How to Adore Adore Delano in Five Easy Steps

By Bella Peyser

1. Listen to what she’s saying, not how she’s saying it. Under that guise of a little bit of whining and a lot of “giiiiiiiirl,” the girl is HI-LAR-EE-OUS. Adore is this generation’s Alaska: she might be overshadowed by her other queens if you’re listening to the one who yells the loudest, but she is fierce, she is quick, and she’s comin’ for ya. 

2. Stop expecting her to be a glamazon. Adore is read for her wardrobe, for the “cheap” clothing and lack of style. Again, I bring up Alaska. Just like Ms. Thunderf*ck, Adore is called out for cheap clothing every time she walks the runway. ENOUGH ALREADY. She’s not trying to be a billion dollar babe. She’s Adore. She’s not a Tyra or a Raja, but who wants two of the same?

3. Watch the Snatch Game. Although the race was tight between Adore and Ben (It really could have gone either way.), Adore absolutely nailed it. She and Ben certainly made history. They were both right up there with previous superstars (Chad Michaels and Jinkx Monsoon, to name a few). 

4. Appreciate her makeup. Although the clothes might be an acquired taste, Adore’s mug is phenomenal. She’s sort of Amy Winehouse-beautiful: a little dark, a little off, and a lot beautiful.

5. Expect big things. I think that Adore has a spectacular drag career ahead of her. Her voice has taken her far, but her drag will only compound her popularity. It remains to be seen if she will take the title, and let’s remember that she has several other insanely talented co-competitors (Courtney Act, Ben DeLaCreme, Darienne Lake, and Bianca Del Rio, to name a few), but I see big things in her future. Keep on keepin’ on, Adore! We loooooove you.