The Best American Comics 2016, which named Idaho native Dennis Eichhorn’s “Extra Good Stuff” to its list of Notable Comics, debuted at #1 on The New York Times Best Sellers List for Graphic Novels when it was released.


Victims of police brutality… Art by Ashley A. Woods.
This is my submission for the APB - Artists Against Police Brutality book - with John Jennings and Bill Campbell. 

The book will be available this fall. More details to come.

  • Me: *scrolling through my dash*
  • Me: *sees a history of japan meme*
  • My followers: no
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I cannot speak much for Fox News, or MSNBC, or any other ‘news’ network, since I do not watch them, but I do need to publicly say how deeply unnerved I am with CNN and the media in general for ignoring what is important. While CNN continues around the clock coverage of Bill Cosby (Rapist), Donald Trump (Racist), and Ethan Couch (RIch boy who murdered 4 people and got away with it because of his wealth), there are 3 other extremely important stories that are not being covered, all of which are vital to Americans and our future as a whole.

The first story is one many of you have not heard at all, and that is the methane leak in Los Angeles that has released 150 million pounds of gas into the atmosphere, and will continue to leak for at least 3-4 more months when it is expected to be plugged. The disaster is being called the worst environmental hazard since the Deep Water Horizon explosion/BP oil spill in 2010. In October, a well owned by Southern California Gas Company in Los Angeles began leaking the toxic and invisible gas into the sky, prompting over 2,000 evacuations but dodging media coverage until recently when small news outlets began spreading the urgent news. Despite the urgency, CNN and other major news outlets are more focused on Bill Cosby, an important story, but one which can be summed up rather quickly, leaving time for other major news… like this massive environmental disaster.

The second story is one many of you follow because you feel the Bern… That’s right, I am talking about Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont who is taking the race for the White House to new levels. But according to the mainstream media, from CNN to Stephen Colbert, Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a chance. He has set records - garnering a record 2.3 million donations, he also draws crowds in the tens of thousands, more than other candidates, but you simply don’t hear much about him on the news, if anything at all. He is currently leading several polls and has a good chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in several key Democratic states, but he is running a grassroots campaign, meaning he doesn’t take money from the corporations like Hillary, he wants it from the people, like you and me. His ideas are revolutionary, and his plans are bold, but they are exactly what many feel we as a country need. Don’t let Time Warner, one of Hillary’s top donors and parent of CNN, fool you, Americans are feeling the Bern and if he were to receive equal time as Donald Trump’s insane and hateful rhetoric, he would take the election by storm.

And lastly, we cannot ignore what is happening in Cleveland after the 'no indictment’ decision in the murder of Tamir Rice. Tamir was a 12-year-old child, playing with a toy gun in a park, when someone called 911 concerned about what was going on. Police arrived on scene and did not even allow the cruiser to come to a stop before an officer opened fire, striking the child. The officers then turned away from Tamir as he lay on the ground, still alive but in desperate need of emergency aid. They detained the boy’s sister, brother, and threatened his mother while they stood by watching him bleed. Tamir died in Hospital the next day. The officer who pulled the trigger was not charged. And now, the people are again taking to the streets to shout out in anger - “No justice, no peace.” They are not rioting, they are not burning buildings down, but they are angry and frustrated, and they are demanding change. You wouldn’t know about this if you watch CNN though. Let’s face it, they only care if black people are being violent, if tear gas and fires are filling the night sky. That is when CNN will start coverage, because to them, it is not about the death of a child at the hands of corrupt police, it is not about the trend of police brutality against people of colour, it is about ratings. Remember Baltimore? CNN covered the 'riots’ and kept talking about the CVS that got burned down, the cars that got flipped, the windows that were broken, the mobs of angry black people in the streets… but they didn’t cover the reason things seemed so violent: people are scared, their children are being murdered and justice is not being served. CNN is ignoring Cleveland now, likely hoping it turns into another Baltimore or Ferguson, but until 'riots’ break out, they have more important things to cover than a child’s death. Like the rich white boy who killed 4 people and then used his wealth as an excuse because he didn’t know any better. He is currently in Mexico, trying to pay off officials to avoid deportation. I am sure you all knew that though, since it is on all the news, but did you know Tamir Rice was a talented artist? I bet not.

Three stories, lots of intentional cover ups, very little air time. Stay ignorant America. Why should we care about the environment, the future of our country, or the corrupt system that is leading to the deaths of our children?


Decoder is a 1984 West German film directed by Muscha. It is a cyberpunk and counter-cultural film roughly based on the writings of William S. Burroughs, who also acts in the film. 

Bill Rice plays Jaeger (“Hunter”), an agent of the government in charge of suppressing dissidents, while FM Einheit plays a burger shop employee who discovers that by changing the background music from pleasantly calming to industrial “noise” music, he can incite riots and a revolution against the looming power of the government.

Decoder was made on a small budget, and was written by Muscha, Klaus Maeck, Volker Schäfer, and Trini Trimpop. Nevertheless, the project was able to attract a number of notable people within the countercultural and industrial music “scenes” to perform in it. Actors included Burroughs, Genesis P-Orridge, Christiane Felscherinow, and bands included Soft Cell, Psychic TV, Einstürzende Neubauten, and The The.

The film has been “oddly forgotten” and is not in wide circulation.

The Bill DeBlasio thing in a nutshell

People: We want our politicians to be more honest!

De Blasio: OK. Sometimes I worry about my black son and what will happen to him in encounters with the cops.