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But can you imagine Iwaoi at practice matches, trash talking eachother and weirding out their teammates? And what if they manage to live together? They'll be insulting eachother at games at 4pm, and Iwaizumi's teammates will drop by his place at night and Oikawa's just lazing around on the couch in his underwear.


I was wondering if their universities would be far away or within a decent proximity, because then they could be roommates with a nice apartment and just commute opposite directions!

That’d be so funny though, they come over and OIkawa is on the couch in one of Iwa’s tshirts and some underwear and they’re like “didn’t we just play him?”

and Iwaizumi is like “uhm yeah, aha.” 

and then begins Oikawa’s usual torment of individuals. “Oh, Iwa-chan, these are your teammates?” AND THE MUD STARTS SLINGING. 


I have been staring at this photograph for weeks… Thinking of a good way to describe what this moment and this place felt like. But I realized that some experiences don’t translate well into words. To stand under billions of stars and contemplate your place in the universe is truly a humbling experience.

NGC 3293: A Bright Young Star Cluster : Hot blue stars shine brightly in this beautiful, recently formed galactic or open star cluster. Open cluster NGC 3293 is located in the constellation Carina, lies at a distance of about 8000 light years, and has a particularly high abundance of these young bright stars. A study of NGC 3293 implies that the blue stars are only about 6 million years old, whereas the clusters dimmer, redder stars appear to be about 20 million years old. If true, star formation in this open cluster took at least 15 million years. Even this amount of time is short, however, when compared with the billions of years stars like our Sun live, and the over-ten billion year lifetimes of many galaxies and our universe. Pictured, NGC 3293 appears just in front of a dense dust lane and red glowing hydrogen gas emanating from the Carina Nebula. via NASA


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In honor of the comic that broke the fandom's heart, let's talk Iwaoi college headcannons! When Oikawa's and Iwa-chan's schools play each other, before the match they would act the same way they find back in high school and everyone would wonder if they are friends or foe. Oikawa would pay Iwa-chan surprise visits which annoys Iwa-chan only a little. Iwa-chan only pay surprise visits when Oikawa is sick or stress out (Iwa-chan can tell through the texts even when Oikawa is trying hide it).

Oh my god this is so cute though.

Okay but one of my mutuals on twitter posted this thing about oikawa and iwa-chan not being starters their first year of college (because obviously the competition level would skyrocket) so they’d be on the benches just shouting insults at each other the whole year.

And then the second year, once they do join the starting line up for official matches, the trash talk is still there but there’s something more. They bounce off of each other and increase their skills STILL. Even though they’re on different teams, they still benefit from each other.

And on the other days, when games aren’t happening, they’re close still, ith constant snapchats and surprise visits, skype calls, sweet texts.

The first official reunion they have is so heartwarming they collide into each other so hard they’re dizzy from it, laughing because “wow we’re stupid” but “gods I missed you”

please let me die in a puddle of feels but I’m both heartbroken and really excited about them going to different universities. I feel like it would help them both become stronger individually, together, and in my book? These two are going to go far. Very far.

to the signs that have marked my heart

dear aries, i strongly apologize for the way things have turned for you. you are not a catastrophe, and there is a highway out there for you somewhere. it may seem as if it’s a traffic jam of thousands; no way for you to escape. but i promise you will find your way to happiness 

dear taurus, you are way more than a system of millions and billions of stars, you’re a share of our universe. so please, please, don’t shut yourself away

dear gemini, never give up if you fall over. just remember, everything that breaks has a chance of fixing. what happened yesterday, months or years ago, no longer matters. today is a new day; a new beginning  

dear cancer, your eyes are like an endless ocean, full of secrets i will never come to know. but someday someone will drown in them, and be smothered with your love and mysteries

dear leo, i know that stress is a big problem in your life, but i’ll always be here for you to help you unwind that string. thank you for helping me see the little positivities and beauty in life

dear virgo, i told you things i wouldn’t even admit to myself and you treated me like i was still precious and beautiful; a rose in a valley of devastation. i became addicted to your love and i couldn’t remember the lighting and wildfires or the life i had before you. you were everything i craved; i needed you, and i lacked you. you told me you needed me too and i believed you, oh i believed. but you’d rather linger above the clouds and live a false truth then be down on the ground with me. i wish i could be up above the stars with you but i’m pinned to the earth. i search search search for you, and know i might never find you, but part of me still clings onto the hope that you might love me the way i love and yearn for you.   

dear libra, learn to enjoy the time you spend by yourself. sometimes you may feel as if loneliness is eating and picking you apart. but the company of only yourself can benefit you at times

dear scorpio, i let myself believe that the words that spilled from your mouth could cure my pain but some words you said placed another scar on my heart. i thought i could change you into something i now know that you can never be. and i apologize for that

dear sagittarius, never let yourself believe that you are dull and meaningless. because you are a thousand shades of colors; a sunset. love yourself, and accept who you really are

dear capricorn, you have to learn to allow people to love you; no one will be able to if you keep your heart locked up in a box. you are so much more than what you think of yourself

dear aquarius, don’t waste your entire life on someone who doesn’t appreciate you to their fullest. you deserve so much more

dear pisces, let go of the past and i promise the storm lurking in your brain will fritter away. remembering everything bad that has ever happened to you only brings unwanted tears and misery 

Inside the Coma Cluster of Galaxies : Almost every object in the above photograph is a galaxy. The Coma Cluster of Galaxies pictured above is one of the densest clusters known - it contains thousands of galaxies. Each of these galaxies houses billions of stars - just as our own Milky Way Galaxy does. Although nearby when compared to most other clusters, light from the Coma Cluster still takes hundreds of millions of years to reach us. In fact, the Coma Cluster is so big it takes light millions of years just to go from one side to the other! The above mosaic of images of a small portion of Coma was taken in unprecedented detail in 2006 by the Hubble Space Telescope to investigate how galaxies in rich clusters form and evolve. Most galaxies in Coma and other clusters are ellipticals, although some imaged here are clearly spirals. The spiral galaxy on the upper left of the above image can also be found as one of the bluer galaxies on the upper left of this wider field image. In the background thousands of unrelated galaxies are visible far across the universe. via NASA


In space, no-one can hear you scream “Well, I never saw that last paragraph coming!”


is it ok for me to love Brian Cox and this video so much?

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2015 July 26

The Sombrero Galaxy from Hubble 

Why does the Sombrero Galaxy look like a hat? Reasons include the Sombrero’s unusually large and extended central bulge of stars, and dark prominent dust lanes that appear in a disk that we see nearly edge-on. Billions of old stars cause the diffuse glow of the extended central bulge. Close inspection of the bulge in the above photograph shows many points of light that are actually globular clusters. M104’s spectacular dust rings harbor many younger and brighter stars, and show intricate details astronomers don’t yet fully understand. The very center of the Sombrero glows across the electromagnetic spectrum, and is thought to house a large black hole. Fifty million-year-old light from the Sombrero Galaxy can be seen with a small telescope towards the constellation of Virgo.
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Oikawa wishes Iwaizumi would see himself the way he sees him, looking like he was crafted from the most beautiful of marble and kissed by the sun.

Iwaizumi would argue him all day, seeing as Oikawa was born from starlight and blessed by a garden.


Within the hundred billion exploding stars in our galaxy and the ten trillion galaxies in our universe, we amount to less than even a fleck of dust on the coat sleeve of all that is out there. Yet lying together with just a linen sheet for covering, he is able to make you feel so significant. His fingertips graze over your skin as if caressing an eggshell porcelain vase. His lips brush yours as if savoring a Château Lafite. Every glance, heavy with intention, gilds you with another layer of bright gold to outshine the brightest of stars.

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