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How do Sarah Paulson and her 8 amazing characters of the AHS universe connect? Here’s how: Billie Dean Howard spoke of Roanoke in season 1 and everyone thought she was behind the season 6 TV series, but we now know that Lana Winters will be the one with the show to interview the only person left living from Roanoke: Lee. Lee attempted to kill the second to last survivor of Roanoke, Audrey who previously in the season acted the part of Shelby Miller. Shelby’s husband was sleeping with the original supreme Scáthach who generations later connected to Cordelia Foxx as the most current supreme. Cordelia was the head supreme when Queenie went to the Hotel Cortez and was killed where Hypodermic Sally was also killed in 1994. The same hotel where Billie Dean Howard visited in person and was spooked out by Mr. March and the other ghost murders. Lana Winters will confront Lee and if you recall Lana was in the Asylum in season 2 with Pepper who lived at the freakshow in season 4 with Bette and Dot. Bette and Dot witnessed the Murder of Dandy Mott who’s ancestor was Edward Philippe Mott from the Roanoke House who led Shelby and Matt Miller to safety in the shows original story. Then his ghost terrified Audrey Tindall when she went back to Roanoke for season 2 of the Roanoke series where she was ultimately killed by cops after attempting to kill Lee. Had Audrey survived she’d probably be face to face with Lana Winters on her talkshow special, not Lee. 

P.s Let’s not forget Lee was a patient off Ben’s, the boring woman whose husband had left her…

 Ryan Murphy you brilliant man you.


All the characters of Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Taissa Farmiga on American Horror Story ❤

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Which one was your favorite ? Mine was definitely Sally.

Prompt (By anon): Nora and Billie Dean meet in a gay bar (Vintage).

A/N: I really enjoyed writing it, I hope you guys like it as much as I did! Please, give me feedback; Constructive criticism is always well received. And, dear anon who sent me that, thank you so much!! Lots of love for you.

Billie ordered a gin as she seated at the bar, enjoying the not too loud music that was playing; The woman took a sip as she noticed a blonde, beautiful woman entering the bar; The blonde’s skin was as pale as snow and her pink lips seemed to pop up.

Billie let out a small laugh as she took another sip, realizing the woman seemed pretty lost. Eventually, Billie lost the blonde of her sight, turning back to where the barman was preparing the drinks.

“Can I seat here?” A sweet yet shy voice asked, making Billie turn her head.

“Sure” Billie smiled, realizing it was the same blonde she’d been staring before

“I’m Nora, nice to meet you” The woman said with a grin

“I’m Billie, Billie Dean”

Nora smiled and ran out of words, not knowing what else to say or how to continue the conversation. After some long minutes, she broke the silence;

“Y-you know” Nora shyly fitted the other woman “I’m not used to go out a lot” She let out a little laugh “In fact, that’s the first time I come to a gay bar… a bar in general”

“Well, I’m glad I’m here to help you go trough it” Billie laughed

“I really appreciate it” Nora laughed back

The two women started to talk about lot of different things, soon a hour had already passed and they were talking to each other like really old friends

“So you see ghosts?” Nora took a sip of her whisky

“I do, in fact that’s my job” Billie answered with a grin

“Well, it explains a lot” The blonde laughed, leaving the other woman a bit lost, but Billie didn’t bother in asking for an explanation, she was used to people finding it awkward.

As time passed by, the alcohol started doing it’s job; Soon both women were a bit drunk.

“Can I ask you something?” The blonde fitted Billie, her cheeks burning a little


“Have you ever been with a… woman before?”

“I have” Billie let out a laugh “In fact, I’m a lesbian” she fitted the blonde with a grin “Why you ask that?”

“Nothing in particular” Nora took a long sip of her whisky, staring at the bar. “How did you find out you were into girls?” She fitted the other woman again.

“I always knew I guess… there’s something that has always popped out of me” Billie took a sip of her gin. “For example, when I saw the first woman I’ve first kissed, I knew what I felt was more than just a friendly thing”

Nora drank the whisky left at her cup quietly, thinking and thinking about what Billie had just told her. The blonde stayed there for a few more minutes and decided she should go home, since her head was all messed by the other woman; Nora had never thought about maybe being into girls, but that night, and that particularly gorgeous woman she had just met had left her with so many doubts.

“Is everything okay?” Billie asked, touching Nora’s arm which was resting at the balcony, and breaking the blonde’s thoughts-bubble

“Y-yes… I’m just with something on my mind and, um, I should probably leave now”

“Look, I know we met today but” Billie caressed the blonde’s arm “I really enjoyed talking to you, so if you feel like sharing it with me now, or even seeing me again” She let out a shy smile

“I really enjoyed spending the night with you as well… and that’s exactly it” Nora looked down “Look, I-I’m confused, I should go”

The blonde put some money at the balcony and left, walking faster to outside the bar and heading home, feeling the cold wind blowing her slightly curled hair. Nora felt something pull her arm;

“Nora” Billie said with a heavy breath “What are you confused about? Let me at least try to help”

“I just…” The blonde took a deep breath “I’ve never thought I could be into women before that night… you make me feel different” Nora fitted the floor and back to Billie’s eyes, taking another deep breath “I think I got into you”

Billie smiled, feeling her cheeks hurt from it; She had spent the whole night staring at the gorgeous blonde, wondering how someone so beautiful inside and out could be alone at a bar;

“Well” Billie softly took Nora’s hands, moving closer to the blonde “I must confess I spent the night trying to take my eyes away from you, and I just couldn’t”

“I’ve never felt such an urge to kiss someone like I did tonight… I guess I got completely lost in your eyes”

Nora gently stroke Billie’s hair and pressed her lips against the woman’s; It was the sweetest, best kiss she’d ever had. The blonde’s stomach got filled up with butterflies. Gently, Nora pulled back with a grin, breathless.

“I really am into you” The blonde smiled, taking Billie’s hands into hers again

Billie smiled and calmly kissed Nora again, hoping she’d feel her soft lips many times more from now on.