In my band it was me. In Green Day it was Tré. Every band had the one guy in the band who did the booking. Everybody else was trying to pick up on chicks or get food, or meet people. You’d be sitting there in a phone booth next to the van with your notebook, calling—I’m not even joking—100 people. Every evening, trying to get these people to answer the phone, and leaving messages. […] It’s always in retrospect that things seem huge. When you’re on tour you do the exact same thing every day with the same people, the same faces. It’s all the same. All that changes is the building you’re doing it in.
—  Bill Schneider

Good music not only has one face

alternative bands appreciation post by Green Day Girl


Well, here’s some Pinhead Gunpowder art I did today!

Above: Photo showing the whole picture.

Below: A more detailed scan, but the page is too big for the whole image so “Pinhead Gunpowder” got cut off.

Anyway, you get the idea.

By the way, all those white flecks seen in the bottom picture aren’t actually on the image. The image is pure yellow and black. The white flecks are from when my dad put a document with wet correction fluid on the scanner.