Decoder is a 1984 West German film directed by Muscha. It is a cyberpunk and counter-cultural film roughly based on the writings of William S. Burroughs, who also acts in the film. 

Bill Rice plays Jaeger (“Hunter”), an agent of the government in charge of suppressing dissidents, while FM Einheit plays a burger shop employee who discovers that by changing the background music from pleasantly calming to industrial “noise” music, he can incite riots and a revolution against the looming power of the government.

Decoder was made on a small budget, and was written by Muscha, Klaus Maeck, Volker Schäfer, and Trini Trimpop. Nevertheless, the project was able to attract a number of notable people within the countercultural and industrial music “scenes” to perform in it. Actors included Burroughs, Genesis P-Orridge, Christiane Felscherinow, and bands included Soft Cell, Psychic TV, Einstürzende Neubauten, and The The.

The film has been “oddly forgotten” and is not in wide circulation.


jim jarmush - coffee and cigarettes, last scene, with bill rice and taylor mead


Probably my favorite segment from the film.

Much tears. Very injustice. So internet. 2014: The Fanfic

[ Semi-continuation of my Fanfic of 2013 ]

~1,700 words


And an Apocalypse there was.  But it wasn’t the Mishapocalypse that would bring the world to its knees. After the swift and baffling reign of Misha, the real Apocalypse took hold.

It came like one falls asleep, slowly and then all at once. It was like bleeding out from 1 million paper cuts. A small death, but a death nonetheless.

Yep, it was the end of the world. And by world of course I mean America. Surprisingly enough, so many people couldn’t see it. As the world burned around them, the most privileged doused themselves and buckets of ice and denied the existence of any such problems.

Those who were burning were not about to stick around and wait for the ashes to settle. Their world was beyond saving, and the ROTC people knew that. So they set forth on their mission: Running off to Canada.


She hit the snooze button on her Apple watch. Ugh. It was too early. She rolled back over, burying her head into the pillow, and drifted off to finish dreaming of a better ending to “How I Met Your Mother”.

“Get up!” her mother Holly shouted, “they are going to be here soon.”

Laurel rolled out of bed, and shimmied into her ripped jeans.  As she trudged over to the kitchen part of their small motel room, she flipped on the TV to be greeted with the latest season of "Sherlock”.

Her mom had made them a modest breakfast of kale smoothies much to Laurel’s dismay. Holly was a fanatic though. If need be, she would walk in 90° weather just to obtain kale; she craved that leafy green.

They finished up their breakfast and packed up all their belongings. By the time the cleaning lady would arrive, there would be no trace that they had ever snuck into the room.

Laurel took their items out to the curb before noticing a small robin bird tweeting, poor thing, he was trapped under an overturned wire trashcan. With a sad smile of understanding, she approached the little one, “I know why the caged bird sings”. She tipped the bin back over and lifted the bird in her hands. He ruffled his feathers before flying away. She decided to name him William.

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anonymous asked:

was George W Bush a racist

George W. Bush can be – and should be – criticized for a great number of things, but I’ve never heard anything that would indicate that he was racially intolerant.

With PEPFAR, Bush 43 did more to help combat AIDS in Africa than any other President in American history. Throughout both of his terms, one of the most influential and prominent members of his Administration was a black female – first as National Security Advisor and then as Secretary of State. Think about this: George W. Bush served eight years as President and he didn’t have a white Secretary of State – the nation’s top diplomatic post and most visible representative of our country other than the President – serve even one minute of those eight years. In his first term, the Secretary of State was Colin Powell; in the second term, it was Condoleezza Rice.

And here’s the impressive part: Bush – a Republican from Texas – never used the diversity of his Cabinet as a political selling point as many other recent Presidents have done. With the exception of Hillary Clinton in his first term, President Obama has appointed white men to run the State Department, Treasury Department, and the Department of Defense, just as every single one of his predecessor’s has done, with the exception of Bush 43 and Bill Clinton (who appointed Madeline Albright as his second term Secretary of State).