

.09: upset and sad, shot in the shoulder (plus Abraham’s whumps).

.10: targeted by a sniper (missed).

.11: upset for mutation, restrained.

.12: nervous, tide up to a chair with IV, sweating and grunting, upset and sad, under gunpoint, manhandled and captured .

.13: locked up.

Season 3

.01: chased by hibrid, hit by explosion blast without consequences.

.02: none (plus Abraham’s whump).

.03: entrapped into a van edging on a cliff, slapped in the face.

.04: none.

.05: under gunpoint, hit in the stomach.

.06: under gunpoint, under gunfire.

.07: none.

.08: kidnapped and hanged by hands with a chain, emotionally tortured, punched.

.09: still hanged and chained, hit at his neck and passed out, under gunfire, fought and almost choked to death.

.10: shot and collapsed gasping (plus Abraham’s whump).

.11: badly bleeding and unconscious, speedy healed with tank’s solution, still sore, trapped inside the plane by toxic spores surrounding them (plus Abraham’s whump).

.12: rough plane landing, under gunpoint, rough fight and bloody bruises (plus Sam’s and Abraham’s whump), attacked by hybrids.

.13: bloody bruises for previous episode’s aftermath (plus Sam’s whump), worried, fought against beacon’s sonic barrier and passed out, under gunpoint.

Zoo’s whumps’ list

(referred to Logan Jones/Edward Collins character, portrayed by Josh Salatin)

Season 2

.02: lost in the woods, cold and freezing.

.03: none.

.04: under gunpoint.

.05: fought and punched, blood from his mouth.

.06/07: none.

.08: punched in the face, bloody lip, Mitch his him on his face with forehead, hit with tranquil darts and pushed down a flying airplane.

.09/12: none.

.13: locked up, bruises on his face and blood on his shirt, sore and limping, scratches on his deltoid and medicated on the field.

Season 3

.01: none.

.02: involved into explosion blast from previous episode and blood on his face, bruises on right side of his face.

.03: entrapped into a van edging on a cliff.

.04/12: none.

.13: attacked by hybrids and fallen bloody and dead on a car.