sularu  asked:

Okuyasu with a doting girlfriend that worries excessively about that sweet punk boy IF ONLY HE'D JUST STOP RUNNING HEADFIRST INTO DANGER

  • Even on a normal day, Okuyasu’s got the tendency to get into fights; it’s not really that he seeks them out, but he won’t back down once trouble starts, so he’s almost always coming home scraped and bruised. He’s incredibly used to it, so when his girlfriend starts hovering around him and trying to bandage his minor injuries, he’s got no idea why it’s such a big deal to her.
  • It takes him awhile to get used to such a caring girlfriend. Yeah, she’s showing him exactly the attention and affection he’s been craving- but it’s still pretty foreign to him, so he’s not sure how to respond, and it can be kind of overwhelming. Still, he can definitely say he enjoys it; he knows his brother cared for him deep-down, but having someone be so open about how much they love him is really nice.
  • He’s totally in love, and he’s not able to stop himself from showing off the little things his girlfriend does. She’ll make lunch for him to bring to school, and he’s super smug about showing it off to Josuke and Koichi, talking about what an amazing cook his girlfriend is; his friends are also very aware of the brawls he gets into, so he’s constantly peeling off his coat to show them how lovingly she’d bandaged him up. Listen, he’s in love okay-
  • Eventually, once he’s stopped by her house at 3 am again to have her patch up some new cuts and bruises, Okuyasu’s girlfriend admits to him that she worries maybe a bit too much. With how he’s gotten used to fights and injuries, he hadn’t realized how they’d affect her too; he almost cries right there, just at the idea that someone could love him so much.