Jewish Weasleys Part 2:

  • Fleur tells her mom she’s “bringing home a nice Jewish boy.” Fleur’s mom after meeting Bill for the first time: “thIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING”
  • to everyone’s surprise, Fleur and Bill end up keeping the most strictly observant household out of all the Weasley siblings and their spouses (Fleur is the only Weasley spouse to convert)
  • Ron’s shame about his family’s poverty intensifies when people start making antisemitic jokes about “those money-pinching Weasleys”
  • Bill gets the worst of it, of course, since he works for a bank, but he can shrug it off a lot more easily than Ron can
  • Charlie becomes friends with this one rabbi in Romania while he’s over there studying dragons, and they stay in touch even once Charlie moves away
  • They get into a lot of light-spirited arguments: “Is using magic forbidden on Shabbat?” (Yes) “What about riding a broom that is already enchanted?” (Charlie says no, the rabbi says yes but with a possible exception for really important Quidditch matches, in which case G-d would probably understand)

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did everyone just forget about when bill was attacked by greyback and he had a ton of scars and mrs weasley was like “oh better call off the wedding” and fleur was like “why the fuck would we do that” and mrs weasley basically said that fleur only liked bill bc of his looks and fleur totally told her and was like “i love him no matter what he looks like” and she turned out to be really cool
I feel like fleur is underrated

I know that Jewish Hermione is a popular headcanon, and rightfully so, but have you considered: Jewish Weasleys.

  • Mrs. Weasley cooking excellently for nine people on a budget while keeping kosher
  • baby Ron getting jealous that baby Ginny gets to ask the Four Questions at Pesach
  • the twins take Purim Very Seriously
  • because noisemakers
  • (they probably follow Harry around for the whole day and just go crazy with the groggers every time he says “Voldemort”)
  • also because Purim is the single day every year when the twins can get Percy drunk
  • Ginny is that eight-year-old who insists that she’s dressing up as Vashti for Purim, not Esther, because everyone dresses up as Esther and anyway Vashti is the hardcore feminist
  • Mrs. Weasley sends Hanukkah presents to Hogwarts by owl every single night of Hanukkah, and she has to refrain from sending mail with Errol for about a month afterwards so he can recover

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The tufty-haired wizard raised his wand high over the heads of Bill and Fleur and a shower of silver stars fell upon them, spiralling around their now entwined figures. As Fred and George led a round of applause, the golden balloons overheard burst: birds of paradise and tiny, golden bells flew and floated out of them, adding their songs and chimes to the din.