a young avengers/b99 crossover where the ya keep getting pulled in by the 99 but the charges never seem to stick so basically the ya are super invested in the 99 and vice versa to a probably slightly unhealthy level

like they all root hardcore for jake/amy and loki unironically is super tight with charles (SPACE FOOD BUDDIES)

david and eli are never sure if they love or are terrified of holt

gina is constantly highkey hitting on teddy and kate

tommy always tries to trick terry into bench pressing him

jake lowkey crushing on noh

bonus points if rosa is actually america  and clint owns one of the 99′s buildings

“all my favorite disasters live in brooklyn!!!!!” who says this

everyone at the 99 is like “oh wow hawkeye is super professional” until jake has to do a solo thing with her and then he is all GASP YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT BEING A PERSON JUST LIKE ME and then they are bffs forever but nobody ever believes him that she’s a mess

amy is a little worried until she sees kate drink coffee straight from the pot

gina somehow??? convinces billy to join dancey regan and their special effects and costumes are bananas amazing

i don’t know why but cassie gets along super well with scully and hitchcock and nobody else understands it either

naturally nate gets along really well with the vulture

Billy & Teddy: A Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, today is a day about love and that’s why I want to share the story of this two heroes in love. Enjoy! (This could be long)

They met when they were like fifteen or sixteen and they fell crazy in love with each other.

They starting to be superheroes.

Their parents found out (kind of..) 

But not everything was good, sometimes life is just cruel.

But you keep going.

There’s also been awkward moments (c’mon they newly (kind of) boyfriends)

Moments of caring

Some flirting.

Some Lover letters.

A proposal.

And a (perfect) kiss.

And yeah, even if it hurts, a break up.

But, love unite. (And apparently can also save the universe or multiuniverse)

And their story continue.

They grown up (more), keep being superheroes (with a new team) and not even some evil future can’t torn them apart.

And with all the grown up thing came the changes, like a place for both of them (finally)

Because their future=happy+married+and+family (and Sorcerer Supreme)

But life goes and goes and the time flies, but true love never dies (just get older) 

A life together… with your best friend, your partner, your lover.

A life with all the good and bad.

A love story that still has a lot to tell and show.

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Pride Month, featuring a gay hero of each color on the flag! From left to right: 

  • Red - Wiccan
  • Orange: The Ray
  • Yellow - Apollo and Midnighter
  • Green - Anole
  • Blue - Iceman
  • Purple - Bunker!

I hope you enjoy! I’ll be doing a rainbow lesbian illustration soon!

when ur bf is bigger than u and knows u dont mind surprise smooches rb if u agree

LGBTQ Marvel Characters

Here are some noteworthy LGBTQ characters from the Marvel characters.


Jean-Paul Beaubier/Northstar - Marvel’s first openly gay, major character and one of the X-Men.

America Chavez/Miss America - Marvel’s first Lesbian Latina character

Theodore “Teddy”Altman/Hulking and William “Billy” Kaplan/Wiccan –probably Marvel’s most famous gay couple


Raven Darkholme/Mystique and Irene Adler/Destiny - we’ve seen Mystique in quite a few X-men movies, yet it still hasn’t been shown that she is Bi, even though she has a long-term female partner in the comics. :(

Loki/God of Mischief - confirmed to be Bi in the Young Avengers series.

David Alleyne/Prodigy 



Wade Wilson/Deadpool 

Julie Power/Lightspeed


Sera - a trans lesbian angel sorceress

Ken Shiga/Koi Boi - though never stated to be trans in canon, Ken has been shown wearing a chest binder under his clothes and his co-creator, Erica Henderson, confirmed that he is a trans boy.


the best family in the marvel universe tbhhh