• [Kate introducing Noh-Varr to the team]
  • Kate:And Tommy. You can probably figure him out.
  • Tommy:Yeah, I'm the guy who spray painted the water tower.
  • Noh:Oh, you mean The Big Muffin!
  • Tommy:Uh, it's a giant explosion.
  • [Said tower is shown, with a red graffiti explosion resembling a muffin]
  • Billy:It kinda does look like a muffin.

From: House of M #2 (Secret Wars 2015)

Logan, you of all people should know don’t piss off the reality warping red head! It’s never a good idea!

(I’m glad that the twin boys get into the story earlier than #3 like they originally said. Also heavy Pietro x Namor shipping in this series so far, lol!)

anonymous asked:

What are your sexuality headcanons for the team?

Oh man ok. Billy and Teddy are gay for sure. David is bi, America is gay, Eli and Nate are straight. Those are all from canon so I won’t go at length about it.

I feel like Noh is pansexual but prefers those who present as female, or the opposite of his gender identity. Kree don’t have the same notion of sexual orientation as humans so it isn’t a big deal to him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have preferences. 

Kate is bi. I feel like she would mostly stick to guys because she hasn’t really found any girls she’s super attracted to. It’s one of those, “I’d totally date a girl if I liked her but I haven’t found any I like yet” things. 

Tommy is demisexual. After his history I feel like he’d had trouble really trusting a lot of people, especially when it came to relationships. While he’d be ok with casual flings because there aren’t any strings, when it came to anything serious it would take him time to accept it. 

Cassie is still pretty young, but I feel like she’d be bisexual too. Similar to Kate; she wouldn’t say no to a girl. However I feel like she’d also be a bit demi, just not to the extent Tommy is. 

Loki is pansexual but more because he doesn’t really prescribe to gender norms. (Fun fact: I also support the canon that Loki is genderfluid/queer, seeing as he appears as a female in, like, a billion comics) It’s probably more a question of who can stand him rather than who he would date :P

[Hit me up with questions anytime guys]

[Mod Wiccan] 

So when thinking about the Vision, I think about his relationship with the Scarlet Witch. I think about this bizarre family he has where Hank Pym is his grandfather and Ultron is his father and these twins he had, who had this horrible and complicated end. He’s had such an abnormal family life that to put him in this situation where he’s trying to have a normal family life seems almost a no-brainer.


I fail to see how creating a ‘perfect’ family by…presumably cloning himself…is in any shape or way better than anything Ultron has done, and/or ‘normal’. We’re talking about a Stepford-Wives situation here, that ain’t healthy!

And are we just not going to mention the elephant in the room that Billy and Tommy exist now? Yes, they did have a horrible end. Vision also had a horrible end. That entire clusterfuck was a horrible, horrible thing to happen to everyone involved!

So I still fail to see how re-enacting that exact same situation is going to work any better!

And again, Billy and Tommy exist now. They stick with their soul-mom more, but it’s not like they don’t understand Vision’s role in their pre-lives. Heck, 2 years ago, Vision did meet and acknowledge Billy!

And in other media, Marvel refers to them with that relationship, like in Marvel Heroes 2015, if you have Wiccan and Vision in the same area, Vision will mention that Billy is like his son!

So it’s not like Marvel was ever steadfast that Vision wasn’t their father in some capacity. It’ll be way easier to understand the reasoning behind the solo synopsis if from the get-go, the twins never saw Vision as their father or that Marvel never supported that stance.

But they did!

I’m assuming the twin boys have to be mentioned eventually in the story. They have the most incredibly complicated origins, but you can’t ignore them when there are a pair of distaff counterpart daughters that Vision created of them FFS!

I heard good things about Tom King. A shit ton of good things. So whatever this story is, it’ll be well-written. And I’m hoping there’s going to be some subversion down the line, or that there’s a lot more than what it seems. 

Also maybe bring Tommy in because he doesn’t appear in any of his family’s series or his own, yes even tho this situation would probably be traumatizing, at least he’ll be in something! (Wiccan gets to be in New Avengers, Wanda and Vision get their solos. Seriously, where the hell is Tommy!?)

The Twins

“He’s weird and he’s fast.”


betsyselanoican: “They look like Pepsi and Mountain Dew.” YEAH YEAH. :U

This is an AU I made with Betsy BECAUSE WE NEED MORE OF THESE TWO IN OUR LIIIIVES! It’s been a long while since I drew these two. TwT

I was actually super jelly of all the amazing artists making Wanda and Pietro in AoU SO I placed my own twist! HEHEHE. Hope you like it! I designed Billy’s outfit myself and sort of Tommy’s. XD

Anyway~ Read more just below the cut! I don’t want to bombard people with my WALL OF TEXT.

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“There are new kids on the block”

Continuing my series of Young Avengers character fan arts (or what I’d want a Young Avengers Netflix mini-series to look like ha ha……).

This is my take on William “Billy” Kaplan, aka Wiccan. Since I’m redesigning all of them, I decided - why not give Billy comfortable modern clothing, as well as a cool cape? :) Who’s next?

  • Tommy:Let’s play ‘Roommate or Dog’.
  • Tommy:What do you do at the park with Clint?
  • Kate:Oh, we just walk around. He gets antsy if he doesn’t get outside enough, and then it’s just yap yap yap, all day long.
  • Billy:Hey, what’s Clint’s favourite food?
  • Kate:Peanut butter! He’ll eat it right out of the jar!
  • Teddy:How old is Clint again?
  • Kate:Well, he’s getting up there, but he’s pretty spry for his age, especially considering he got hit by that car a year ago.
  • Tommy:Oh, that’s so awful. Was he chasing something into the street, or…?
  • Kate:Just getting me the newspaper.
  • Tommy:Alright, this is useless. Kate, is Clint your roommate or your dog?
  • Kate:*offended* How could you ask me that?
  • Tommy:I still don’t know which it is.

It was 1974, get over it already!

I hardly think there’s a statute of limitations on betrayal and disappointment, Erik

This is obviously crack because Wanda would never let her children ask their grandpas for advice. She wants them to succeed.