• Jason: How late is Trini now?
  • Billy: 2 1/2 hours.
  • Jason: This is outrageous, How did this happen? I had Billy call her at 8:00 this morning and pretend it was 11:00.
  • Zack: I printed up that fake training schedule for her, Saying we were starting at 9:00 instead of noon.
  • Kimberly: Oh, and I set all her watches and clocks to say P.M. when it's really A.M.
  • Jason: ...Oh, boy.
  • Kimberly: We may have overdone it.
  • Trini: *storms into the pit* WHAT THE HELL TIME IS IT!??
Petition · Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation: We want a Power Rangers sequel · Change.org

Please sign and repost this anywhere you can. Lets save this movie!

  • You: there is a gay white character in Beauty and the Beast for about THREE seconds! I'm glad they are representing the LGBT community :')
  • Me, an intellectual: 4/5 of the power rangers are POC and they're all of different nationalities, there is an autistic black character and a Latina lesbian character and a HOT Asian character who are actually leads and not just there for publicity and a false claim of diversity, the autistic character is loved and not once asked to go out of his comfort zone, they're all teenagers who love and protect each other and also save the world while being huge nerds,

power rangers might not be getting a sequel and it’s proof y'all only like diversity as a concept. it has everything we’ve been asking for : 4/5 of the leads are poc, one of them is gay and another one is on the spectrum. the cast are absolute sweethearts, they’ve worked so hard for this and they’re aware of how important diverse movies are. so instead of complaining about movies/shows not being diverse enough, watch power rangers in theaters, support the movie on social medias and buy the dvd when it comes out.